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Life, is too, a party!
We are "all grown up" now. Some of us were taught that that meant we had to be serious all the time. Some say things like" life not a party, we were not put on this Earth to have Fun."  I know that Buddha and the Calvinists etc. made a huge deal about the nature of life being to suffer. Yuck ! They are wrong (IMO). I chose to be here and I came to have fun.  life is meant to be fun.

 It is actually a lot more work to suffer and be consumed with toil and turmoil than it is to embrace and enjoy life . Yep my life has not been issue free but I find that the more I seek pleasant , happy joyful experiences the more I find. We each live both in our own private universes and in the collective group reality.  Having been raised in a really dour  environment  it took  quite a bit of  effort and exploration  on my part to discover  the pleasure of  pleasure in all myriad forms.
2006-05-11 16:00:14 GMT