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This is something I wrote a while back as part of an  assignment for  one of the courses I've taken  One of the things this brought out for me is how the same quality may be interpreted very differently. These are by no means all inclusive but address how one stone may relate to a particular purpose. 

 Name Two crystals used for each of the following: qualities: peace, communication, grounding, warming, Anxiety, fibromyalgia, spiritual development, birthing, divination, love, subconsious , negativity.


Blue Calcit
e is notably calming and also contributes to a stable, secure, sense of inner peace.The soft ,cloud like, blue stone helps one find that true inner peace whatever the situation. Blue Calcite can help Peace Officers with maintaining order in volatile situations and they may carry the stone or be assisted by it with grids and or spell work. I've often called on Blue Calcite in ( mostly remote) work to help during political Protests and crowd control situations.

Kyanite i
s a vibrantly powerful stone of awakening, which can help you achieve the inner peace of the avatar. The peace you find through kyanite is
not the transient wimpy kiss, kiss kind, it ultimately leads to the peace of absolute clarity from the position of seeing the truth unhindered by your own and others fears and delusions.


is said to enhance communication on the astral level and to aid in communication with fairies and elves. In addition to its help with  mystical and metaphysical  communication Fluorite may be carried to enhance communication during contract negotiations and during discussions that require clear and logical interactions.  Multicolored and blue green fluorite may the first choice for spiritual communication and clear, violet and darker blue fluorite may be the first choice for those situations where mundane logic needs  most enhancement.

Oregon Opal
will assist with communication of all kinds and levels. A subtle stonewhich can help you find and express your inner knowing and facilitate
communication between the different parts of your being letting you know and resolve your own hidden secrets. Oregon Opal is a teachers stone and
may be kept in a classroom to help with the communication and understanding of information between students and teachers. Oregon Opal promotes flexibility and open mindedness and helps one understand all sides of an issue and see solutions to conflict.


is innately a great grounding stone. All agates whatever the kind, color and other properties are grounding.
Agate is a great choice for those who may find the Black stones often suggested for this to be too oppressively grounding.
Agate will ground without weighing the spirit down in any way. This grounding facility is in addition to the other properties of the particular agate. Blue Lace agate for example will provide a grounding connection without closing off spiritual and emotional flow. Fire Agate will ground while
awaking passion and vitality. The grounding functions of the agates are of great value when working with those forms for the more spiritual
, esoteric, purposes as agate will allow you to soar and transcend whilemaintaining a "land line" so to speak.

Tiger's Eye
is one of the most well known stones for grounding and protection, The shimmering patterns of golds and browns in yellow or golden tigers eye are evocative of the warm stable energy of the Earth. These stones are grounding in a warm substantial way that bring us into harmony with the Earth and the Animal and nature at harvest and rest as in Summers' end and Autumn. Tigers' Eye gives us a sense of security and abundance with its stable and honest and confident energies.

I've only seen Vanadanite in tiny crystal druse on matrix yet even these tiny crystals pack a real punch for warming in both the emotional and physical sense. One may hold a stone with this and invoke the warmth of fire to call in energy that will help with physical warmth. Emotional warmth is addressed by its ability to improves and facilitate sociability. Vanadinite also helps conserve energy and enhance the function of the lungs.

is warming in the sense of helping increase physical vitality, promoting sexual passion, and love in the warm nurturing sense. Strongly associated with blood and with the life flame strengthening the blood and for help with womens physical needs particularly concerning Menstruation. Garnet is known to facilitate Kundilini rising in a more gentle way than some methods and This "serpent fire" energy is a primary agent in psychic heat which
enables some of the legendary Lama,Yogi and Shaman etc. to perform feats of endurance.


is usually green Mica flecked Quartz. There are also other colors, red, white, peach, gray ..It is the mica sparkle which makes it Aventurine though some stones have much more than others) but the green stone is the touchstone for reducing anxiety. This is an all purpose healing stone that is particularly beneficial for
emotional soothing, calming the racing heart,preventing or reducing panic attack and relieving fear.

is a purple Lithium containing Mica stone ( and/or visa versa). Lithium is used extensively in psychiatric medicine for it's calming properties and particularly
for treating Bipolar disorder. In Crystal Healing Lepidolite is a powerful and effective anti anxiety stone and will help reduce symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress and decrease anger and depression.


Blue Lace Agate
is one of the best stones for calming, mental  clarity, pain relief and for gentle mood elevation and promoting patience and determination. All of these
qualities are valuable for treatment and easing the discomfort and pain of Fibromyalgia. One of the few stones which can effectively address both the pain and the mental fog typical of this chronic syndrome. Blue Lace Agate is one of the essential stones which everyone should have for crystal healing. and one of the best for clearing up energetic congestion which may be a factor or element in Fibromyalgia.

is a stone of will, prosperity, intellect and optimism. It is a broad based Tonic stone for total health and a healing companion that dissolves and transmutes
negative energies without absorbing them. Citrine may be effective for treating and easing the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and similar chronic conditions because it promotes deep healing, removes energetic fibers and mucus which serves as a template for the disease and promotes stability and and
strength as well as being a mood elevator and enhancing personal power on all levels of being and can promote the ability to take needed actions.

