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The big 60
Today is my husbands' sixtieth birthday. He has always been mellow about ageing,  he is a natural blond  so for years  he just got blonder.  Now his mustache has turned snow white  and I think there is just a tad of thinning on the top.    I have to admit thiat this kind of pleases  me,   for years he always  looked the same and I looked older every year.    We had our two children when I was 38 and 40  so I was often presumed to be  the girls  grandmother,  Once some one even remarked  about my son and grandchildren arrgh!.   we met through a very early form of computer dating service  which is probaly the only way we ever  would have met. I was a hippy and am an artist energy worker, pagan  sort . Mike  Was a Federal Police officer and has always looked like a police man , He plays war games is a history buff .   Some friends have reffered to the two of us collectively as "War and Peace".  we don't really talk much about either politics  or religion  but somehow it works.

2006-01-31 02:17:41 GMT