Energybody- the aura  

Commentary, on reading the aura,

Many people have commented that when seeing auras they only see the "heat waves" or misty whitish outlines and are disappointed with themselves because they are not seeing lots of color  etc. . I used to feel that way  too I would occasionally see colors and or get symbolic imagery  but most of  the time with most people all I could see was  the mist and waves. now this is from my personal experience and is not true for everyone  but is valid for quite a few of us.

 With the help of the Illustrations in Barbara Brennon's book  "Hands Of Light " and lots of observation  I realized that Most of the time with most of the people, what is there to see is the waves and misty
outlines, with practice and by raising your frequency you might/will be able to see more from casual observation.
Unless you have a particular need and
or the specific permission of the subject and "Your choice of Spiritual  identifier here"  or the person you are observing is feeling some relatively
strong emotion or focusing intensely or in effective meditation, most auras tend to be fairly quiet.  You will see strong colors among the passionate, the impassioned, the angry, the seriously ill, the dedicated intellectual,  the saint or sage, the happy pregnant woman .young children at play,  etc..  Some people in seriously impaired health,  may see much more  of others aura field than is usual.  In that case  often when their health improves or they decide to stay on Earth this heightened sensitivity may disappear.

You also need yourself to be in a calm and detached but positive accepting  mild anticipatory state not wrapped up in emotions or preconceptions that will effect, impede, or superimpose you own energies on the observed.

People who see all layers of the aura with ease right off have probably spent lifetimes learning to do so and more importantly have learned to perceive without the blocks and restraints most of us have imposed on
ourselves  that restrict our awareness of our deeper vision and perceptions.

We can release those blocks should we have the will and cause to do so. Auras are not like neon lights very often these are mostly subtle effects and the emotional and mental layers may change constantly  so we are talking about fleeting shifting subtle patterns of light and color  which are most often intermingled with other auras and energetic patterns and which are rarely isolated against a neutral background in soft light which is the best condition for observation.
the Aura is not to be confused with the optical effect of staring into light bulbs etc.

 I prefer soft light or twilight conditions for aura observation .
The restraint and repression that has been prevalent in today's society also has caused a holding in and dampening of the auras light .The degree of  visibility and activity of the observable aura does vary to a degree according to the cultural and social traditions of the  observed person .
any Chi gong Masters and Buddhist Adepts for example, often keep their aura pulled in tight to the physical body  a lot  of the time . The fact that you cannot see someone's  aura does not mean  that they or you are not skilled or spiritual.
You also need to become familiar with your own energy body the more you know about your own energy the easier it will become to understand others energy. You need to be neutral. It is a not a matter of  striving but  instead it is a matter of an allowing state of being
which assists and enhances  many of the psy sensitivities.
There are also pitfalls in rigidly adhering to some formula of
interpretation of the human aura.  Your intuition untainted by your own prejudices is vital here .

Some of the older interpretive guides are for example, inclined to ignore or discount positive qualities of red.   Some  past interpreters  have given a more positive assessment of the quality of unquestioned obedience toauthority then we are inclined to accept today.


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