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Time is moving faster. I had been meaning to write here every couple of days and suddenly it is almost the end of March.

Time is an illusion a convention for managing life in this reality stream.
Yep I know that sounds really really Woo woo ! I have been a lot happier since I embraced being a new age wing nut. I have not changed and people don't think anything about me that they did not think before but I no longer have the burden of trying to "act normal' something I never did that well anyway.

Everyone really is psychic but most people have learned to suppress that part of themselves to fit into the conventions of a logic worshiping culture . When ever I talk about things like telepathy and visions or multidimensional reality and reality shifts or energy work and spiritual healing some people demand that I "prove it! they want logical, rational , incontrovertible proof of things that are intuitive, metaphysical, mutable and spiritual.
Psychic phenomena cannot be proved with scientific means because psychic awareness is founded on intuition and spiritual realization. The power of thought is such that hostile and even neutral attention can in effect change, freeze or prevent the manifestation of psychic occurrences


2006-03-28 02:20:12 GMT
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Wow! I'm not alone! I was forced by necessity to finally get a cell phone after Hurricane Katrina destroyed the landlines in New Orleans. My phone company tells me I'll be on maybe by August 30, which is the 1 year anniversary of the storm. Go figure. My friend has one of those tiny cell phones where the keys are so small he uses a special tool just to press them.
I stopped discussing things like telepathy and multi-verses with most people becaseu I grew tired of them treating me like a lunatic. I am glad I'm not the only one.
2006-05-08 14:02:43 GMT