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You are Loved, You are Beloved, You are vital to the Universal plan, at the moment of your birth, the Angels sang.

    Here are two of my personal angel experiences and another that was sent in

The young man in the Jug head Hat 

  Around 1969  one evening just as night fell I left my very cheap apartment in San Francisco in what was then a rather rough neighborhood near the civic center, to go meet some friends. I was walking along quite briskly in the twilight and not paying attention to my  surroundings. The street was empty except for someone standing in a doorway near the corner, I walked by without a thought for him .I crossed the street into a very dark area for a shortcut to Market street. Suddenly, I almost ran into a young man who seemed to pop up in front of me from nowhere. He was tall and thin and very pimpled, he was wearing a too small sports jacket and a hat just like the one Jughead wears in the Archie comics. the young man spoke out, "Lady, Be careful !" There was a noise, a surprised exclamation from right behind me, I turned to look behind me Just as the man from the doorway stopped and turned to run, fumbling to hide the knife he held in his hand. I looked all around, The young man in the Jughead Hat never passed me but he was nowhere to be seen he was Gone, without any sign he had ever been there. Well I didn't stop to look I ran into the nearest light as fast as I could go. I told my friends when I met them about my near escape and the young man in the jughead hat I knew that it was a miracle, but it was many years before I knew for sure that the Young man in the rather funny hat, was an angel.

 The Angel Lecture
   I saw this flyer at the library About a Metaphysical study group that was having guest lecturers not far from where I lived so I got on the bus and went, I was welcomed and hugged by the lady who ran the group and settled in with the twenty women and one man who were there . The Guest  speaker was A woman from Brazil called Anterielle and the subject was Angels.   Anterielle set up an altar and took out sage and smudged the room thoroughly then a circle was cast the directions were called and the angels of the directions were invoked. Then Anterielle gave her lecture about angels and how they are all around us it was a very good lecture though I  though ,well a bit far out auto mechanic angels who looked like John Lennon. a car stalling from electrical system failure with no lights at all she asked the angels for help and a car behind stopped   and said that they stopped because they had seen a huge sheet of flame across the road their  lights serving to warn the cars behind them, and that and a number of other angel encounters it  was pretty interesting then I felt like I was being watched I looked across the circle and behind it I saw a pillar of glittering shimmering light about 10 feet high on the edge of visible light and I   felt the intelligence and love that was that being, that angel .

                    What I am about to tell you is a true story. I have wrote this short story to tell you a my  experience.
                                               WHILE IN A COMA
                                             Sent in by Brenda Kisner

                The surgery did not end well and it left me in a coma and on a vent to breath for me. I remember being tied to a bed and wanting God to let me go because the pain was so bad. But there was always this man sitting outside my room. He sat very still and when I looked over at him I always felt at peace. He sat in the same position day and night never moving. I knew he was there and it did make me fell better. After 15 days on the vent they slowly took me off and I was able to speak again and they also untied me. When I questioned the nurses and my family about who this man was they just looked at me like
  I was crazy. They said I was in a coma and I was hallucinating, but I knew better. I didn't see him  after I "woke up" as much, but sometimes in the night while sleeping, I would wake and he was there. (They say I was in a coma for the first 14 days) So I was confused, but I know what I saw. Nearly 30 days into my hospital stay I was in a regular room by then and they told me I needed  more surgery. I cried and cried, terrified that I would never wake up this time. As they wheeled  me into the operating room I screamed in terror "please let me go, I cant go through this again".  As I looked up, while they were putting me on the operating table there he was. The man they  say I was dreaming about, the man I knew I saw everyday of my terrifying ICU stay. After seeing him I calmed down and knew everything was going to be all right. Then it came to me. "This man, someone I have never seen before must be my "guardian angel" why else would he  be here only in my greatest time of need. No doctor or nurse could explain to me who he was and  they always said it was a "miracle" that I survived what I had went through. But I learned a  great lesson, there really are angels watching over us. We may not always see them but trust me  they are here.


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