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Opening to Love
ForValentines Day  my 17 year old revealed her stash of dark chocolate and gave it to me .  True Love.  
 Most people need to love themselves more , appreciate themselves  more .
I do energy work  and attunements  .Heart enhancements, attunements which increase  the ability to accept love , love oneself and give and receive love  are some of the most beneficial

Opening to Love

Love yourself

Know that you deserve to have lasting love  

Know yourself,  your  true heart,  abilities and desires  

  Give love freely without need, conditions  or expectation of return

   Be willing to receive  love

   Know that enduring love is possible

Be aware of  the blessings and love already existing in your life

Take  delight in the love that others share

Know that you are loved and have been loved and will always be loved

You could not have ever existed were you not loved

Love is the very substance of  existence

Love is the Essence of God and creation

Love is a conscious energy and force  of Good

Love always  surrounds and permeates you

You Live  in Love like a fish lives  in water

Your spirit breathes love  in the same way your body breathes air

    you have only to breathe deeply to be filled.

Peggy Jentoft  `
June 20 1999

2006-02-15 03:04:27 GMT