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The Dog
 The  dog was so happy to see me this morning,  he hopped up and down  as though he were on springs . He last saw me at midnight  and I came to feed him at 6 Am . He was as thrilled to see me  (and the dog food of course ) as I've ever seen anyone or thing be.   People tend to practice keeping emotions in check  We pretend to value reason  but seldom use it  instead we  act for the most part from a deep well of emotions that we never aknowlege or examine .
 When confronted with  some information some reasonable fact that contradicts or refutes a  bit of dogma or personal faith that we  hold dear, most of us will use our mental skills to  "spin" it   and either find a way to reinterpret  the contradictory  info  as supporting our existing belief or  to find a way to justify ignoring it.  We also get a rush from finding a way to do this .

  Dogs might also do something like this  though they are not usually  hypocrites.  Dogs are   inclined  to love  where they love  without reguard for the actual worthiness of the beloved.  I could not find a photo of my own dog  so for now I have put up an old  photograph of Sequoia, a friends  rescued Greyhound with one of my children .

2006-02-07 20:35:32 GMT