Energybody- the aura

Energy  cords
 Energy  cords are a very interesting artifact of the human aura. My children used to call them "cosmic taffy".
  They are described on pp. 183-202 of Barbara Brennan's "Light
Emerging" book.

In essence, they are cords of  energy/ light which bind us to each other. They develop on the upper layers of our auras when we form a relationship with another person, and stretch between like chakras - in other words from one person's first chakra to the other person's first chakra, and from one person's second chakra to the other's second chakra, etc.  Repair and nourishment of these cords can cause significant change not only to the person receiving the repair, but also
to the other person tethered by that relationship cord.

There are five types of these cords - soul cords, cords from past life experiences, genetic cords (connection to birth parents), parental  relationship cords, and cords for relationships with others.  Since these cords are formed on the fourth auric layer and higher, the cords remain intact "before and beyond three dimensional physical space".  Once they are made, these cord connections never dissolve, although it is possible that they could sustain damage, or get tangled, or "dirty".
Repair and nourishment of these cords will repair the damage done in relationship with that particular cord.  For example, damage to heart chakra cords could eventually manifest in dis-ease of the physical heart, and damage to sixth chakra cords could manifest as headaches, disorientation, brain related diseases, or learning disabilities, etc.

 Damage to the solar plexus, or third chakra cords is particularly common in people in general. One source of danger to the chakra   is another type of cord which forms between people's chakras.  Barbara Brennan calls them "bioplasmic streamers".  These are more temporary cords which are formed in real time, as we communicate and relate to others.  It is these streamers (among other things) which can cause damage between two people, and their chakras and chakra cords.  These streamers might suck your energy away, or hook into your chakra, or tear open your auric field, dragging your energy field down and possibly damaging the chakra cords.  These are the cords, or streamers that I suggest be cut
in a guided practice of severing attachments to past relationships, guilt, anger, or whatever feeling or condition is believed to be a problem.

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