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reiki KanjiUSING REIKI level Two
 functions, with and without the symbols


First degree Reiki is activated by intention, in all Reiki systems. The energy is generally comes in the crown and run down the arms to the hands and from there to where needed and/or directed. This seems to be the standard flow pattern For Reiki and many other healing energy systems it is possible to bring in the energy by other channels but I find that crown to hands is most comfortable in most cases . Just want the energy to run. think/intend that it turn on, the basic Reiki energy has always been intention activated.
Second degree Reiki in the West has used symbols  as an Activation trigger for specific energy functions .All levels and functions of  of Reiki can be run by intention alone.  Many  people do prefer to use  symbols as a trigger.
If you have a visual  or Kinetic style of learning  symbols may be your preferred activation method.

 Symbol free activation is often automatic   if you are attuned to a Reiki variant or other system that includes an autonomous attunement for activating all energies and procedures you have or get later by intention. ( I include this in my Reiki classes an in several of my systems as a useful utility )

I have found that most Reiki practitioners can run all of Reiki by direct intention if the practice that for a while or by visualizing the Reiki symbols mentally rather than drawing them out stroke by stroke.

The Reiki 2 energies are power boost, distance healing, and emotional mental healing, turn them on by wanting them to run.  It does not require will power or any real intense feeling just a gentle intention. a mild mental command Rather than needing to say the mantra and draw the symbols as is traditionally done you simply intend that the energy or ability run, that is turn on, in your own words.

For the power boost Choku rei, For example, I think/intend "power boost" others would be "mind healing" "mental/emotional" "distance" "spirit" or "intuition" or "master power" "master power for attunement". The words do not matter.  Use any that help you form and define your intention. While I have given the one or two word english language substitutes for the symbols, I often use whole sentences such as "run all Reiki at max. power to John in Omaha  run to where needed for his highest good and soul purpose. He requests for pain relief and healing of broken leg" for example. With direct intention the words are often just garnish as our mind/spirit is so much faster than our conscious verbalization. The symbols can also be drawn and mantras said if you choose to use them .

The Reiki will know what you want and it will often activate before the full mental verbalization is done.
 Reiki is one of many intelligent energy systems as you work with it it will become more responsive and versatile.
 I do sometimes go through the hand positions mentally during remote treatments.That is not essential in distance treatment. I mention pain relief as most people want it and it is often different than healing. Angels, Energies, deva etc. are Spiritual and non physical in nature and not having bodies do not always "get" the need for pain relief unless asked specifically. 

Remember to use the Reiki for yourself as well as for others self treatment will accelerate your personal development and spiritual evolution and create the confidence and competence in yourself and energy work that will have the most positive effect.

A lot of people the basic Reiki energy often does not feel very strong at all.  Reiki is still  running.  As you use the energies you do become more aware and confident in them. They are also often more noticeable when invoked for a specific person or need. One of the biggest drawbacks of remote attunements and individual attunements  as opposed to small group attunements is that they do not give you the hands on practice and feedback that ensures confidence in the energies right off.

 Peggy Jentoft


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