* Crystal CARDS*

I was given permission to  share this listing of the contents of the different  crystal card sets and some kits.  I did not   have any of these when this was first posted    I have used a lot of Tarot sets but have not  only recently gotten crystal cards yet it seems like they might be a  wonderful tool .  I now have some crystal card decks and have added my initial impressions  to the existing page of information from Liza Alley.
Peggy Jentoft
I   was able to get some of the different sets of  Crystal and Gemstone cards.  I have not had a chance to explore these  thoroughly yet so this is just a preliminary  look.  The size of the cards is not obvious here  because the pictures  have been resized  for the web page.

toumelinecardThe Tarot of Gemstones and crystals  from AGM Agmuller  Printed in Germany

This is a Tarot deck.  Cards are  a normal size.  Each  image is  a photograph of  a stone or crystal,  with the traditional tarot name or number  on it.  Very good photographs,  Some of the stone names are European such as Olivine for peridot , Silex  etc. . This might not be the easiest deck to do standard Tarot readings with  unless you have all the minor arcana meanings memorized well enough to do readings without graphic clues.  This is very nice and  quite usable as a  crystal deck.   You can use as an oracle  for selecting stones for meditation or healing and to facilitate connecting with the crystal spirits and energies etc..
There is no book  just the little pamphlet most Tarot decks come with  but  it  has good brief explanations for both the stones and the  Tarot .
I would have liked it better if the Major Arcana had the numbers on them  I penciled the number on the cards.  This one has the best photographs.   ( This is not the same as the Crystal Tarot which is an Italian deck with 
mosaicy stained glass style images  and has nothing relating to crystals in the content)

The other decks are all  more artistic graphic centered  and are all dedicated Crystal  Oracle cards  with channeled information all are Over sized  decks.

lotuscard Jewels Of the Lotus  Tibeten Gemstone Oracle  by Dawn Silver,  Pat Gullet

224 page spiral bound booklet  45 cards in 7 chakra suites  with 5 Skanhda cards The skandhas are from sacred geometry: cube, icosahedron, (merkabah)star tetrahedron, octahedron & dodecahedron. The lotus blossom on each of the  cards in an  elemental suite  are that chakra's color: red, orange, yellow, *emerald, *rose, blue, indigo, purple. (note: the heart chakra uses these 2*) There are 10 readings/layouts. This deck is based somewhat  on Tibetan Buddhist principles  and is very different from other  gemstone decks. 

The text explains a number of Tibetan Buddhist concepts and has guidance for healing as well as meditation and divination .The over sized cards are rainbow colored.  Each has a photo based image of the stone and a lotus flower in the suite color.  Each card also has graphic decorative elements  relating to the element of the suite,  Dolphins on Water, dragons on Fire etc..  This deck but it is quite lovely.  Daily cards have been appropriate and inspirational . The  stone assignment to elements are often very different than Western  Correspondences.  This is a useful and inspirational  deck with a lot of solid information in the book. 

Peggy Jentoft

aoracarnAora Gemstone Oracle cards to explore the crystal realms   by  James Mc Keon and Roberta Carothers

44 oversize gemstone  cards 1 oracle card  102 page booklet  computer generated  graphics  with gemstone textures incorporated  in evocative symbolic imagery
The Book gives  several very interesting classifications of stone qualities  ( Heart stones, Sun stones etc)  a number of layouts for different kinds of reading. Again I have not had much chance to work with these  but  my initial impression is that this will be a very valuable deck for communing with crystals and receiving guidance on a spiritual; journey.  Some of the text is quite poetic and inspirational .

*incorporates symbolic artwork
agate    amazonite   amber    amethyst   aquamarine   aventurine azurite bloodstone   carnelian   chrysocolla   citrine   crystal quartz diamond emerald    fire agate    fluorite  garnet   green tourmaline   hematite herkimer quartz    jade    jasper (picture)    labradorite   lapis lazuli   malachite moldavite   moonstone   obsidian   opal (black)    pearl    red coral  rhodochrosite   rose quartz   ruby   sapphire    selenite   smoky quartz   sodalite sugilite   tiger’s eye   topaz   turquoise   unakite    watermelon tourmaline

allylepThe Crystal Ally cards the crystal path to self knowledge   by Naisha Ahsian

