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Embracing the night
The Darkness and the night is for humans the time of rest, of dreams and regeneration.

 Dark is the fertility and decay which releases nutrients. Dark is quiet and reflection.

Dark is sleep and healing . Even death is after all the great healer.
Some think that the word dark is too closely joined with the concept of evil and may have forgotten that To embrace the beauty and the power of dark is not to abandon oneself to evil or to chaos but to recognize the beauty and power and effectiveness of the whole.

We may think of death as an entering to darkness yet we should remember that darkness is al;so a nurturing force.  Where in those who are dying help resolve the emotions and issues that hold them in body.

Birth is also a revelation from the darkness. Life emerges from the black of the womb into the dawn of life .

The rest and dark of winter breeds the growth of Spring. Without the dark winter many plants will never come forth in Spring . There is not one Season without the other.

Dormancy and rest are equally as important as the active times. It is not so much about polarity as it is about union.

Dark and light cannot truly be seperated from each other They are one thing. Evil and anger and lust and pain which we often call dark can also be a part of light.

Wisdom is found as often in the caves as in the Midday heat. Embace both the light and the darkness as good.  Evil can occur in the light as well in the dark , Goodness and wisdom are also found everywhere.

When you hide from the dark in fear youalso are hiding from the goodness and wisdom that is found hidden in the shadows.

2006-02-16 03:57:15 GMT