Natural Citrine is essential for the most effective work on this condition. Heat treated Citrine simply will not carry the full range of true Citrine frequencies and is no where as effective as natural Citrine for this work.. Natural Citrine may be less physically attractive, harder to find and more expensive than heat treated amethyst that has been turned bright yellow with heat but it is well worth the extra effort to find.

Spiritual Development

can sometimes give one a real spiritual shock treatment. It can act as a powerful almost cathartic awakener of spiritual awareness. Apophylite helps you see your true  self and recognize and release your previously unrecognized shadow issues. It enhances the ability to meditate, can increase Clairvoyance
and assist with remote viewing. A stone for unification of the Spiritual consciousness with the physical,mental and emotional being it helps one recognize and accept
ones own wholeness.

promotes psychic awakening and insight. Azurite is specifically used in ritual and meditations for meeting and communicating with spirit guides. It can be used for calling spiritual dreams and is probably the stone most often recommended by Edgar Cayse for spiritual development in general.
This stone will clear blockages in the entire energy body and clear blockages to communication in general but also specifically to higher self , angelic and spiritual guides of all kinds. Azurite is so strongly associated with spiritual development that is it a very popular name choice for Publishing houses, spiritual centers, in book titles,
products,and even practitioners specializing in the subject and teachings of spiritual development practice.


is a birthing stone in both the physical and the metaphysical sense. A traditional stone of the Mother and the Mother Goddess it has long
been a part of amulets and medicine pouches for ease of childbirth and post birth recovery. It is also used in work
to increase nurturing and care taking abilities and to strengthen the mother-child bond. Moonstone is also a birthing stone in the sense of spiritual
transformation and re-birthing for assisting with life changes and for creativity and self expression it assists in the work of moving projects of all kinds from dream
into reality.

is used to facilitate the birthing process for stimulating contractions and encouraging the opening of the birth canal.


Crystal Ball:
Quartz crystal balls are the traditional device of  fortune tellers and everyone has seen images of crystal gazers reading from the crystal sphere. Quartz has
the capacity to assist seekers in scrying and other divination. The specific shape of the ball and the technique of scrying /gazing is part of the myth and mystique but the quartz adds energy to the process. Crystal balls are in effect meditation tools that are used as a focus to help reach the mental openness that allows the reader to perceive information.

is used in pouches and grids to help bring on visions and psychic insight but the most well known way of working with obsidian for divination is
the scrying mirror. The scrying mirror a usually convex surface ideally made of polished black obsidian is gazed into/ upon while one seeks to receive visions or information about issues, the future, a present situation or to foretell events, discover hidden knowledge , prophecy, or perception by intuition and instinctive foresight.


Agate (Fire):
Fire agate is associated with Love in the physical and passionate sense to assist with bringing vitality and fire into a relationship and also to calm
and increase security and trust in loving relationships.

is a premier love stone, bringing love and compassion into relationships this is also a stone which promotes divine love and self acceptance.
A more grounding stone than many stones used as love stones Rodochrosite helps keep love real and supports deeper relationships that endure beyond the first blush of

Mangano calcite:
Yep I know the assignment is name two, but to me lovely, soft Mangano Calcite evokes a fluffy, puffy, marshmallow, pink bunny
socks, quality of love.Sure, This is a good stone for puppy love and keeping it light yet you'll find it kicking in with comfort when needed. This stone is very good for removing the pain that prevents us from loving fully and for easing heartache. Since I originally wrote this I have experienced the deep soothing effective power  of Mangano calcite to help people deal with extreme grief,  allowing them to maintain functionality and do what must be done even under the most  difficult conditions possible .


Is known to be a gentle stone helping one clear subconscious blocks and imbalances. Chrysocolla allows us to connect with our subconscious wisdom. It
releases impairing emotions without the kind of violent emotional catharsis triggered by some other stones.

has been associated with the Subconscious and with the mysteries of the moon and water since ancient times. Silver is a symbol of astral travel and the
emotional body, a link to the dimensions of fairy and a guide to help us reach and retrieve our subconscious wisdom and connect with the ambient wisdom of the beings and universe around us.


Quartz (Rutilated):
Rutilated Quartz acts as a dynamic force to root out out inner negativity and fill the space with light. Very good at preventing and removing
depression and increasing self reliance. Strongly protective, amplifies the effects of other stones repels and shield against negative energy
May even dissolve and transmute it. Rutilated Quartz also stabilizes the energy body and immune system.

Black Tourmaline is one of the most well known stones for shielding from negativity in surroundings and emotions. This stone is said to absorb the negative energy rather than repel or transmute it therefore while it  can be self clearing  is may help  to  clear it fairly  often  if you are working with it on a continuing basis.
 I veiw clearing not a a treatment for the stone but as a way of renewing the relationship between the stone and the individual working with it.

Peggy Jentoft 2006

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