Usui Reiki reikikanji
contemporary and traditional methods  level one manual
by Peggy L. Jentoft
© Peggy Jentoft ,2000 -2001
except where noted

This is  a simple practical manual for Usui Reiki. levelone
No manual will ever be complete. There is always more to learn.
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Reiki Unleashed

Usui Reiki, Contemporary and Traditional

Level One Manual by Peggy Jentoft


Contents :


What is Reiki?

About Healing Energy

About Attunement

Using Reiki

Self Treatment

Treating Others

The Treatment

Reiki Finish

Hand Positions

Reiki Hands

Posture Reiki

Hand Placements

Additional hand positions

Chair Reiki, Seated treatment

Non contact treatment

More ways to apply Reiki

Mikao Usui

A Brief History

Reiki Principles

Expanding on the Reiki Principles

Treatment and Ethics Review

Reiki Treatment Checklist.

The Exchange Issue


The Aura and Energy


Energy balls


Reiki is a natural system of energy healing. It is done by placing the hands on or near the recipient. The practitioner runs Reiki Energy while placing their hands on or over a series of locations on the recipients body. This energy is the life force that permeates the universe. Practitioners can also work remotely. Remote techniques are usually taught at the second degree level.
The process of doing Reiki treatment is thought of as "laying on of hands" or "spiritual healing" and is considered to be a metaphysical phenomenon.

Reiki also has elements based on the traditions of Asian medicine and martial arts which have given rise to acupuncture, chi gong, tai chi and similar practices.
Reiki is related to some practices of Chinese Medicine, Chi gong and other Holistic Medicine and modes. Reiki is somewhat of a fusion of spiritual healing and some traditional Asian medical, spiritual and health practices. The hand placements correspond to some of those points used in Acupuncture and other practices but no needles, pressure or massage is used.

Reiki flows through the practitioner but is not generated by the practitioner. Giving treatments does not deplete the Reiki practitioners own energy supplies. Advanced practitioners can do treatments without physical contact.

Mikao Usui Developed the Reiki Universal Healing Energy system after years of study of spiritual healing of many kinds. He received the ability to heal with Reiki energy during a spiritual initiation after long fasting and meditation on one of Japan's Many sacred mountains.

What does Reiki do?

Reiki can help alleviate suffering, whether it be of a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual nature. This means that Reiki can heal. This statement is not a guarantee or a promise that someone will be relieved of any ailment whatsoever with a single or with multiple Reiki treatments. In most cases Reiki does enhance the effects of medical treatment when used in conjunction with it. An underlying principle of Reiki is that it can do no harm and cannot be used for any harmful purpose.
When we speak of healing a well physical body may be the first thing that comes to mind. However the root meaning of the word is whole. The practice of healing is that of becoming whole on all levels of being including the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Illness happens when the mind, body and spirit become unbalanced. True wellness is reached only by returning the entire being to harmony and balance with itself and with the Earth and the Universe. We begin healing by finding our desire to be well and whole. Without the motivation to be well and the intention to act in our own behalf we can not become well. Reiki is a means to empowering us to become whole in all ways.

Another Purpose of Reiki Is to help enhance personal and spiritual evolution. Reiki will help to assist us on the path to enlightenment. Reiki is not affiliated with any one spiritual path and will work for anyone. Having Reiki does not guarantee enlightenment either.
To get Reiki either means to receive Reiki treatment from a practitioner or to learn to practice Reiki. Reiki treatment may be received from any Reiki practitioner .

Reiki treatment enhances the body's natural ability to heal itself. It increases vitality and stamina. It works throughout the body, on the mind, emotions, spiritual essence and aura. Reiki treatment releases blocked energy, promotes relaxation and reduces stress.
Reiki energy has a degree of innate intelligence and goes wherever most needed in the body and aura. It helps to cleanse the body of energetic and physical toxins. Reiki can over time, enhance stamina, intuition, meditation and spiritual evolution.
Reiki works on people, plants, animals and even machines. Reiki can be used in Earth healing and to transmit healing energy for treatment of situations, world events etc.. Reiki will work for you personally and is also a tool you can use to help others.

Reiki and other subtle healing energies are valuable tools for anyone whether they have health, emotional, mental, or spiritual issues or only want to empower their personal evolution.

Many people like to get regular hands on Reiki treatments as a refreshing and relaxing treat for themselves, in the same way that they might get a massage or a facial, a guided visualization session or a mud bath. Reiki can be a door to a higher part of your own spiritual being. Reiki treatment and practice can increase the flow of higher vibrations of energy through your aura and into the physical body.

Reiki energy works to harmonize, or bring into balance, the total you: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You do have to actively use Reiki or get treatments to receive its benefits. Reiki treatment is available from many Reiki practitioners.

The use of Reiki as a relaxation and stress reducing technique is becoming accepted and widespread. In addition to its use in supporting treatment of illness and injury. Reiki enhances other body work and healing techniques and sports performance as well as assisting with spiritual development.

Science is reluctant to accept the validity of energy work but double blind studies have often shown significant and accelerated improvement from energy treatments of many different forms. Kirilian and aura photos also show significant changes before and after Reiki treatments .

To learn to practice and share Reiki with others yourself, you must receive attunement from a Reiki Teacher. You can learn to give Reiki treatments to yourself, family and friends. Animals, plants etc. Some people use Reiki on appliances. The Reiki energy treats and energizes you even while you are treating others.

Many people like to get regular hands on Reiki treatments as a refreshing and
relaxing treat for themselves, in the same way that they might get a massage or a facial, a guided visualization session or a mud bath. Reiki can be a door to a higher part of your own spiritual being. Reiki treatment and practice can increase the flow of higher vibrations of energy through your aura and into the physical body.
Reiki energy works to harmonize, or bring into balance, the total you: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You do have to actively use Reiki or get treatments to receive its benefits. Reiki treatment is available from many Reiki practitioners.
The use of Reiki as a relaxation and stress reducing technique is becoming accepted and widespread. In addition to its use in supporting treatment of illness and injury. Reiki enhances other body work and healing techniques and sports performance as well as assisting with spiritual development.
Science is reluctant to accept the validity of energy work but double blind studies have often shown significant and accelerated improvement from energy treatments of many different forms. Kirilian and aura photos also show significant changes before and after Reiki treatments .
To learn to practice and share Reiki with others yourself, you must receive attunement from a Reiki Teacher. You can learn to give Reiki treatments to yourself, family and friends. Animals, plants etc. Some people use Reiki on appliances. The Reiki energy treats and energizes you even while you are treating others.
Sometimes people have unreasonable expectations of Reiki both as clients and as practitioners. Reiki does not often confer an instant miraculous cure of any condition. Reiki works with you to restore energetic balance and repair things like blockages and tears in the energy field which create disease and unhappiness. This can take time.
Mrs. Takata, who introduced Reiki to the West received treatment daily for months. People often receive great benefit from a single treatment. Conditions which have taken years to form and manifest as disease are likely to require consistent treatment over a period of time. Certainly any Reiki treatment is good, even a single short one but for most the greatest effect comes from frequent treatment. Practitioners are urged to self treat daily.

While not be practical for a client to come daily for months as might have been done at Hayashi Sensei's clinic or for the practitioner to move in with a client for weeks or months as Mrs. Takata is said to have done on occasion. A series of treatments is recommended for many conditions and often family members can receive attunement so that they may provide the treatment as needed.
What is a Reiki attunement?

