Energybody- the aura  

Reading the Aura, What you may be interpreting 

 What you may perceive as you observe the aura and the information   and colors in the aura. First of all the layers are not really layers like  an onion has but areas of different frequency or wave pattern that interpenetrate each other. There are many  more than the seven to 12 most people describe though for practical purposes that is enough to provide a general understanding of aura functions .

    Generally what most  people see when they observe an aura is some of the
information from the first or etheric body  visible next to the skin.
This is mostly a bluish or grayish or whitish field weak spots and trauma may show as thinning or swelling in the aura or breaks leaks spurts of energy around the etheric outline of the body .
They may also see information from the second or emotional body which is often seen as clouds or patterns of many colored light. traumas and injuries in this layer may show up as muddy or loud colors  gray fogs  black spots and sometimes shapes and symbols are seen in this energy field.
Barbara Brennon in her book  ("Hands Of Light") describes the different energy bodies as alternating between structured form like the blue grid some see on the etheric (with physical related  information) and the colored clouds of the emotional body .

(the following part was taken down by me from a stream of consciousness as though it were dictated to me  and could  possibly be considered as channeled .) 

    Your feelings thoughts and actions, your mission, pathway and dreams are all imprinted upon your aura from moment to moment and through  the eternity. While a reader may see  your own pattern, the perceiver and reader may also have their own code. The way they receive and interpret what they see may not be what is there but may be a code of information for them filtered through their personal perception.

    All your feelings, thought, acts and the actions taken upon you do impact upon your aura. Not everything is preordained, the passions and fears and restrictions and freedoms your past and possible futures are all held with in these currents.

    Generally many born at the same time may  have the same basic tone  on a soul level.  Which is where expressions such as indigo children arise. Yet are each separate being  so one of indigo soul tone for time may be pink or yellow or blue in personal color brought into the incarnation and have different colors visibly predominating from the experiences and action reaction of the life and life plan that they are moving through as well as showing the paths and flares of the colors of the momentary influences, both internal external in the physical environment and from the spiritual creative plane being flow  form and isness  Which is what is simply called God by many, and from all the emanations thereof .
How may I simplify. what you are, what you feel, what is, so one coming in to look upon your being may see "you are blue or yellow and green"
and be seeing
a =  how you are feeling reacting at that moment

b.= how you have formed  patterns of feeling and reacting from the
moments before

c=  what the plan or pattern intention was that you have brought into
the life with you

d= or how it harmonized or will unfold not unfold as "planned "

e = your past and or future life possibilities

f=  what abilities you have brought into this life

g=  your personal colors of personality, of nature, of innate wisdom

h=  your soul tones or essence these may be both permanent and transient
as to life and eternity

I= your community or collective colors which indicate the commune of
spirit and time and which all of similar mission and "cosmic heart"
might share

J = How God manifests through you

These are but a few of the kind of thing that may be seen by that observer of your aura .
and  to mention that  also manifestly visible may be elements of the influences and connections with the many other entities  with whom you interact and flow with .
The observer may see information and experience solely intended for that perceiver with you being only a messenger of it for them.

    Each plane and each separate but intertwined energy body has its own
colors. Perception will also vary from where the observer "stands" and whether they see more than one area of influence and information at once someone who sees the rose of your GoD Lovingness and bliss of the fifth energy body only through the yellow filter of your or their adherence to the intellectual rational approach may perceive that as
orange and say "oh what a passionate physical tribal type that is" and have only seen the drop of water in the ocean of your being which is perfect in its being and becoming and Isness and beloved, as are we all.

Embrace with joy your unfolding and the beauty of your aura which is manifest You ARE that is enough do not be consumed or concerned with what others may say of their perceptions of you and your entire entity through your Aura form but seek your own knowing and it will come to

Peggy Jentoft 2000, 2001

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