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The Terrorist Plot thickens
Well, the Prez is bragging about the supposed prevention of a threat to blow up a Tall building in Los Angeles by Terrorists. His announcement surprised the City mayor.
My spouse is retired from Homeland Security, he was in the Federal Protective Service for over thirty years. He tells me that this threat originally came to light in 1993 after the original bombing of the World Trade Center . He tells me that where there is any credible threat the City officials are ALWAYS notified as early as possible since they have to provide services and have plans for preventing and dealing with such threats . At first Bush made this sound like a current threat rather than something that may have been planned for and prevented in 2002 . The govt and particularly the President would like us to believe that the phone tappping and so forth are having positive protective value but when the best they can do is make a dramatic show out of very old news I think we can have reasonable doubt .Especially since they certainly did not think there was enough of a real threat to share detail with the city and county officials
who would have needed to be informed and alerted . I don't particularly want to have a political blog but I hate to see lies and distortions used to scare the American people into standing still for the abuse of our freedom of speech , privacy and other constitutional Rights.
You cannot preserve a freedom by suppressing it . You cannot protect and serve a Nation by abusing the laws and foundational guarantees of that nation.

2006-02-10 20:42:18 GMT