Sound and Toning

The universe vibrates. We see some vibration as light, We feel some vibration as heat. The vibrating waves of air molecules are heard as sound vast variety of sounds noise and music, whether tonal, melodic or rhythmic, have been used for healing, for deepening trance and spiritual connection, for relaxation, mental focus and stimulation.

Music is used to still the mind and to incite passion. to commemorate triumph and mourn loss. to comfort and to anger. Whether tonal, melodic or rhythmic,  music, sound, noise, vibration reaches the essential nature, touching
the primitive mind and the advanced soul equally. Sound has been used in virtually every sacred tradition: to invoke changes in consciousness, and as an aid in healing .  Those few which have not used music have often dramatically rejected it.

People and animals and even plants respond mentally and emotionally to vibrations of certain frequencies and rhythms. Some sounds please us, some don't . Sound has been used to invoke changes in consciousness and as an aid in healing in virtually every culture and spiritual path since the dawn of recorded history . "In the beginning there was the word "
Many spiritual teachings of ancient knowing teach that the instant of creation was sound .

Most of us have had the experience of being carried away by music or having a song or piece of music stir us in ways that have nothing to do with lyrics but with the effect of the vibration on our bodies minds and spirits.  Some people issue warnings that certain sounds and music can do damage destroy character promote incivility whatever.

I recall campaigns against Rock and roll and Rap music and there were objections to jazz as a dangerous force at one time too. On the other hand much music is promoted and used to create specific effects on the intellect or physical body or on the spirit. Even if you have never done anything that you associate with sound healing or music therapy if you have ever
selected music to calm a child , excite a lover , or wake you up then you have practiced music therapy of sorts.
Sound is often combined with Energy work, crystal healing work,  Meditation , movement forms and other healing and spiritual modes .

There are a vast array of different ways of using sound in our lives.  Sound and tone in healing has a powerful effect upon the body, mind and spirit, not only through what we hear, but what we feel physically,  emotionally and mentally as the sounds penetrate our energetic and physical field.

There is a rhythmical use of sound, in which drumming is often a central component. There is also a tonal use of sound, such as with singing bowls or sustained chanting. Examples of Tonal sound range from the powerful chants of Tibetan Monks, to the Gregorian chants of Christian Monks and even the speaking in tongues phenomenon found in an amazingly
broad array of traditions . Bells, gongs, drums and chimes have been used for rhythmic and tonal work as well. The Tibetan singing bowl is used produce a continuous tone, these bowls are made of bronze or other bell metal some people prefer the tone of Crystal singing bowls which are are made of fused quartz crystal, making them incredibly resonant.
The tones produced by singing and crystal bowls are not just heard by the ear, you feel them in your body, and certain tones stimulate certain energy centers (chakras) and or organs in your body.

Toning through the use of bells, bowls, tuning forks, or as done by a person who tones into the chakras or other parts of the body (using their voice, they may get very close to the body and make sounds,  often something like, Ahhhhhm, or Ohmmm), are all wonderful forms of vibrational sound healing. These sounds can cut through blocks and stagnant energy and open the way for a more balanced and healed state of being  Most people who do vocal toning work intuitively . You can tone even if
if you cannot hold a tune at all .This is about vibration rather than  about musical perfection . You can tone for yourself even if you have no  interest in doing it for others . You can simply and spontaneously create and allow whatever sound wants to come out to come out or choose mantra , sets of sounds or words.

One grounds and opens the mouth and allows sound to come out.  Many people start with the vowel sounds. Do not be concerned with doing it right, allow sound to come out open your throat for a full round tone Support your deep breath with in your diaphragm. You can often feel the vibration effecting the areas of your body and being that the sound  resonates with. As you tone allow your body to resonate. Feel the vibration of the tones throughout your body .
  Most tones are held as long as possible though there are staccato and shorter tone forms as well.  Do not be concerned with how long you can hold a tone or whether or not you are on pitch  start by trying to spend 5 or ten minutes a day toning . Many people find that this gives them both increased vitality and inner calm.

Vowels - related to Area of Body

U - Pelvis, hips, legs, feet, and lower body in general.

O - Lower trunk, abdomen area from solar plexus to groin.

A - Chest cavity, heart, and the body as a whole.

E - Throat, upper chest, and head regions. Back of the skull and head

Some common tone patterns besides the vowels are  Ah Ee Oh / Eeee Ahh Ohhh / Ah EL Ee O /A E O / ma / Ha / AUM
Hey hey hey-ma ma hey hey /

One may also tone and chant various mantra and words, God and Goddess names , prayer forms etc. There are many mantra and chants commonly used in many different traditions Possibly there are thousands of such chants and mantra. Using meditation you can seek to hear and join in the toning that is most healing or spiritually transcending for you .

There are traditionally certain notes and tones associated with the energy centers or chakra in the human body . these tones when played ,sung or toned are said to help heal ,clear and balance the assigned areas of the energy body. One set of correspondences follows with a traditional chakra mantra and a suggestion for a sustained tone.

First, base, or red chakra - G (below middle "C") note c mantra lam or e as in red. uh (low)

Second, sacral, or orange chakra - D note d mantra vam or o as in home. ooo

Third, solar plexus, or yellow chakra - F note d mantra ram or aum. oh

Fourth, heart, or green chakra - G note f# mantra yam or a as in ah. ah

Fifth, throat or blue chakra - A note g # mantra ham or u as in blue. ay

Sixth, third eye, or indigo chakra - D note high a mantra aum om or mmm. eee

Seventh, crown, or violet (or white) chakra - G mantra aum , ee as in bee. eee (high)

Crystals of the color assigned to the chakra may be held or kept near while toning . Crystals associated with the throat chakra in particular are recommended

Chinese Healing sounds include these six that are said to cool and detoxify internal organs.  These sounds are similar to those produced from overtone chanting .

1. A breathy ahhhhhhh sound. For the Heart This releases hatred. It  helps to visualize the heart as red, like fire.

2. throaty whaaaa, sort of rumbles in the throat, for the Stomach and Spleen: this releases shame and anxiety. visualize fall, yellow, earth,

3. SSSSSSSS like a snake, for the lungs, a release for loss see white,  winter

4. A whhhhoooooo sound like blowing out candles, for the Kidney, releases fear, see blue, water,

5. shhhhhhhhhhh sound for the Liver, releases anger, see green, summer, wood .

6. heeeeeeeeee sub vocal breath to even the energies throughout the body, focus on the hara a near the naval, the triple heater . Start at the top of your head, do the hee breath imagined as sweeping the negative energy from your body.

There are also numerous lists of stones associated with each chakra "Melody" suggests Chromite , horn of plenty quartz , and singing quartz crystals. 

Toning crystals are often found by picking up quartz crystals and toning while holding them if it in some way improves your ability to tone then ,for you it is a toning crystal. the blue, sky blue or blue green stones are often able assistants for toning.

Everything is energy ,everything is vibration, The subtle energies of the crystals are just one aspect of this vibration. One expression of vibration is sound .Sound is equal and inseparable from energy and vibration and is or represents the essence of life and spirit and the universe itself. this is the barest introduction to toning and work with sound.

Peggy Jentoft

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