Green and Pink stones and the Heart chakra 
Green is the color traditionally attributed to the Heart chakra. More recently people have also attributed Pink as a heart Chakra color.

I still feel that the basic color resonant for the heart chakra is usually green, certainly at the Etheric level. The higher heart, or so called emerging chakra on deeper higher vibration planes /layers of the Aura does include at least one manifestation that is / usually seems
pink. I have also often seen pink light coming from the heart Chakra and project pink light from the heart as a calming function etc..

Any chakra may have any color or variety of colors in emanating from it in the aura depending on the various qualities and aspects and influences on of the specific person whose aura is being observed. I think that sometimes as consciously spiritual people we have a tendency to negate the value of our physical bodies and The Healing Earth energy/ connection in favor of the more ethereal vibrations. This cultural bias is what I think has caused the current focus on the Pink aspects and the reduction of the perceived value of green in Heart centered work.

I often find people who need green stones and green energies who have focused totally on work with pink and are even hostile to green because of a personal association of green with money or growth or physical vitality. Green is a primary energy for health and healing. Some of the heart Chakra tools scarves and such resonate to me as having too much pink in specific cases. Sometimes people who need brown energies and stones substitute pink stones from a bias against physical Earthy energies.

Yes I love working with pink and pink stones for Love centered work, peace keeping and healing and a positive optimistic strength etc. . I do usually include pink stones in my Heart chakra grids. Pink stones should not be restricted to heart work and are certainly not the only appropriate stone.

Green is the primary color in the stones that have called me to work with them in support of the Heart chakra as Rose is the Primary flower Deva for that work. The best Stone and color for a given situation depend on the specific needs of the individual or group being treated.

I started with Jade and Dioptaise as the first heart chakra stones I wore or carried. These were what came to me. I do feel that the stones you need will find you provided you pay attention to your inner knowing. Other green stones which have asked to work with the heart on specific occasions include Aventurine, Emerald, Green Calcite, Peridot, Prase, Malachite, Chlorite included phantoms, Moss Agate.

 I find that Ruby is more often these days a heart chakra stone for me than a root chakra stone Some Garnet also suggests itself for the heart as does Petrified wood, and even amber on occasion.
I do Love Kunzite, Pink and Watermelon Tourmeline, Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite ( especially crystals), Ruby , Pink Calcite, Mangano Calcite, pink Botswanna Agate and Pink Opal. My two favorite Pink stones are both unnamed stones that I found by the sidewalk on the street near San Francisco.

Our partnership with the crystals and stones is very personal and individual . What works best for me may not be what is best for you. What works best will change too. When I began working with crystals the stones that sang at my throat chakra tended to be the blue green stones like Turquoise, Chrysocholla, Amazonite now other than Aquamarine it is often the light or true blue stones like Azurite or Blue Lace Agate that want to be at the throat and the blue green stones prefer to be at the Thymus area. Pink stones also often alert to the thymus area now. It depends on the specific work to be done.

I also do a lot more work now which is not focused on Chakra but rather on specific aura levels and the energy body /being as a whole. The stones that partner in this work are very variable and often do not coincide with traditional chakra assignments. I know that where I have "Gone Wrong " in a crystal healing it has been when I let my training, tradition and reading override my intuition and reception of guidance.

We have a tendency to seek an absolute set of rules and structure that we can follow constantly. However the only absolute rule is that things change. We need to stay open to the glorious variations in the song of life and trust ourselves and the universe.

Peggy Jentoft

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