Spell crafting  ( this was written for a class I took online as part of my ongoing studies)
July 19 2006
Peggy Jentoft
The Idea of spell casting

Until recently I had not thought much about spells and formal spellcrafting work for many years. I had focused more attention on learning energy work, healing, meditation and the multitudes of other things that caught my Magpie mind- Gemini Eye. Lately spell craft seems to be returning to a more active part of my life. My children have become interested in the craft and they expect me to know more than I probably do. I hope that this course will teach me new things, refresh and clarify my understandings and memories beyond my teenage dabblings, my childhood memories and various experiences and actions over the years.

I have socialized for the last few years with a number of people who do extensive spell crafting but my main input has been information, energy, herbal and artistic contributions plus objects such as pomagranite wood from our backyard tree and a Goddess shaped squash etc..

I have a saying that all of our thoughts are prayers and all our prayers are answered, so the question is, What am I thinking? Spells are one way of clearly organizing our energy, desires and intentions in order to communicate and release them to the Universe to manifest. Spells can help us find and align with our true path and aid us in clarifying our needs and intentions. I find that while some people can do very well indeed with sheer intention and energy work most need or are greatly assisted by using physical ritual, words and sounds, supporting materials etc when seeking to manifest a goal through the aid of spiritual means.

The first time I was actually exposed to a spell was probably a moment or so after my birth when the attending Nurse reportedly made a sign for protection from witches and called a cast out evil spell because I had been born with a Caul and had birthmarks and other physical features that she considered "witch marks". She also indicated that in the old days I'd have been "smothered at birth", and yes, my Mom did repeat this story to me often, verbally scoffing at such nonsense while radiating white eyed terror.

There were family legends that some of my ancestors had migrated west in part from fear of being taken as witches and because of other religious/ political persecution. Both my Grandmothers were to some degree Psychic and had a lot of herbal and healing lore. They had a lot of fear around the idea of being persecuted cast out because of their natural abilities and knowledge. Only twice in my life did I see either of them do a big formal ritual , once each for the same issue ( I was aparently misdiagnosed at the age of ten with what would have beeen a terminal illness and that brought out their full arsenal. ) but both did have a lot of "old ways" that in retrospect comprised a constant practice of minor spells and charms. Rhymes and verses were said over and before many household chores, quick circles were discretely cast before making medicines and special foods, crows were warded from the gardens, invocations were made that the bread rise well, ribbons were woven into my hair so I would not scrape my knees so much. Tales were told of " old ways " magick and Fairies but almost always somewhat covertly because neither the public nor my parents would have approved .

During my middle youth I did try some formal spells from books and not unexpectedly in retrospect did quite a few really stupid things. That is probably part of why I concentrated on other things rather than spells much for many years. I REALLY Know about being clear about what you want because you will get it and not doing targeted love spells etc. other than those that help you develop the ability to be more loving. Now I Am 58 ( as this was written)and seem to have expiated the errors of my teenage impetuosities. I definitely have learned from them!

Spellcrafting might be called a form of prayer . The power of vibration through words and sounds, attention and actions to amplify, focus and direct our energies and intentions and to communicate with ( spiritual designator here ) through these means thus empowering and promoting realization of those intents is a given. Spells are sets of protocols, procedures, prayers  guides and tools to create and powerfully organize and direct the release of these vibrations in a manner to best facilitate the realization of those goals.

The work I do now with mandala, healing art, crystal healing pouches and grids, flower and plant deva work, beading, dance, intuitive guidance, poetry  and prayer is part of my healing and meditation practice and resources.  Some  people see these as forms of spells and practices of spellcrafting as Spock says "A difference that makes no difference is no difference." In that sense I could be said to do a lot of work with a form of spells but the packaging and presentation is a bit different. It is important to me that I study and explore the parameters of the various areas I work in so taking this class is part of that study which I feel may help me become more effective in my teaching and healing work.

People are meant to be happy, to live in rhythm with nature and the living universe.
I see spellcrafting as one way that people can bring themselves into better alignment with the natural flow of universal energies and find their true Path.
I hope that this course will assist me in developing some skills which will help me with the work I do for and with others. I do not know yet how I will or will not use spells in the future but I am certain that the information to be gained here will be of value in my work and life mission .

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