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Friday Morning

My youngest daughter is 17  she is   A Virgo on the Leo edge with Scorpio rising. She is and always has been a night person as is her father. She denies the Virgo influence  and much of the time  its not obvious. This morning however , she decided that we would have hash browns for breakfast and that we would all eat together.  She organized this event like a military commander  laying out a plan by the clock as to who would do what  and  it went off almost perfectly  though  I ate at the computer and Mike ate at the car .  Mike is an Aquarius  you will find Aquarius in the dictionary as a synomym for eccentric.  He collects things coins, war games,  olympic pins, cds and dvds and vidio tapes  . He plays  historical war games  on the computer contantly
I think both the  daughters  who are still home must find their eccentric  parents  somewhat of a burden at times .  The two at home  are both Virgo and the older and smaller  girl is  so Virgo  she really steps out of the astrology page in many ways
2006-01-27 17:54:16 GMT