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Entry for July 12, 2006 havin a heat wave
It is summer in the Los Angeles  County area  and we have had three weeks plus where it has been in the 90s and above every single day.  This is quite unusual  we usually have cool mornings and afternoons in the 80s this time of year .In the past the weather did change every few days too..  Chances are though that this may become the new normal.
I've written a bit about weatherworking  how we do feed the weather with our thoughts . One gets what one pays attention too  and most people  pay more attention to what they don't want than theyd o to what they do want .   When we complain about the heat  our  mental pictures are of the heat  and so we create more heat  We  need to think about what it is  we do want  in order to get that   imagine the cool breeze   pleasant warm temperatures  etc  instead of focusing on the unwanted condition.  we do not have working air conditioning here  so are enjoying fans  and ice cream

2006-07-12 18:09:01 GMT