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ANGELS realm

You are Loved, You are Beloved, You are vital to the Universal plan, at the moment of your birth, the Angels sang.

Your own Angel

  You have an angel, this angel has been with you to  oversee and assist your spiritual development, not just  since your birth, not just since your conception, but from  that instant when angels and humanity emerged on the same  out breath of the ALL to fill different realms of reality.  Angels work to guide us to know our union with the Divine, and we are to guide the angels to an awareness of individuation of self.

 Your Angel knows you, absolutely, every thought and action and feeling you have ever had and your angel loves you  completely, totally and always .You are always Loved, understood and cherished. Your angel stands ready to guide comfort and  protect you in your journey to achieve your soul purpose.

We each and everyone have a personal companion angel who oversees our spiritual evolution and  we also have other guides and helpers. Angels are not restricted to any one religion or set of beliefs and practices.  Most of the time people who  have contact with angels continue in the religion they already practiced  they will probably find themselves rising above any restrictive dogma of that church and having a clear understanding of the spiritual interconnectedness of  life .

 I do not think that you can have continuing  genuine contact with the angels and remain intolerant or prejudice in your mundane life. 
Having met your Angel  and High self  you will come  naturally into the understanding of what it is you are to do with the information understanding and energy you have become aware of.  Wait a bit and  pay attention and your path will unfold
before you
For most people becoming aware of the angels does begin a period of rapid release of issues and blocks to spiritual and emotional happiness this can be  a somewhat turbulent time in your life your angel will help you learn to
deal with these issues and obstacles as they ariseThere are a lot of ways to connect so you will find those that work for you.
generally speaking learning to meditate will accelerate your spiritual progress in all areas including angel contact. the Angels main purpose is to oversee our spiritual evolution.Your  companion angel will also have specialties and interests that are particularly suited to guiding you in your path and purpose .

Another important  way angels work with us is through sending us spiritual and healing energies. When you feel pulsing or vibrations through your body that is often    energy from the angels.  Observe your surroundings for signs and omens and information directed to you from the angels, not everyone will get words as such  but the invitation to the angels and the
listening feeling for the reply whatever form it takes will pay off for you.
On the matter of angel names remember that the name if you learn one  is largely for your convenience and is as  close to the vibration energy of the angels being and relationship to you that it can get . Angels  don't use names as such among themselves because  they don't sense themselves as separate from each other in the way we do. Getting a name may not be
an important thing for you personally.  When you do get a name don't be surprised if its not the kind of name you expected
 and angel to have.

 Right now you might try quieting your mind and  asking to feel your angel's presence and love.  that loving connection is one of the most profoundly moving experiences that is possible  your angel is waiting for you to ask   now.


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