For divination  meditation and   healing, 285 page  booklet 55 very large cards in five elemental suites  including five Element cards.
The book has some layouts  each card  entry includes an affirmation.
Each card has a graphic which includes and image of the stone. The name of the featured stone and a  defining word,  Moonstone -Cycles for example. The artwork is expressive of the essential meaning of the card. Some photographic elements and textures are used but they are not obvious. very nice  attractive cards. Large  size makes them a bit challenging to shuffle. The   book is quite  informative. I have not had much chance to work with these yet  but the images are very easy to  enter a meditation with and It is a very pleasant  deck  and easy and enjoyable. The text has a simple straightforward style .

amazonite   amethyst   aquamarine   aventurine   azeztulite    azurite black tourmaline   bloodstone   calcite    carnelian   charoite chrysocolla citrine   clear quartz   cuprite    danburite    dioptase    fluorite fulgurite garnet   golden topaz   hematite   herderite    hiddenite/kunzite kyanite labradorite   lapis lazuli   larimar    lepidolite    malachite
moldavite moonstone   obsidian   petrified wood    phenacite    pyrite rhodochrosite
rhodonite    rose quartz   ruby   selenite   seraphinite    smoky quartz   sodalite sugilite   sunstone    tiger& rsquo;s eye   tourmaline   turquoise zincite

I don't have the decks below and they may not all be available

Crystal Deva Cards (Cindy Watlington)   *specimen photo
amber   amethyst   angelite   apophyllite   azurite   black tourmaline bloodstone   Boji stones   celestite   charoite   chlorite(in quartz) chrysocolla   clear quartz   coral   dioptase   fluorite   golden calcite green tourmaline   hematite   kunzite   kyanite   labradorite   lapis
lazuli  larimar   lepidolite   malachite   moldavite   moonstone   obsidian ojo caliente timekeepers   orange calcite   rhodochrosite   river rock rose quartz   rutilated quartz   selenite   septarian nodules   smoky quartz sugilite  sunstone   tiger’s eye   turquoise   watermelon tourmaline   zincite

Crystal Journey Cards (JaneAnn Dow)   *specimen photo
amazonite   amber   amethyst   clear apophyllite   green apophyllite aquamarine
aventurine  azurite   azurite-malachite   amber calcite   orange calcite   carnelian
celestite   charoite   chrysocolla   chrysoprase   citrine   dioptase green fluorite
violet/gold fluorite   hawk& rsquo;s eye   hematite   kunzite   lapis larimar   lepidolite
malachite   moonstone   obsidian   onyx   peridot   rhodochrosite   rose quartz
scolecite   sodalite   sugilite   sulfur   tempest stone   black tourmaline watermelon tourmaline   turquoise   vanadinite   wulfenite   Dow crystal quartz cluster   quartz points   double-terminated quartz   laser quartz seed quartz(4)   skeletal quartz   tabular quartz   tourmalinated quartz


GrowthStones (John & Micki Bauman)
amazonite  amber  amethyst  black aventurine  black tourmaline bloodstone  blue lace agate  bronzite  carnelian  citrine  danburite garnet  green aventurine  hematite  jade  magnesite  malachite moss agate  Pecos diamond uartz)  picture jasper  pyrite  quartz
crystal rhodonite  rose quartz  rutilated quartz  smoky quartz  snowflake obsidian sodalite  starry jasper  tiger eye  tourmalinated quartz  turquoise unakite white aventurine

The Crystal Tree (Kelynda)
*Tree of Life- 10 sephiroth (spheres)
Tarot, Numerology & Astrology correspondences
rose quartz  red cullet  orange-red jasper  carnelian cat & tigereye  brown agate  green quartz  aventurine  hematite  sodalite  chevron amethyst amethyst  clear crystal(quartz)  half-clear crystal  silent stone(snow quartz) Montana agate  smoky quartz  onyx

The Crystal Wisdom Kit (Stephanie Harrison/Barbara Kleiner)
A divination set  and healing guide,  one casts the stones onto the charts and reads the book  for  interpretation
I do have the book but only coppies of the charts  and assebled my own stone set very different (PJ)

*3 casting wheels:
Life- 12 areas (zodiac signs)
Healing- 19 spheres (chakras, realms, elements)
Insight- 19 spheres (message/phrases)
amethyst  aventurine  blue lace agate  citrine  clear quartz  gold tiger eye
hematite  red jasper  rose quartz  snowflake obsidian  snow quartz unakite

 The Crystal Arcana at www.forewarn.com also has over a dozen different
-- Much of the info on this page is by and  posted with permission from Lisa Alley ofDiscover Crystals & Gemstones

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