This is the process by which the Reiki teacher (often called a Reiki Master) passes on the ability to channel the Reiki energy. This involves a process of clearing any blocks to Reiki in your aura and connecting you to the ability to run Reiki energy by means of a direct transmission to your energy body (aura) There are many different energy systems that use attunement. Reiki is one of the most well Known and is an excellent basic all purpose system. It is easy to learn and is not burdened with a lot of esotericism or dogma.

An attunement is usually given during instruction in the various techniques involved in
practicing Reiki. Reiki is most often taught in three levels designated I, II and III, with III being the Master level. In level one people are taught basic techniques for hands on treatment for self and others. In Level two one learns techniques for remote healing and receives attunement for using symbols to activate specific functions for mental and emotional healing and for increasing the connection and effect of Reiki. Level three adds a spiritual or intuitive healing energy function and the ability to attune others to use Reiki themselves.
In some Reiki systems there is a Master level distinct from the Teacher (or Master/Teacher) level. To learn to pass on atonements one must undertake a further teacher level. Some teachers teach and transmit a unified Reiki attunement which includes all the functions of the three level system.
Each level requires an attunement or set of atonements. As one progresses through the levels there can be a distinct and noticeable difference in the perception of effects and sensations of both the practitioner and the client . As one progresses through the levels one is taught the Reiki symbols which can be (and generally are) used in giving a Reiki treatment. The symbols are usually explored in the second Reiki level.

Being a Reiki Master is not a sign or guarantee of a person's moral fiber upstanding behavior, or any form of emotional or spiritual development. Reiki Masters are as human as anyone else.
About Healing Energy

There are many systems of energy healing , hands on and remote healing. They all use aspects of the universal life Force energy that Permeates the universe and the entire reality. This Energy is known by many names, Prana, Mana, Chi, KI, Orgone energy, Bioenergetic plasma, Divine breath, Cosmic Pulse, Vital Fire, among them.

Even in those systems that call directly on spiritual entities, Angels, Healing guides and so forth, the actual healing is effected by aspects of the universal energy.

Most cultures seem to have at least one name for it even those that do not officially
acknowledge it as real. Different cultures develop different ways of working with energy
and different needs evoke different frequencies, techniques and explanations for that work. A Hawaiian system, a Tibetan system, and a Hindu system of energy work will each be different. Yet each still works with the universal life force.
Reiki is a system of energy healing that was discovered, defined and developed in Japan. Therefore It uses elements derived from Japanese culture such as Shinto, Esoteric Buddhism and the traditional medicine of Japan and China to explain how it works and to define its goals. The traditional definitions and explanations of Reiki practice have as an underlying base many of the accepted cultural premises of Japan. This may include elements which seem strange or opaque to people who have not been immersed in that culture from birth.

Reiki is not religious. There is no dogma involved with Reiki, well not much anyway.
Most of what could be called Reiki dogma does not actually effect the practical use of
Reiki in the real world. Being attuned to Reiki does not entail any conversion or adoption of spiritual beliefs or practices from any religion or particular set of beliefs. Reiki and other energy healing modes will harmonize with most spiritual belief systems that allow for the existence of energy work.
What is Reiki?
The simplest definition of the word Reiki is Universal or Spiritual (Rei)- Life Force or Energy (Ki). The Reiki system is a simple and powerful system of energy work that anyone can learn to use for developing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony and wholeness in themselves and for assisting others.
Reiki functions on the energy body first, usually following the same channels used in acupuncture and acupressure, chi gong and other traditional Asian Medical and healing modes but not limited to them.
The practitioner uses the Reiki energy to help people move & balance energy, remove blocks and repair tears in the aura and help restore well being. Advanced practitioners are able to give treatments without touching the recipient and even send treatments great distances, even to people on other continents .
Reiki is a system of energy healing from Japan using methods transmitted to and received by Mikao Usui, legendarily at the end of a 21 day fast and meditation in Japan.
Reiki is a simple and powerful system of laying on of hands and remote healing that can transform lives. The Usui System of Natural Healing was introduced to the West by Mrs. Hawayo Takata, from Hawaii, who received Reiki Attunements From Dr. Hayashi.

Dr Hayashi had a Reiki clinic in Tokyo. Mrs. Takata was visiting relatives in Japan and had successful treatments for a chronic illness at Dr. Hayashis' Clinic. Dr. Hayashi is credited with formalizing the system of hand positions and levels for use in a more clinical health oriented practice. Usui Sensei intended his system to assist people to become enlightened. Physical healing was a side effect rather than the end goal.

The ability to heal physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances with energy
channeled through the hands has been viewed as a rare and mystical gift requiring great
spiritual achievement. However this simply is not true. Reiki is almost as easily learned as learning to tie your shoes.
Healing energy can be channeled by any one. This ability can be acquired by energetic transmission from one person to another. These transmissions are called attunements or empowerment or sometimes initiations. They remove blocks in the aura and allow the healing energies that surround us to come in through our crown chakra and flow through our bodies and out our hands to where they are needed. This is not the only path for the Reiki healing energies but only the most common or most easily sensed.
The ability to channel the specific healing energy Functions we call Reiki is received from a process called Attunement, a direct transmission of the ability to channel Reiki and the clearing of energetic blocks to that ability guided by a Reiki Teacher ( Reiki Master) into the personal energy field of the recipient. The attunements open the palm chakras and energy channels if this is needed and connect you to the specific Reiki Shakti healing frequencies. The attunements also allow us to direct these energies for specific purposes.
Anyone can get these attunements and channel Reiki, it requires no special abilities and is a reliable way of doing healing treatments for yourself and others. Reiki has traditionally been used for treatment of physical issues and to compliment allopathic health treatments and practices.
Reiki is not a substitute for Medical treatment nor is it a diagnostic system. Reiki is an intelligent energy of love and wholeness. When you use Reiki you find many more ways to work with and gain value from it. The possible ways and systems for working with universal life force energy are infinite.
About Attunement

Anyone can be attuned to Reiki. In order for anyone to personally connect with Reiki and use this energy system for themselves and for others they must receive an attunement (sometimes called initiation or empowerment). This is a transformation to the energy field (aura) Which opens, clears and connects the recipient to the ability to use the universal energy. This is not a step to be taken lightly. This attunement should be considered permanent.
The regular use of Reiki is required to continue the accelerated personal spiritual
development the Reiki helps make possible. The person should have a sincere desire to
help themselves and a willingness to practice and use Reiki for the benefit of all life.
Many people can feel attunement as It is done, as heat or waves of energy flowing into their body or they may see light or even images or hear music. Many people do not have any such experience at all, other than perhaps feeling both more relaxed and energized than usual. Most people but not all who regularly feel subtle energies are able to feel some of the energy coming in.
Many people choose to fast or refrain from eating meat or smoking before being attuned to Reiki. This is not essential. You must be sober to receive attunement, other than that all one really has to do is to want to receive and accept the attunement from the Reiki teacher. It helps to be in a meditative receptive state at the time the attunements are done.
Some people seem to reach out and actively pull the attunement in and others are more passive recipients . You could refuse to accept an attunement. You cannot be attuned against your will. The Reiki teacher will explain what you may experience during the attunement and tell you where to sit and any particular hand position she wants you to hold. You may be asked to close your eyes during the attunement.
There are a number of different methods for passing attunements. Many Reiki Teachers use a ritual method which can includes some physical contact . They may draw symbols on the receivers hands crown and heart and place them into the aura. Some teachers use direct transmission attunements which do not require physical contract or overt ritual . Direct transmission attunements are usually done with the teacher and participants sitting in a circle or facing each other.

