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About calling in energies and attunements

Every so often You may be offered  or arrange to receive an energy sample,  treatment or an attunement to an energy work system or energy function. 

The general way that attunements are done and samples are shared is through attunement,   remote attunement or treatment.
We set up most attunements, treatments or energy samples in a way that they can be received over a window of time. The window is typically three to four days. Some attunements and transmissions may be done on a real time basis. Then the sender will do the energy work and the recipient receives it as it is sent.
Most attunements I send are done using a time window for convenience. Some Attunements may be set up to be available at any time for anyone who wants to call them in.
This is the way we do it for people who participate in our online discussion groups. Other individuals and groups may use a ritual or have a different method they prefer. There are some attunements that are only done one to one at a specific time and/ or only in person.

What the person sending or grounding the attunement usually does is to connect with both the energy source and the recipient and serve as a channel for the treatment or attunement. In a way the window method is a bit like recording some music or a video for later viewing or listening only in this case it is energy.
Protections are built into the energies and systems and they cannot do harm.
The window is set up so that the recipient connects with the source or energy stream themselves and allows the attunement to come in, if it in accord with their highest good.

It is very helpful to have at least a little experience with meditation or conscious relaxation to facilitate getting the attunements.

Most of The attunements offered in my groups are direct intention attunements and energies. There is no formal ritual required to receive them or to activate functions.
If you want to  receive the Attunements or energy samples when they are made available.  Go into a quiet or meditative state and ask /intend to receive them if it is in accord with your highest good to do so. You might say something like " I ask to receive and call in ( whatever it is) if it is in accord with my highest good now." You may do a room clearing or preparation of your preference before the attunement if you wish to. It is not necessary to do so.

The person who wants to get the sample, treatment or attunement relaxes and/ or meditates entering a relaxed and receptive mental state and then asks, intends, requests, that if it is in accord with their highest good they receive whatever is being made available .
Many people first call on their Higher self, spiritual source or guide or angel etc. to mediate the attunement and confirm that it is suitable for them to get it at the time.

People with very strong general shields may need to consciously lower their shields to receive energy work or attunements.

You allow the attunement or energy work to come in or happen with a simple mental intention.

Some people do feel energy and attunements as they come in but not everyone does. Many people can feel energies and attunements as they occur. They may sense things like heat or waves of energy flowing into their body. They may see light or even images or hear music.
Many people do not have any such experience at all other than perhaps feeling both more relaxed and energized than usual.
Most people but not all who regularly feel subtle  energies are able to feel some of the energy coming in.
The key to getting the attunements is to intend to get them if it is in accord with your highest good and allow them to come in. Energies usually enter at the crown and to go throughout your body

It is o.k. to fall asleep this does not interfere with getting energies or attunements at all. You may get deeper work while sleeping than when you are awake. Some attunements seem to
frequently put people to sleep.

The time the samples or attunements  take to come in varies greatly depending on what is in the attunement. How the individual works with energy and other factors can also effect the time it takes to receive an attunement.
Most attunements and samples will have someestimate about how long the energy may run.

You can move around and do other things during the attunement or treatment and the energy will still come in. When possible it is preferable to remain in a receptive meditation during the time the transmission takes.

When Attunements are for a system with several different functions you can usually choose to accept the set of attunements in one continuous flow or you can read the manual and ask/ intend to call each section in one at a time.

After you have gotten an attunement you will be able to activate any activatable functions in the set by intention. This is a mental command or request. Using your own words is fine. You simply intend to useor “run" a function and allow it to run. Many of the shakti do require a slight bit of mental attention to continue running.

Some people do not feel energy . They can get and attunement and not feel it but are able to tell they got it from the results of using the functions.

Remember that running energy is not something you have to really work at or struggle with. Allow the energy to run rather than forcing or pushing it.
Shakti is often used as a term for any  spiritual energy frequency that can be called in and "run" or used or received
 for some spiritual purpose.  They are found in spiritual traditions world wide.

Functions usually presented in other forms can also be transmitted as shakti. There are a great variety of different shakti.
The healing energy that people feel from crystals etc. could be classed in some cases as shakti.

The term is often used only for healing /spiritual energies with "intelligence' rather than for any general vibration or frequency.
shakti are not just ambient vibrations and the term does not apply to all sensed energy.
 Only to healing or spiritually effective frequencies of energy.

The ability to work with shakti is traditionally the result of many years of study, practice and experience of spiritual and esoteric matters.
These abilities can be received by an attunement or transmission to the aura from a person who is able to transmit / facilitate
attunements for a particular energy work system. They can also be received directly from spirit or sometimes through osmosis
 by spending time with people or information who are well skilled in this work.
Some shakti seem to be received as a reawakening of past life skills.

Information about how specific shakti are used is normally explained in material provided in regard to specific attunements and systems.

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