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Please Rain on my parade
I'm in Southern California.  We do have seasons though they may be distinguished more by the particular flowers blooming at any given time than by dramatic change.  It seems to think is is Spring already. The Camillia and the Azalea   bloomed all " Winter " but now the jasmine, the cape Honysuckle  and  the Iris are blooming too. It has been Dry  this year. Last winter was very wet ( for here ) but we have only had  5 inches of rain this rainy season. We need a lot more  because this really is a semi arid region and Los Angeles County is running out of places to steal  water from.  I may go outside tonight  and scatter some Cocoa powder to the winds  as a gift to the Aztec God Tla Loc I don't  usualy ask or pray for rain. I thank  the powers for it. 

People make magic all the time. Thoughts have great power, we really do create  our future with our collective will.  That is a real concern when it comes to weather because everyone tends to complain about it .  Even though we need rain  as soon as it starts to rain  almost everyone starts to whine  and wish for  sunshine. When it is hot we want cold, when it is wet we want dry, when it gets too dry  we pray for rain yet still complain when we get it.  Do we ever say thanks? How many of us even stop to really think about  what we really need in the way of weather?
Certainly the constant complaints and lack of gratitude must be confusing to the Gods/ Elements, forces. spirits  or whatever you call the over seers of the weather.  The biggest reasons  spells fail or prayers go unanswered is  because people have not focused on what they want  to have happen. They either focus on the things they don't want  or they don'y pay any real attention or give energy to what it is they do want .  When you want sunshine you need to focus on  the sun and when you want rain you need to focus on rain. It also is important to make sure your prayer or spell is  something of positive benifit for  the greater good.

2006-01-26 21:46:48 GMT