The Japanese Reiki School founded by students of Mikao Usui still uses a Reiju empowerment which involves participation in frequent meditations during which you acquire the ability to use Reiki gradually. Attunements are used in Reiki and many other energy work systems because they allow people to open to use energies much faster than would be possible without them.
Post Attunement "Detoxification"

It is recommended that you Drink lots of water after an attunement. Many people find that they need to increase water intake permanently after being attuned to any system of healing energy. Attunements and treatments begin the recipient's personal healing immediately. This sometimes shows up as symptoms of physical or emotional release such as an excess of Gas, diarrhea or moodiness. This has been called detoxification. Most people do not have any noticeable effects of this kind. A few people have reported a lot of emotional processing for up to 3 weeks or 21 days after an Attunements. Some people report having unusually vivid dreams just after the attunement.
Anyone who does have a detoxification reaction is encouraged to self treat with Reiki often and to contact their Reiki teacher for help. Any unusual ,severe, or continuing discomfort should be referred to an appropriate medical professional. It may not have any direct relationship to the attunement at all . Anyone getting Reiki treatments and or attunements is encouraged to drink lots of water. This often reduces or eliminates any so called detoxification symptoms.
Everyone should be reminded that in some cases the release of toxins or energetic or physical realignments will cause them to feel worse for a short time before they feel better. Some people may feel somewhat uncomfortable when chronic physical ,emotional or mental conditions are alleviated because they are unaccustomed to feeling well.
Normal reactions to events that occur and emotions that surface during the period just after attunement are sometimes attributed to detoxification when they might really be simply due to a freer expression and an enhanced awareness of feelings which can be an effect of attunements .
Using Reiki

Once you have been attuned you will want to learn how to activate and use your Reiki. First degree Reiki is activated by intention, that is you intend or mentally command it to run. Many people use a mental instruction such as Reiki On! or Reiki now! Reiki may turn on when it is needed even without your conscious intention.
Only a slight amount of attention is needed to keep Reiki flowing. It does not involve mental strain or intense will, just a subtle intention and willingness. You are not pushing the Reiki energy, you are allowing it to flow through you like water flows through a hose.
Not every one feels Subtle energies. Once you have been attuned the Reiki will run even if you are not able to feel it. Sometimes it takes a while before one really feels it running . Whether or not you get hot hands or buzzing or other physical signs of Reiki activation it will work. Reiki is subtle energy.
The energy generally comes into the crown and runs down the arms to the hands and from there to where needed and/or directed. This seems to be the standard flow pattern For Reiki and many other healing energy systems. This is not the only flow pattern just the most common. It is also possible to bring in the energy by other channels but crown to hands is usually easiest and most comfortable. Just want the energy to run. think/intend that it turn on. One may also sense Reiki as flowing directly from source to the recipient without actually passing through you.
The basic Reiki energy has always been intention activated. The most important thing is to use Reiki often . The more you use it the more comfortable, confident and skilled you will become. While the standard formal treatment uses both hands you can also give informal Reiki treatments just by placing one hand in contact . You may find the you can run Reiki from your feet or other location if its needed. You can just put your hand on your own body and give yourself a simple treatment any time you wish.
At first you may want to prove to yourself and others that it works. This can cause you to use your own personal energy rather than Reiki . Using your own energy might make you feel tired after giving a treatment . Usually the Reiki practitioner feels rested and revitalized after the treatment.
You might experience normal tiredness from standing a long time if you are not used to doing so. Any unusual tiredness usually indicates that the practitioner has been forcing the energy or pushing with personal will rather than allowing the Reiki energies to flow naturally.
The effectiveness of Reiki and other energy systems could be modified by the practitioners and clients expectations. The limits that they put on the energy with the concepts they hold about what the work can and should do can effect the experienced results. Therefore it is Particularly important that while you are doing treatments you allow the energy to work. Hold the intention that it work for the highest good of the client.
I begin most sessions by mentally stating what the perceived situation is and whether the client is in pain. If there is pain involved I ask for Pain relief to be part of the treatment. I have set up a signal system with my guides and solar angel or intuition to alert me when it is not appropriate to focus any energy on pain relief (if the pain is serving a vital function).

Belief in, or practice of, a spiritual or religious system is not required for the effective practice of Reiki. (While many Reiki practitioners work with guides or angels it is not a practice intrinsic to or required for Reiki). Personal intuition will guide you as you learn to be aware of it and trust it. Naturally Intuition alone does not substitute for a basic understanding of energy work and the techniques for treatment.
The Reiki energy is in most cases allowed to flow to where it chooses. It can be directed but it is strongly recommend that you do not try to do this at first and never exclusively. You may be unaware of the true cause of a difficulty and may mentally prevent the Reiki from doing the most good by pushing it where you want it to flow. At first you may need to remind yourself quite often to allow the flow rather than push it with will.
Reiki uses the Ki or Universal life force energy to effect changes and remove blocks in the energy body which promotes the return of and maintenance of well being and health. As you continue to practice You will probably develop an awareness of the condition of the energy field and may over time realize what diseases may have manifested from the feel of the clients energy body.
As a Reiki practitioner you do not diagnose, nor do you heal others. You must take care not to alarm the client nor to violate laws against diagnosis by non medical professionals. You may ask questions, make suggestions, or suggest they see a Doctor about areas of concern.
You provide a connection for the universal life force to work actively with you and empower the receiver. Energy healing is most effective when the person getting treatment is an active participant in the process. Encourage your client to actively invite the Reiki to heal them to the highest degree possible. This is more effective than passively having an attitude of being done to.
Reiki teachings in the West were passed on until quite recently without written materials or notes. Even the practice writing of the complex symbols traditionally used in second and third degree Reiki were destroyed after the training sessions. This was not the practice in Japan. Many books are now available with information and theories about Reiki.
Self Treatment

Reiki can be used for your own healing as well as for others. This is one thing that differentiates Reiki from many other energy healing systems. Treating yourself is an excellent way to become familiar with using Reiki. It it highly recommended that practitioners give themselves a treatment frequently. I recommend that you give yourself treatments daily, if possible, particularly in the beginning of your practice. This will also help clear up any detoxification symptoms that do occur.
Self treatment can be done either by putting your hands on your body in adaptations of the standard hand placements. Treatment on the front only will be fine, although you can do versions of some back positions on yourself. You can also just rest your hands on your legs or other accessible location and run the Reiki, actually just putting your hands down against your body any where that is comfortable will work.
Reiki will go to where it is needed. I find that it works fine just to turn on Reiki and let it run, after all, you are in your body. That means that you are touching it. Whatever your Reiki level is, using the hand positions will probably give you more sensory confirmation than a remote treatment and may well work faster on each specific area.
You can place your hands on the front of your body with the mental intention that you are treating the back position. The positions for self treating the back can be done by putting your hands on the back of your neck over your shoulders and at your back just above and below the waist. Provided that you are flexible and want to do that . Unless you are very flexible, do not try to reach the difficult to reach places. If it hurts you to do it, It is not Reiki. Reiki will flow to where it is needed .
Preparing to Give Reiki Treatments to Others

There is no one single right way to do treatments. Before you begin a treatment on another person you may want to do a self treatment or meditation to ground, center and clear your own energy field. This is not a requirement but will prepare yourself to give the treatment. Many practitioners like to place their hands together in the gassho or praying hands position for a moment before they actually begin the treatment. This helps the practitioner to balance their own energy and reach the correct mental and emotional clarity to begin the treatment free from personal issues that might distract them.

