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size is relative

We Did our grand monthly grocery shopping expedition yesterday . went to Costco and got the major supplies for a month.  We Bought taquitos something we had not gotten for at least a year .
When we got home we noticed that they had been resized  what used to be a small snack sized finger food is now  Large, in fact the package says that these are the New extra Large Jumbo Taquitos !  Pardon me , but doesn't taquito mean  "small taco" so wouldn't a Large Jumbo Taquitos be a ... TACO?  First every thing gets supersized  then they nag at us for eating too much sheesh I was used to jumbo shrimp  I guess I'll get used to  jumbo tiny taquitos . We are luddites and only have the one phone which still has a cord  so I have not had to deal with the  itty bitty phones  I would think that theire has to be both an upper limit on miniturization   (below a certain size how will you hold and use the phone?) and on supersizing  there is a limit to how much one can eat at a time after all.  

2006-04-02 15:31:04 GMT