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Buddha and the Rice bowl
I started out writing this in the dark.   I don't touch type. The lamp is only a few feet behind me yet for a while I kept  trying to write in the dark .  When I turned the light on  it really helped.
  I was able to take a large number of energy work classes  was because the teacher gave me credit. Initially  I was  going to refuse her offer  then I had a kind of   vision.

I saw myself seated at a low table holding a rice bowl.  The bowl only had a couple of grains of rice in it. I was using chopsticks to chase those grains around the bowl totally focused on getting those two or three little grains  of rice . Then I felt /saw motion across the table  It was Buddha  He was trying to call  my attention to  the bowl of rice on the table. This was a huge bowl heaped with rice and saffron and nuts and chopped fruits, a glorious feast for me!  but in order to get it I had to notice it and serve myself. . 


2006-01-31 01:47:25 GMT