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Everybody gets the flus
We  all had the flu  during the last two weeks,  by all I mean myself the two girls,  my husband and the two cats. The dog is  an outdoor dog and stayed well.  The birds also stayed well which must prove that it was not bird flu .

Each of us was only under the weather a couple of days.   Probably the poor Siamese  cat  Mocha was sickest  but today she's back up and prowling our corridors  in search for adventure.   My sage plant will need some time to recover as  my sage, strawberry leaf ,and rose petal tea  was much in demand it is    Very good for sore throats and other  ickies.    

   People sometimes make snide remarks about people who practice Reiki, energy work and spiritual healing and still get the flu but doing energy work does not give super powers . Life is still Suffer what there is to Suffer, Enjoy what there is to enjoy. 

The moment I began to enjoy the flu occurred when  We got a flier in the mail for a weekend retreat  that touted the spiritual advantages of rough camping,  long  hikes, fasting, Hot and cold soaks  and all kinds of vigorous  activities and    meditations  plus  discussions on death and dying etc. and for this  fine treat  the  fee  was only $1200.00  a person.  Wow   to think of people paying for that experience when  we were getting all the same benefits in the comfort of our home   for FREE,  courtesy of the flu!.
2006-01-31 21:19:51 GMT