Before the Treatment.

Greet your client and discuss what they can expect from Reiki. Answer any questions they have. Ask them about their reasons for seeking Reiki treatment and what they expect from Reiki. Tell the client what you will be doing. Some practitioners have a form and history to be filled out, others do not follow the medical model so closely. Make sure that if exchange is involved, that is payment or barter the details are clear and mutually agreeable.
Remind the recipient that you are not a medical practitioner. Reiki is never a substitute for medical treatment. This and other energy and spiritual work may on rare occasions stimulate a brief clearing period of detoxification on all levels. In a few rare cases people have felt worse before they felt better, if this does occur you should ask that if possible they come in daily for three days in a row. Repeating treatment can alleviate these rare detoxification or healing crisis symptoms.
Have your client remove their shoes , glasses and any bulky jewelry which might get snagged . They will remain fully clothed. Comfortable non binding clothes are recommended. Clients do not need to remove wedding rings, dentures, small earrings, navel rings and so forth. Some people fear that jewelry will interfere or block the energy but it does not. In fact such items can absorb a reservoir of Reiki energy . The main reason to remove bulky jewelry is so that it will not snag on clothing during the treatment or interfere with hand placement.
Have the person lie down on a massage table or if none is available other sturdy table such as a kitchen or dining table with a pad of some sort, or a bench ,couch, bed or floor if that is comfortable for both of you . Treatments can also be done with the client seated.
Most Reiki treatments are given with the client lying down and the practitioner standing. Many practitioners sit in an office chair with wheels. Some do treatments kneeling on the floor. Whatever table or other setup you are using the client and the practitioner should both be comfortable during the treatment. Try to have the table surface at a height where you do not have to strain to reach the hand position locations. A padded surface of some kind is suggested for comfort.
The recipient may become cold. You should have a light blanket available to cover them if needed. A pillow or pillows is useful for arranging for maximum comfort particularly when treating the back. Comfort can be a real concern if you do not have a face rest. You can do the treatment from the front only or have the client sit for treatment on the back if it is not practical or comfortable for them to lie face down. Many people are not comfortable laying face down.
Sometimes emotional clearing occurs during a treatment and can result in the client crying. You should have some tissues handy in case of need. If the person being treated cries do not interrupt the treatment to give them tissues. Interrupting them may result in a reduction of the healing release. On rare occasions a recipient may feel that your hands are too hot or feel pain or discomfort in some other way. If this happens ask if they wish to stop the treatment or continue. Most people will choose to continue and may feel a healing release. If someone wishes to end the treatment early for any reason then stop giving Reiki.
Wash your hands before and after giving a treatment if possible. Wash your hands before the treatment to make sure your hands are clean and that you don't have any distracting odor on them. Washing your hands also helps give you time for a symbolic entry into the best mental state for the treatment. Wash your hands after the treatment as a way to distinguish your treatment time from your routine. You might carry disposable washcloths if you often do treatments “on the road”. Please don't make a big deal about it as a frantic dive to wash your hands may be quite distressing to your client.
You might have pleasant music playing if you both agree. There are many tapes and CDs with music designed for Reiki treatments and similar work. Some clients are distracted by music while others prefer to have it. Many people burn a quality incense or use an aromatherapy oil in a diffuser. Inquire about allergies before using a fragrance, and use only genuine essential oil if possible. You might offer a cup of Herb tea or water after a session. Clients should always be encouraged to drink lots of water.
I do sometimes use crystals in conjunction with Reiki but in most cases I limit this to having amethyst, clear quartz or Rose Quartz under the Reiki table and crystals in the treatment room (which is where they are anyway) unless I feel strong intuitive guidance to use them. Combining Reiki with laying on of stones can overwhelm some clients and may even give them a headache. Holding a clear quartz ball or crystal while running Reiki through it is sometimes used for breaking up severe blocks and stagnation in the energy field.

Toning may be used if you feel a strong intuitive urge to do so but as with crystals should not be used casually. These are not part of traditional Reiki treatments and aren't likely to be available in emergencies so please do not depend on these enhancements. Reiki will work just fine with no frills at all.
The United States has very severe penalties for practicing medicine without a license. Reiki is not Diagnostic. We do not in any way attempt to locate or define medical or Psychological needs. Anyone seeking Reiki treatments who has a medical condition should be reminded to see an appropriate practitioner.

Reiki practitioners do often develop an intuition about areas of concern and possible conditions. They might ask questions and suggest that the client ask a Doctor about something. During the treatment many practitioners find that they sometimes receive intuitive impressions or information about the client or situations. Check with your intuitive source before sharing any such information. the information may be intended only for you or it may be meant for you to share. Confirmation of whether or not to share is usually easy to receive, if unsure do not. Remember that you are a Reiki channel not a Doctor or Psychologist (unless you are of course).
Reiki is quite effective when done as a holistic practice similar to acupressure. Some people feel that it is more effective when Spiritual intention is added. Reiki is self grounding and has built in protections. It can do no harm. You do not need to use any extra procedures for protection and grounding. You may choose to do some things such as ground and center yourself. One way of doing this is to connect with Earth and Source.
You can imagine yourself and the receiver as being surrounded by golden or rainbow light or white or violet light. You could smudge or call in the Angels if you wish. These practices are not standard to Reiki nor in any way required and may not effect the quality and effectiveness of the treatment but can contribute a nice energy to the surroundings if you want to do this and have time for them.
I often ask and invite any angels or guides who wish to help to join us, I ask my solar angel to allow only the forces of highest Good to join us . I intend that the room be filled with Reiki energy. You can do whatever will focus you to the purpose of giving the session. This is a personal choice. Reiki will work without any spiritual additions at all.
Giving The Treatment

Please allow the energies to flow. Separate yourself from the hunger for any particular outcome. Your intention should be to give the treatment but not to try to create any particular result. Set your personal intention that you and the treatment will do only good. You will place your hands in the position you start with and continue through them until done.

Many Reiki Practitioners prefer to stand to the right of the table and move clockwise or sun wise around the table, and to have the left hand be the far hand and the right hand be the near hand. I suggest you practice to see what feels most comfortable and effective for you. You should be comfortable during the treatment. Some Reiki Practitioners do get an occasional signal of a twinge of pain in their own body as guidance but If you are in pain you are probably tensing up and need to relax.
The energy will ebb and flow during treatment but will usually only need to be turned on at the beginning . Many practitioners do choose to reactivate the energy each time they move their hands. During hands on treatments the hand position is changed each time the energy tapers off. If the practitioner does not feel energy they can leave their hand in each
position for 3 to 5 minutes.
Please place your hands quite gently. There should be no weight or pressure applied. The contact often described as a butterfly touch. Some clients do like to feel your hands placed solidly and will kind of strain to reach up if your touch is too light but in any case you do not push or let your hands lay heavily on the client. You can even keep your hands about an inch away in the aura.
The hands are held slightly cupped with fingers and thumbs held together closely as though you were swimming or like your hands are in socks . If you turned your hands upwards it would look like you were cupping water in your hands This kind of hand position is said to represent peace and freedom from fear.
Reiki does not use massage or tissue manipulation. Your hands are simply held gently on or over each position until the energy ebbs. A little bit of intention or attention is needed but not intense effort or will. Should you become distracted and feel that the energy has stopped just restart it by intending to do so.
When doing hands on treatments your hands are left in each position until the energy begins to taper off or for three to five minutes if you are not sensitive to the energy flow. Sensitivity to energy can vary greatly from treatment to treatment.
Many but not by any means all practitioners end a treatment with a "Reiki finish" either combing and smoothing out the aura with the hands or one of several other versions . I was taught to end a session by placing my hands one on top of the other in a cross form at the small of the back or tail bone for a minute or so but seldom do this finish any more.

