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Mandala is Sanscrit for wheel. Mandalas can be expressions of  archetypal symbols or symbols of a more personal nature.
In Tibetan art, mandalas are graphic representations of the spiritual universe.  Mandala are used as objects of power, devotion and meditative focus. The symbolism and energies expressed by the mandala is impressed on the subconscious mind of the meditator. When used regularly in meditation, mandala can effect powerful, positive changes and growth in the user.
I create mandala  often from photographs of crystals but also by drawing and painting and  with digital art programs . It is a kind of prayer or meditation or magickal practice  all of the above really. Most mandalas take   a wheel or circular form.    The one above is created from the image of a piece of Lapiz Lazuli  a stone for healing and opening to the higher mind,  developing intuition and so forth
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