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Just Hold the Flag and smile
I'm listening to the President.  Well i'm not really listening all that hard.  My mind just slides over the buzz words and catch phrases.

 I think maybe someone took all the catch phrases and wrote them on slips of paper  and put them into a bowl,  then they were pulled out at random . Voila ! Presidential speech.   You will possibly have guessed that I'm not a big fan of the Bush.

 I have to admit that I was not worried  when he was elected  because I thought that with all the checks and ballances  He would not be able to do much harm .

This speech kind of reminds me of a parade I was in in the late  60s  the members of the color guard had been delayed and could not make it to the parade so five of us were pulled out of the fife section.  The tallest girl was given a flag and the rest of us were given toy rifles and set  around her. Our only instruction were that we should  stand up tall, stick out our chests and the tall girl was to hold the flag out and   smile  and if we did that no one would notice that we really did not know what we were doing.  Seems to me that is pretty much whats going on at the podium  its a smile and a wave and maybe some sweet words  and no one really notices whether  guy holding the flag knows what to do  or if the job is getting done and whether the promises are kept or not
2006-02-01 03:02:19 GMT