One Reiki finish I use to end a session is to place one hand or the fingertips held together on the top of the spine and the other at the tail bone or from the front on the head or collarbone and stomach and wait approx. 3-5 min. the Reiki runs/flows from one hand to the other, so by doing the finish one helps to effect an energetic balance. Sweeping the aura three times from top to bottom and again from bottom to top is another popular and effective finish.
This next version of the finish is one that Mrs. Takata taught (according to "VSRC", a Takata first and second degree student) (used with permission). " At a full treatment a person would get very, very relaxed, and Mrs. Takata said to help with circulation she would: Take two fingers (she used first and second) put one on either side of the spine near the neck, or about the 7th cervical, with the other hand press down the palm at the base of the two fingers and on top of the hand. Then "zip" the two fingers down the spine fairly quickly... with practice you will get the right rhythm, not too fast, it will burn, not too slow, the point is to stimulate circulation and always gentle, but firm enough to be felt.. Then, she would make circular motions down the back on either side of the spine with her palms, then, pick up one of the legs & a foot and rotate it in small circles, gentle massaging the calf muscles, then do the other leg & foot. Now the person has enough circulation that when they sit up, and attempt to get down from the table, doing it carefully they will be comfortable." Apparently very few and possibly none of the Reiki Masters that Mrs. Takata taught have actually used this finish.

Give the person being treated plenty of time to return to the mundane world and may run Reiki for a minute or few minutes with the specific intention that it help the person being treated with grounding . Intuition is the best guide. There is no one single right way to do treatments .
About Reiki Hand Positions

These hand positions are also used in other traditional Japanese and Chinese healing modes and are not exclusive to Reiki. Reiki does flow to where it is needed so a whole body treatment can be given by leaving your hands in one place, however moving through the hand placements assures that each area gets a surcharge of the Reiki and that all of the major meridian channels are treated.
Many Reiki practitioners feel that following a set of hand positions may be more effective at making sure that areas of need receive treatment.
The Reiki will flow through each at placement even if there is another area with greater need. Using the hand placements can also help the practitioner develop an intuitive sensitivity to energy flow.

The basic set of twelve hand positions most Reiki practitioners use ensure that all the major energy channels and chakra are treated to effectively cover the entire body and aura. In time most people develop an intuitive sense of where Reiki energy is needed and may use alternative or extra hand placements following that intuition.
Mikao Usui Sensei is said to have used five basic hand placements and additional ones in accord with the specific needs of each client. Dr Hayashi adapted the set of hand positions now in common use for practitioners at his clinic who had not developed strong intuition or energy sensitivity.
Most Reiki position charts start with the hands directly over the face and then move to the crown or side of the head. I personally often start by placing my hands over the top of the head on the crown first or on the shoulders. Then I move to the face. Many people are more comfortable with this as the first position and young children are less likely to lick your hands when you start with a less challenging placement than directly over their face. Many people place their hands in the Gassho position before beginning the treatment and take a moment to center themselves. Some practitioners place a tissue over the clients face before putting their hands over the face. This would help keep odor and sweat off the clients face if there is any. Please ask before you do this as some people are extremely uncomfortable with their face covered. (Personally, I do have a suffocation phobia and do not react at all well to having my face covered with anything).
Reiki Hands
The hands are held with the thumb and fingers next to each other as though they were in socks, not mittens or gloves. They are held gently cupped as though for a swim stroke. Some people teach that to have the fingers spread out disperses or dilutes the Reiki Energy but I have found that the finger position does not make a significant difference.
Other energy work systems have different conventions regarding hand carriage. The traditional hand carriage is possibly a reflection of Japanese customs regarding hand gestures. Try different things and follow your intuition to see what works for you.
Reiki touch is very light. No pressure is applied. Nothing in Reiki resembles massage. The energies often run for about 3 to 5 minutes in each position before tapering off. The time a treatment takes may vary quite a bit but 40 minutes to an hour is average for a full treatment.
The hand positions on the head and throat are done while standing behind the client. Then You move to stand at the side of the client. The hand positions on the torso are done with the fingertips of one hand touching the heal of the other. Whether the left or right hand is the near hand or the far hand depends on what is most comfortable for you.
Some teachers teach specific placements. These vary from teacher to teacher. The hand positions given here are suggestions rather than absolutes. I also like to run Reiki into the joints, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, hips, and the hands. You can have the client turn over and repeat the torso positions on the back if you have time and feel that you should.

Posture is an often neglected area. You will be more comfortable during treatments if you stand with your weight balanced over both feet, knees slightly bent, feet placed a bit apart, butt tucked in, back straight, and with your shoulders slightly rounded not held back rigidly.
Below is a graphic of the hand placements and they are written out in detail further on. You can either move both hands at once or one at a time moving the second to meet the first, lift the hands off the body but keep them in the aura. Do not slide them along the body. begin by spending a moment with your hands in the gassho or praying hands position at your heart or throat and focus your intention and activate your Reiki.
reiki hand position chart
Reiki Hand Placements (detailed) Starting from a position standing behind your client's head.
1. Top of head, over the crown chakra.
2. Over the eyes ,palms on forehead, fingertips on cheekbone, this position enhances the sixth chakra at the brow. When the eyes are relaxed the body is relaxed.
3. Sides of face, covering the temples.
4. Back of head, with fingertips at occipital ridge where the skull and neck join. This relaxes
the brain stem and cerebellum , promoting a sense of serenity and balance. This position
helps with past life recall and reduces stress. 4b. cover the jaw with palms while placing
thumbs at corner of mouth. reduces tmj.
5. Throat, Place hand in V formation over throat. releases the breath and increases Flow of
energy to whole body the thyroid gland regulates metabolism and balances blood pressure and cleanses the lymphatic system . fifth chakra at throat enhances communication. Many people are not comfortable with hands on their throat so you may wish to do this position within the aura an inch or two from the skin or choose from these alternate positions. 5b. either both hands over the throat in front. 5c .or both hands on the back of the throat 5d. or one in front and one in back 5e. or one on the front of the throat and the other angled down over the thymus.
6. If you have not covered the thymus with the throat position place both hands in a V over
the thymus. 6b. over the chest just below the collar bones this position activates
unconditional love of self and others energizes the thymus which regulates the immune
system ,also strengthens the lungs and diaphragm .
Now move to the side of the client, most people like to move in a clockwise direction if you have not yet covered the thymus position do it from the side.
7. Center of the chest hands either between the breasts or just above in a v or straight or
one hand in thymus area and one in the center of chest, any of these can be done holding the hands an inch or two away from the skin without physically touching the client
strengthens heart opening, sense of compassion and empathy .It revitalizes lungs heart
and relaxes the diaphragm. Enhances love at the fourth chakra.
8. Solar plexus area above the waist just below the rib cage. This position energizes the
solar plexus for vitality and life force. As we energize this area we generate support
toward others and feel supported by the others and the universe . It helps digestion as we treat the liver, gallbladder, stomach and spleen. This position enhances our power center at the third chakra.
9. Two inches below waist this position circulates energy throughout the whole body.
Relaxing this area helps digestion. Treats kidney and bladder encourages connection with the emotions at the second chakra.
Some people like to move their hands down the torso in hand width lengths others do one
step at or just above the belly button and one below at the sacral chakra .
10. Place hands so they form a V on either side of the pubic bone with the fingers pointing down and toward the middle. Many practitioners do not use this position or do it without physical contact by keeping their hands in the aura above the root chakra. 10b. An alternate position is placing the hands on either side of the pubic area with hands together first on one side and then on the other. This position relaxes large and small intestines , bladder ovaries and prostate. This position releases accumulated anxiety and fear as an activity of the first chakra at the root center and helps one to feel centered and grounded. Do not touch unless you are very good friends with the client and ask first. This is sometimes called the “ Victorian" position. Professional Massage therapists or others who do body work may be comfortable with contact. but others may not be.
11. Ankles
12. feet. You can treat the whole body from the feet. When time permits spend extra time on the feet.
If there is enough time and the client is able to be comfortable face down . You can have your client turn over and do the body torso positions on the back in approximately the same locations as the front.

