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Entry for January 26, 2006
I have no idea if I will keep this blog up but I am a typical Gemini and love to communicate.
 I'm Peggy age  57 the mother of 3 girls  married to a very retired Federal Police Security Specialist.  He loves to play computer games  so since he retired my online time has been somewhat reduced. I have two cats 8 birds and a dog  and live in Southern California.
Nature centered spirituality will probably be a focus here  if anything is .
I like to  do  energy work and talk about it. I bring in( channel, but I really don't like that term much) and organize manuals for  energy work systems. some of the energy work I use is t  Reiki, Huna, Companion Angels , Crystal Deva Empowerments  and a whole bunch of other kinds of energy work and spiritual evolution stuff though not in a heavy overly serious way .  I like to grow herbs for  medicine, cooking, magic, etc.
I create digital art especially mandala  with spiritual and healing energy themes .  I have a yahoo group about crystal healing  and a web site at   I had the solarraven domain for several years but  was not able to keep it and it has been sold  to Brainsync  for links to yoga sites. I don't have anything to do with them.

2006-01-26 20:02:44 GMT