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 The Seven Major Chakras and Transpersonal Chakras

Thoughts on  Chakra
Brief synopsis of each chakra
Root Chakra
Sacral Chakra
Solar Plexus Chakra
Heart Chakra
Throat Chakra
Brow Chakra
Crown Chakra
Palm & Transpersonal Chakras
Using the palm chakras
Closing Chakra
 Your Chakra Guardian Animals
tune ups and chakra balancing

Different Theories about   Chakra
There are alternate colors which may be in chakras as well as or instead of the traditional attributes. The chakra is not always  one color there may be other colors visible if you see aura colors. Root chakra  colors include  the earth tones as well as deep red, Orange, red orange  and rainbow all are reported in the sacral. solar plexus tends to stay yellow  -- heart can have  pink and gold in addition to  green. Throat stays pale blue or sky blue  but can include silver , brow can be  indigo or purple -- crown can be  purple or  gold or  white or rainbow .  There can be other colors in each chakra of course.

I've always used the spectrum colors for chakra healing work.  Some people say that the spectrum association is a relatively new development.  The following set of color associations was used for ages by Hindus  in India (until they heard of using the spectrum):  

Root (Earth) -- yellow
Sacrum (Water) -- silver
Navel (Fire) -- red
Heart (Air) -- blue/black
Throat (Space) -- purple
Brow (Mind) -- white
Crown (God-consciousness) -- all colors

I think all variations are correct in context certainly the spectrum colors light up and come in when i am meditation and doing chakra balancing or healing work. When I do see aura the color of the chakra can vary greatly depending on what "level" is on view and what is being read for.
Colors of the chakra and of things like planes and rays often have surface and more subtle layers of co;or s which may shift depending on the life state of the viewer internal and external circumstances etc.

Lots of folks get into heated discussions about different theories about the chakra and energy body  The truth is all the systems and true and  none of the systems are true  and that is the truth.
It does not matter if you have 5 -8- 12 - 89 chakras in 1-7 -8 -32 aura layers  it does not matter if they exist at all or not if they are open or closed or disks or vortex or wheels or petals or flames.

What matters  is that you have a way of working with energy and reality and  have concepts that promote health and balance and make sense to you.

It does not matter if it is your own personal reality construct  that works for you or if you choose to use one of the many systems of defining the energy body that various collective minds  cultures have agreed to create  and work with .
Confusion can arise when people try to reconcile  different systems or impose one over the other  or perceive one system but try to read it from another awareness of the confusion will help you refine the system that you use to become aware of the health and balanced or unbalanced state of your energy body and whole self.

The only absolute is change.  rules and structures and symbols and signs  and Gods and planets  are tools for spiritual expression and advancement just  as water can be liquid or solid ice or insubstantial vapor all things change.

It is all at essence Ku  which is the void  not emptiness but undifferentiated potential
(that's not all ku is but it will do for this ) everything is energy  all the differences we perceive are simply variations in frequency or "wind" patterns .

We have agreed  to use certain rules and blueprints but we must not assume that they are inflexible
at various times the most effective rules such as those about the structure and function of Chakra will seem to change to reflect the most effective attitude at the current state of unfolding.

That which IS can handle adapt and contain all these variants and more that is Myo (mystic law).
Maybe what works for you is to sweat the details  but somewhere hold the knowing that both the big picture and the details are in flux are effected and created by your ,everyone's and ALL  thought  will and Love -emotion not being a complete word for what is meant .


Peggy Jentoft

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