B1. Place hands on top of shoulder blades either both at once or first on one and then the other. This position relaxes trapezium muscles, deltoids and upper spinal column it reduces stress and promotes relaxation.
B2. Place hands at mid back position hands side by side either both at once or first on one side and then the other. this position strengthens and relaxes adrenal glands and helps to release fears phobias and disturbing moodiness .
B3. Place hand at the base of the back on either side of the spine.
B4. Another position is to place hands on either buttock either both at once or first on one and then on the other these positions balance sciatica and assists the receiver in feeling more present in the world.
Before finishing the treatment. Place hands on the knee and feet working on one side first and then the next. There are chakras in both these areas and the Reiki energy can release energy blockages there to increase the flow of energy. This helps people to be more flexible and to take action when needed.
I like to run Reiki into the joints, shoulders, elbows , wrists, knees, and hips, and the hands. This releases tension and stress that is held in the joints. Each area of the body has a symbolic meaning in its healing, releasing tension in the ankles assists in reaching higher goals, releasing tension in the knees assists in release of emotion and ability to forgive. When the shoulders are free of tension and stress there may be increased determination.
Additional hand positions

Some additional positions are: The "psych" with the fingers of one hand held over the third eye in the center of the brow and the other at the back of the head where the skull and the neck join. For treating emotional and mental issues .
The "Reiki drain" with the hands turned up away from the client's body with the intention of relieving excess energy buildups.
The "laser" The thumb and first two fingers of each hand are brought together and are used like a laser or tight narrow beam to do intense work on small areas . Larger areas are treated with this by moving the hands in the infinity sign (a sideways figure eight).
The "benediction" with the right hand on the clients knee or shoulder and the left hand held up in the air palm outward, said to help with spiritual and emotional healing as well as pain relief.
I like to use a "steam clean” technique where the hands are held in a v with the fingers partially overlapped and thumbs locked together forming a V shaped space in the middle. Envision a powerful stream of energy flowing through your hands
dislodging stubborn blocks and filling it with Reiki and light. The released gunk or excess energy is envisioned being sucked away through a pipe of light where the space between your hands and thumbs is. You may sometimes feel guided to run
energy with one hand on the front of the body around the kidney area and one on the back running the Reiki from one hand to the other or at the second or forth chakra again with one hand on the front and one on the back.
The entire body and aura can be treated from the feet. You can treat the top of the foot the, bottom and the toes and heal with separate hand placements if you have time . Most people carry a lot of tension in the feet and there are reflexology points in the foot which promote wellness in every part of the body.
Reiki can help you increase your intuitive abilities. So when you feel an urge to use a particular hand position go ahead.
Here are some of the techniques taught by the school Dr. Usui' students founded in Japan. They are almost identical to those taught in most subtle touch systems throughout the world. These are commonly taught in Qi Gong and aid removal of negative energies. In some areas these might be considered massage and could bring up legal issues as licenses and certification is often required for massage.
1. Tapping
This means to lightly and rhythmically tap or pat the ki field with either your palm or fingertips. This is useful to relieve stagnation or congestion and to improve circulation.
2. Pushing , Pulsing
Slightly open and close the palm. Resembles a kneading cat motion. Stretch the fingers and hand open, then relax. Do this repeatedly at a steady pace. the qi is emitted from the center of the hand. The indications for pulsing are similar to tapping. Stimulates and improves circulation. Pulsing can be used over any area of the body that requires it, including specific acupressure points. If you pulse directly over an acupuncture point, you may feel tingling and warmth at the point or radiating along the meridian.
3. Stroking, Waving, combing
Is very useful for congestion or pain. The fingertips sweep down the patients energy field, as though brushing the pain away.
Not part of Dr. Usuis' System as far as I know, but some teachers teach fluffing the aura prior to combing or waving. That is to raise your hands up through the aura from root to above the crown with little stirring movements.
Chair Reiki, giving treatments to seated recipients

Sometimes there is no massage table or other comfortable place for a client to lie down. Reiki treatments can be given to a seated person quite easily and effectively. Seated treatments often take much less time than full treatments on a massage table. The chair used does not matter, as long as the recipient sits comfortably and the practitioner can be comfortable while giving the treatment.
Make sure the recipient is grounded, with both feet flat on the ground and in upright position. The first and simplest chair treatment is to stand behind the chair with the other person seated with their feet on the floor, hands on their lap, palms are usually turned up but this is not essential, legs uncrossed. Place your hands on their shoulders. Activate Reiki and leave your hands in place until the energy tapers off, that's it. This Method usually runs 10 minutes or so before tapering off.
You can also do a simplified hands on treatment on seated recipients using the traditional hand positions and kneeling for the lower hand placements.
A more detailed chair method
1. stand behind the person, with your hands lightly on the shoulders.
2. place both hands, side to side on top of the head.
3. hand on the forehead and the other on the back of the head.
4. Optional position, from behind the person, put both hands on the chest.
5. from the side, place one hand under the collar bone and one on the back
6. Continue by placing one hand on the solar plexus and the other at the same
height on the back. By this time you can sit on a chair if you have one
7. place one hand under the navel ( second chakra) and the other at the same
height at the back.
8. Hold both knees, while sitting or kneeling in front of the person.
9. finally go to the feet.
10. run your hands through the energy field of the legs a few inches out 3 times.
11. run your hands down the aura three times: front, back and sides.
12. Go behind the person and place your hand in starting position.
Hands Off treatment

