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What a year
What a year,  August 09, 2007 magnify
I have not posted here for just over a year I have other blogs but none of them have gotten much attention lately either . Guess I've had writers block. We finished up 2006 with visits from several relatives and a very festive holiday season. Our Eclectic Holiday season runs from Halloween through the New years. We celebrate Everything! The 2006 season was the first for several years where we were not having major health or financial issues so we really enjoyed ourselves.
2007 has been a freight train. I've been at a dead run or almost comatose or in the throes of intense emotion all year. On New Years Day we found out that my husbands mother had had a stroke and he flew out to Iowa . One Daughter broke up with her affiance' and the other had to deal with a creep, One next door neighbor got mad at us and tries to kick in our door because we would not lend him money. Then at the end of April My father and his wife Becky were killed in a car wreck, my blood pressure went up so high that I started having nose bleeds etc so the Doctors would not let me go to the services in Oregon and Some of the Blood pressure Medicines gave me severe side effects one really did have me almost comatose, sleeping 16 hours a day and another had me beyond depressed but those have been dropped and My bp is under control. My Brother is handling the Estates and trying to deal with nearly 60 years of accumulated stuff from two households because when Dad married Becky they just combined all their stuff. Our young cat Mitz died suddenly just after his first birthday of cardiovascular Miyopathy. Some other stuff also occurred that I won't go into here. Then On July 24th a good friend of my Girls was killed in Iraq, so the time between then and now has been filled with mourning and memories . We have attended the rituals and grieve over the loss of a fine young man. I also had a teeny little 'something" on my mammogram but so far all is good re that. What the rest of the year will bring is unknown.
2007-08-09 19:07:45 GMT