Remote Or Distance healing  with Reiki symbols

   There are many ways to do distance healing. You can  do remote healing  work by intention without using symbols and without being attuned to Reiki. There are many different techniques to assist with this work.  This article is  specifically  about remote healing  with Reiki  using symbols .

The HSZSN  is drawn or visualized at the beginning of treatment usually  just before designating your intended recipient .   This function enables us to send healing energies to others at a distance. This can be used to send Reiki across the street or to other parts of the world.

 It can also be used when doing hands on Reiki healing would be inappropriate (with a burn patient or someone with sexual abuse issues for example ). In these cases Reiki can be sent distantly from across the room or from a few inches or feet away.
Such line of sight use of the distance healing symbol is often  called "Beaming".  Some people help focus their intent when beaming  by imagining the Reiki energy  radiating out from their eyes or heart or hands.
 Many people like to hold their hands up toward the person or people they are doing the treatment with . Most people find that they can beam or transmit  remote treatment without raising their hands .

There is a common tendency to think of distance work as requiring effort as though you have to personally throw the energy across the distance In fact it requires no more effort to send Reiki  or other energy across the ocean than it requires to send it through your hands as you touch someone. Just as in direct treatment you activate Reiki and allow it to flow to where it is needed . Distance does not interfere with reception.

    Some ways of doing distance energy treatments with Reiki Using the symbols: one would draw them with your hand or third eye and mentally say the power and connection symbol name/mantra and use the other symbol or symbols as needed or desired.
You might visualize them over your head or in front of you. I was taught to use all of them all the time but many people do it differently.

    There is no order of  preference for any of these methods for sending Reiki to people at a distance and these are only a few of the possible ways to do it. These methods are useful for sending distant Reiki treatments.  
1. You can use a photo or drawing as a focus. for the session drawing the symbols over a photo with the intention of sending Reiki to the person represented  or sting the name of the person while placing your hands on a drawing either doing the hand placements or just holding the photo or drawing.
2. Imagine the person as laying on your thigh.
3. Use a teddy bear or doll as a proxy or put a pillow on your lap to represent the recipient.
4. You can imagine the person as being between your hands. Then either mentally go through the hand positions or just send the Reiki to the subjects entire being with the intention that it go where needed.
5. Intend it. know that the Reiki will reach your intended recipient automatically
6. Write the person's name on a piece of paper and hold that piece of paper with the name on it between your hands and send Reiki that way.

7. Use your thumb as a proxy, pretend it is the person, and wrap your other fingers around it and send it Reiki.

    Visualize the person there in the air before you and you just do a treatment. or imagine  that you are in the same place together. Another technique is to substitute your body for theirs putting your hands and or intention on your body and intending that the energies run to them in those places. You can also do a "spot" treatment on an organ or other body part - just visualize the part and go for it. When I am doing distant healing, I mostly do it by intention. Sometimes I feel a "Reiki beam" go from my hands and / or heart, etheric heart, crown and third eye, to the person. I usually just say the persons name and if I know it location and intend that the energies go to them for their highest good beaming the Reiki to them.
    Some people find it easy to imagine that the client is in the same room with them and others will ask Guides or helping Deva to do the treatment as the practitioner holds the connection.

 Others feel that Reiki is kind of like email, when the system is working really    well you just have to address it and send it and it will arrive where it is supposed to go instantly. Even though you have no idea how the mechanics of it actually work.
    State what if any condition the treatment is for if you know. Ask for pain relief if it is wanted in addition to healing. Pain relief and healing are not the same thing. Reiki seems to reduce pain more when it is specifically requested. Reiki will not eliminate necessary pain if the recipient needs it to force them to go to a doctor or would re injure themselves  for example.
    You can do an entire treatment going through the hand placements but can also just allow the Reiki to flow. It is good to mentally state any areas of particular concern that you are aware of. As long as you maintain a clear channel the treatment will go where needed most.
    When you activate the energies by intention without drawing the symbols intend " Reiki all" or any words that work for you. You can also activate each function separately .  I most often intend that any and all energies run in the best portions. Then I follow intuition to activate any specific procedures.
    Always intend that the person has the right to accept, refuse or observe the energies.
    In distance treatments the energy often just runs until it's done. Some Teachers suggest a 15 minute session for distance work. Some recommend 15 minute sessions three days in a row. I have had the energy run as long as three hours. But that is unusually long and 15 or 20 minutes is more common . Some people have found great results from only a five or ten minute session. Even one or two minutes can have a great effect. Reactivate the energies if your attention and intention wanders so far off that the energies shut down and whenever you feel that you should.
    When the energies stop running. End the treatment by honoring what we have intended gently releasing the connection and thanking your Spiritual Focus. There is not normally any real need to clear and release any excess or unneeded or stuck energies as this does not often occur. Reiki is self clearing. You can do clearing and unsticking if you wish.
Over time, you may develop less need to use very  structured methods for remote sending.  This is as it should be.  As you develop increasing familiarity with the energy you may find that the symbols, like all tools, can be put aside when no longer needed.
 There is however no hurry to learn to work without symbols.  Take your time and let the connection to the energy strengthen and grow. Most people  continue to use the symbols even if they do not "have" to do so.

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