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 Mercury  is retrograde,  Jupiter is retrograde , the moon is full, there was an eclipse today.     Gemini is said to be the sign of Liars, thievesand assassins and are also the very worst drivers. I would be offended  but although this  Gemini is fairly honest  and I have not assasinated anyone ( this life) this does not seem an unfair assignment of attributes among the myriad  attributed to Gemini rulership. 
I have at least four planets in my eighth house  went to coffee with friends on saturday  and one person was a professional astrologer  who said  the eighth house is the house of other peoples deaths . Not my own death but other peoples. That  might explain some things that have confused me .  I tend to be covert about  being a psychopomp  aaaaand doing transition work and having met what seems like an extrordinary number of  people who really have  killed others  but apparently it is is the stars . Since childhood I have indeed seen heard and talked to dead people but  I'm not  a medium or a ghostbuster I'm a psychopomp that means I have dreams and visions where I help people leave their  bodies at the point of death or tell people that they are dead  and what to do next  simple absolutlybizarre stuff like that. I did not mention that to anyone until my kids started asking me if we were running a hotel for ghosts  because they and their friends and the occasional neighbor were seeing the noncorporal visiters too. 
2006-03-15 05:50:37 GMT