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Clearing the Path

  One of the  first goals  in Huna practice is becoming the kind of person whose' Prayers are answered.
In the process of Huna prayer you carefully form  the thought forms you want to manifest, after you have a clear picture in your mind of what you  want you  build up a surcharge of mana, do the Ha Ritual  and send the seeds (thought forms)  along your aka cords to the lower self, the lower self carries these on the aka cords to the high self and Aumakua .
If you have fear or  guilt or shame or have not clearly formed your intention or picture seed then the lower self may not be able to carry the prayer and the high self /Aumakua may not be able to  cause the effect desired .

There are many ways to clear the path so that your prayers can be answered. Having a Clear Path has other benefits, like ending a lot of  suffering, being happy, having the three selves working together (being whole). Being in closer contact with your Aumakua and the shedding of guilt and shame and hurt.

First know what you need to release and get rid of in your life. You might want  to make some lists
1.A list what you need to remove  from your life
 put all the things, people and places you want to rid yourself of.
First one makes a list of all the things they want to delete from their life, and prays for each thing to go on to its greater good
 The list helps you get rid of the clutter in your life.

  Things you either throw away, or you give them away, or you sell them,
People, You bless them, let them go on to their greater good and you go on to yours. Your forgiveness list of people, places and things helps you get rid of the baggage you've been carrying around.  forgive yourself and others for what may have happened in your life and letting it all go on to its greater good as you go on to yours.

2.A list of  what you want in your life
This list gives the low self a good picture of what you want, you change
it and refine it  until its ready for the prayer work. This list is for what you do want in your life making it clear for your picture of the prayer you are trying to manifest

3A  list of  your blessings a list of all the benefits and blessings you have  with an expression of thanks and gratitude .counting all your
blessings all of this gets the attention and cooperation of the low self.

Clearing the path is  a lot of work. and it is an ongoing process. Once you begin the process, it is not a good idea to stop as it confuses and betrays the unihipili's (lower self) trust in you, the uhane (middle self).

On Prayer:
Essentially, it is the conscious mind's (uhane) responsibility to create the prayer form (aka-mana structure) and impressing the unihipli to send that thought form to the Aumakua along the aka cord. It is the responsibility of the unihipili to send it, of course, however, the unihipili must be willing to, feel deserving of the benefit, and not be afraid to approach the Aumakua.

If the unihipili feels undeserving or fear or shame or guilt or hurt or betrayal or any other emotion which will cause it to hide its face from the Aumakua, it is the uhane who must fix it - like a good parent taking care of a child.

A clear Path, by definition, will have no obstructions. An obstruction is called a "hala" and is defined  by your low self( unihipili) to be
something that prevents it from being willing to send a thought form to the Aumakua. A hala can be created when one hurts another or fails another. And the hala is on bath sides of the transaction.  Clearing the Path means removing those halas.

      Then you get busy with the actual Huna work.



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