While Reiki one focuses on contact treatment you can also run Reiki in the aura an inch or two out from physical contact.
Here's a generic hands off treatment that's used more often by various forms of subtle touch healing practitioners than by Reiki practitioners .
Reiki one practitioners can do this by keeping the hands close to the client's body and activating Reiki.
Begin with the hands over the top of the crown and then move to the side and place one hand in front and one in back and run the energy into each of the chakras and other energy centers moving down the body : brow , throat , thymus (middle of upper chest), heart, solar plexus, hara ( at or just below the belly button), sacral chakra, tail bone . During this quick treatment you may instinctively find yourself moving your hands in and out as the chakra balances and is set in place.
More ways to apply Reiki
Here are more ideas on using your Reiki.
When you become stressed or anxious, run down or exhausted as a result of something happening in your life, then give yourself additional Reiki self treatment.
At mealtimes it can be very beneficial to Reiki your food for a moment or two before eating it, whether you are at home or in a restaurant. You can just discretely place your hands near or over the food you will find that any negativity that has attached itself to the food will be removed by a short treatment! Same applies to water try Reiki-ing the water from your tap and see if it tastes better.
When you give young children Reiki they often seem to absorb the energy quicker so you may need to make the time spent in each hand position shorter. When they get restless - move on. Most babies and toddlers love Reiki.
Animals do not have much patience and if they are feeling well they may reject the energy but when ill they will usually accept it. Again do not hold the hand positions for long one or two minutes is enough. Cats, however sometimes love it and often arrive to soak up the energy after you have given a treatment. Some cats are not interested. To give
Reiki to a pet, simply place your hands wherever they comfortably fit over or near the pain area with the intent to heal. Reiki will do the rest, placing the energy where it is needed. When they have had enough, they will move. Sometimes they will come back to you when they want more! Some animals Love Reiki and will frequently "demand" some.
Plants will respond effectively to Reiki. Like humans and animals they have a life force which responds to the Reiki energy. Cut flowers can be given a Reiki treatment which may help to preserve them longer. Just hold your hands above the blooms as if you are blessing them. With potted plants it is best to treat them by holding the pot between your hands, assuming it isn't too heavy. I have given Reiki to wounded Dragonflies and they seemed to love it. Trees are an amazing reservoir of universal energy and often they respond to receiving Reiki energy by giving energy back to the giver. So go and hug a tree and feel them 'blessing' you. Some trees are really surprised to have people offer to give them anything.
The general ethical rule is that you do not send treatment without permission but if you intend that the Reiki is offered and may be accepted, refused, observed or sent to where needed most it will usually be accepted if not always by the person or being you had offered to treat.

Mikao Usui
Mikao Usui developed the system of natural healing referred to as Usui Reiki. the Dr. is an honorific as a substitute for the Japanese word Sensei with translates as teacher and is a title of great respect. Usui Sensei was born around 1865. He died in 1926, of a stroke. The story of Reiki that has come out of Japan recently begins when Dr. Usui’s business fails. This failure left him in great debt, and with a great desire for more than just material gain. On Dr. Usui’s memorial stone is carved the following statement: “One day he went to Mount Kurama on a 21 day retreat to fast and meditate. At the end of this period he suddenly felt the great Reiki energy at the top of his head, which led to the Reiki healing system.” In Frank Petter’s book “Reiki Fire”, Frank quotes a Mr. Oishi, who learned Reiki in the 1950’s from a master initiated by Dr. Usui. “Dr. Usui used to meditate at a waterfall on Mt. Kurama. One day, while standing under the waterfall, he had a satori.” Satori is a Japanese concept in which a person has a sudden realization of a great or universal truth . After this experience Dr. Usui opened the “Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai”, the “Usui Reiki Healing Society.” According to his memorial stone: “He opened a clinic in Harajuku, Aoyama, Tokyo in April of 1921. He not only gave treatments to countless patients, some of whom had come from far and wide, but he also hosted workshops to spread his knowledge. In September of 1923, the devastating Kanto earthquake struck Tokyo. Thousands were killed, injured, or became sick in its aftermath. Dr. Usui grieved for his people, but he also took Reiki to the devastated city and used its healing powers on the surviving victims.”
After this Dr. Usui traveled and taught throughout Japan. During his stay in Fukuyama, he suffered a fatal stroke. in 1926. His memorial stone states that he taught Reiki to over 2000 people though he taught for only five years.
Since the passing of Dr. Usui, there have been six presidents of Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, and they are: Mr. Ushida, Mr. Taketomi, Mr. Watanabe, Mr. Wanami, Ms. Kojama and Mr. Kondo, who has been in office since 1998. “Reiki Fire” (ISBN 0-9144955-50-0) and “Reiki: The legacy of Dr. Usui” (ISBN 0-914955-56-X) are both written by Frank Petter. These two books are an excellent source of information concerning the history of Reiki, the philosophy and the techniques of Dr. Usui, developer of Reiki. Both are published by Lotus Light Publications, Box 325, Twin Lakes, WI 53181, USA.
A Brief Reiki History
Mikao Usui Sensei Usually called Dr. Usui in the West, was apparently a bit of a renaissance man having held many jobs and studied very broadly he is thought to have Studied Buddhist, Taoist and Chinese Christianity Shinto and intensively in active search of methods of spiritual healing and after much study received the Reiki energies at the end of a 21 day fast and meditation on Mount Kurama.
Usui Sensei received Reiki through spiritual realization (satori) and apparently later added the use of symbols as a tool for those who were not ready to access Reiki by direct intention . The symbols used in advanced Reiki levels were Japanese written characters with esoteric meanings with which Usui Sensei would probably have already been familiar,
these esoteric meanings fit the use of the Reiki energy for specific purposes and the symbols themselves were never secret but were rather obscure.
There are no symbols used in most Reiki one levels. They are introduced during the second degree training. There are many stories about Usui Sensei's discovery of the power and use of the Reiki energy the most common belief being that he had found information about the use of healing energy in ancient texts and during his meditation on Mt Kurama was seeking the attunement to enable him to use the Reiki.
Among the stories, Dr. Usui is said to have practiced Reiki healing in the slums of Kyoto For many years. He is said to have become angry that many of the beggars he healed preferred to be beggars instead of getting jobs. He decided that there must be an exchange of value in order for the healing to be valued. (There is no way to determine whether this is a fact or just a legend).
The definition of exchange of value that has been used in the West has been rather more narrowly defined than that used traditionally in Japanese Spiritual and ethical systems. This is the story has been used in part to justify in part the very high charges for Reiki Services and attunements by some practitioners. This story is more likely to have been intended to indicate that you can neither force healing nor define what it means to others. This set of stories and requirements does not seem to be common among those who teach Reiki in Japan. Dr. Usui taught several Doctors his Reiki Healing. There are still groups of practitioners in Japan who still teach Dr Usui's Methods. One of the people Dr Usui taught was Dr. Hayashi, who set up a clinic and adapted Hand Positions and much of the formal system including the Three Degrees of the version of Reiki most often taught in the west. This is the version which has come to be known in the U.S.A. As Usui Reiki or the Usui universal life energy healing system. Dr. Hayashi seems to have emphasized the physical healing aspect of Reiki and developed a more medical oriented set of Reiki practices discarding most of the spiritual development meditations Dr. Usui is said to have taught .
Dr. Hayashi was the director of one of at least 40 Reiki clinics that existed in Japan prior to World War 2 . He was not Dr Usui's sole chosen Successor and the Title of Grand Master was never used in Japan for any Reiki Teacher . He is the person who attuned Mrs. Hawayo Takata.
Mrs. Hawayo Takata, A widow from Hawaii, had come to Japan to inform Her Parents of the Death of a relative and fell ill. She came to Dr. Hayashi's Clinic after hearing a voice tell her that an operation was not necessary as she waited for surgery for a chronic condition. Her condition responded and was healed at the clinic Mrs. Takata was able to get Dr. Hayashi to give her the Reiki attunements for levels one and two before she returned to Hawaii. Dr. Hayashi later came to Hawaii and attuned Mrs. Takata to The Master Level. Mrs. Takata opened a clinic in Hilo and charged $10000.00 for the Reiki
Master Attunement . She apparently felt that Americans would only value Reiki if it was very expensive. This very expensive training was intended to be a long apprenticeship in which the student attended and gave many supervised treatments and assisted at many of the teachers classes rather than the shorter and less expensive training than is common now.
Mrs. Takata was apparently required to work at Dr Hayashi's Clinic for over a year in order to receive the attunements and training and that, along with the expense of her journey to Japan may have been taken into consideration when she set her fees. Some of her clients and students seem to have been rather well off and the fees may not have been at all difficult for them to pay. By Mrs. Takata's death in 1980 she had reportedly attuned 22 Reiki Masters. Since her death Many teachers have lowered the price greatly and many different schools or Reiki variants have evolved Reiki is becoming much more widely known and used throughout the world.
Dr Usui was never a Christian Minister or the President of a Christian School In Japan. That particular version of the Reiki History was probably created by Mrs. Takata or one of her associates in order to give Reiki more appeal to people in the United States. shortly before World War 2. Other common versions of Dr. Usui's life include reports or stories of his being a Buddhist, a Shinto Mystic, a medical or natrapathic type Doctor and a Government official or clerk, book keeper .His memorial stone is at a temple in Tokyo and has an inscription about his skill as a healer and help during the great Tokyo Earthquake. The details of the history of Reiki seem destined to remain somewhat uncertain.
The Reiki Principles of Mikao Usui
There are many versions of the Principles of Reiki, Which were adapted by Dr Usui possibly from the Meiji Emperor's precepts or other common sets of ethical precepts. Dr. Usui encouraged people to read the poetry of this emperor regularly. There are many translations and interpretations of the Principles.
I give thanks for my many blessings
Just for today I will not anger
Just for today I will not worry
I will do my work honestly
I will be kind to people and every living thing
A more literal translation
The Sacred method of Inviting Blessings
The Spiritual Medicine of Many Illnesses
Today only, do not anger; do not worry.
Do your work with appreciation.
Be kind to people.
In the morning and at night hold your hands in prayer,
meditate and chant these words.
Here are Usui Sensei's affirmations in phonetic Japanese form.
Lowercase vowels are barely pronounced:
(these 2 lines are the heading)
SHO FUKU NO HI HO [Secret method of inviting blessings]
MAN BYO NO REI YAKU. Spiritual medicine of many illnesses]
(these are the actual affirmations)
KYO DAKE WA OKORU NA, SHIN PAI Su NA. [ Today only anger not worry not]
KAN SHA SHiTE NARIWAI O HAGAME. [Do your work with appreciation]
HITO NI SHIN SETSu NI [Be kind to people]
(the instructions)
evening hands in prayer chant these words]
SHIN SHIN KAI ZEN USUI REIKI RYOHO [The Usui spiritual method to improve mind and body]
CHOSO USUI MIKAO [Author Mikao Usui ] (the signature)
here are some other versions
Just for today.
Do not rise to anger
Do not succumb to worry,
Express Gratitude for all your blessings
Apply yourself diligently
Manifest Compassion to all beings.

Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings,
Just for today I will not worry,
Just for today I will not be angry,
Just for today I will do my work honestly,
Just for today I will be kind to my neighbor and every living Thing

Just For today,anger not and worry not. work from the heart and be kind to people.

Expanding on the Reiki Principles
I give thanks for my many blessings
This appears in some of the Reiki Principle lists but not all, in any case having optimism and appreciation and cultivating an attitude of feeling blessed at all that you have and experience and also feeling joy at the benefits and blessings of others is a way of life that will attract more blessings into your life.
Just for today I will not worry
If you cannot do something about a problem there is no point in worrying.
If you can do something about a problem do it and then you will have no cause to worry.
When we worry, we may forget that we are connected with the energy of universal love.
The more we allow that energy to flow through us the more we become open to experience
ourselves as part of a safe and loving universe.
Just for today I will not anger.
This does not mean to keep anger bottled up inside or to pretend that it isn't there. But do not let anger consume you. When you can look at the situation that you react to with anger you can often uncover information about yourself and your expectations.
I do my work with appreciation
I see this as not just job related but as a call to live with integrity to make the best effort to do your work and to live well in the sense of spiritual wholeness and honor.
Be kind to people and every living thing
Being aware of ourselves as part of an interconnected whole and understanding that what we put into life is what returns to us. When we are not worrying or being angry and are grateful for our life and work we will naturally be kind. The repeated call Just for today reminds us to live in the present .
Treatment and ethics review
Reiki first Degree works on a physical level - you usually need to touch the recipient to connect them with Reiki. What can be treated? Reiki can aid in the healing of just about every known illness and injury. It can also help to break unwanted habits such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc. People have also used Reiki to assist creativity and meditation to help wake up or to get to sleep.
1. Ideally the practitioner should be in the right frame of mind, relaxed and calm.. This is to
promote the flow of Reiki unfiltered by the practitioners own energy. I find that the correct mental state will assert itself when needed.
2. The treatment should be conducted in a relaxing place where both the practitioner and
recipient feel comfortable. It is nice if there are no distractions like phones ringing, callers or television or radio, but you can do Reiki any place at any time.
3. Playing soothing music such as classical music or new age music or environmental sounds such as rain forests and other natural sounds can aid relaxation of the person being treated , especially if they have come to see you for the first time and are in strange surroundings.
4. It is best if conversation ceases during the treatment, although sometimes especially during the first visit, the client will want to ask questions. Try to answer them before starting the treatment, or afterward. Although the energy will not normally be interrupted during conversation, The client will be less relaxed while conversing. Some people do prefer that you explain what you are doing as you give the treatment .

The giving of a Reiki treatment can be in part a spiritual process and it is sometimes possible for a sensitive practitioner to access information from a person during treatment with their own intuition or psychic ability . Practitioners should use discretion about sharing this with the client as it may be intended only for the practitioner. Respect the confidentiality of their client anything that might pass between the client and practitioner during the treatment will not be divulged.
Reiki treatment checklist.
1. Before the recipient arrives –you may wish to spend a little time in meditation or self
treatment some people like to smudge the room. (smudging is optional)
2. Find your inner calm, avoid rushing around.
3. Spend a few minutes with the client to gain rapport . Make sure they have enough time for you to complete the treatment .You can do a shorter treatment if the do not have an hour or forty five minutes.
4. Explain the Reiki process and hand positions.
5. Answer any questions - make sure there is enough time after the treatment to answer
any others that might arise.
6. Try to Ensure that you will not be interrupted. Lock the door, switch off the phone.
Though excellent treatments can occur under chaotic conditions too.
7. Try to use a CD on 'repeat' rather than a cassette player with its loud clicks
when the tape ends. It also means you do not have to get up half way through to turn the tape over!
8. Make sure that both you and the client are comfortable.
Posture is important. You will
be more comfortable during treatments if you stand on both feet , knees slightly bent, feet placed a bit apart, butt tucked in back straight and shoulders slightly rounded not held back rigidly. You won't want to get stiff limbs or pins and needles because you have put your body into an awkward position. If you are standing make sure the massage table is at the correct height for you and if you are healing on a divan/bed find a stool at the correct
height to allow you reach across the client without strain. Remember have a blanket or rug ready in case the client feels cold. This can happen when you move down to the legs .
9. If you wish Ask Angels or your Reiki guides for assistance (a personal option) and then
begin the treatment using the techniques and hand positions taught. Many people like to place there hands in the Gassho (prayer position) Allow your consciousness to meld with that of the recipient. Your intuition can guide you and lead your hands. It is not necessary to stick rigidly to the hand positions listed - they serve as a guide. But it is best if you do know the hand positions.
When you move your hands some people prefer to move only one
at a time and take the other one off to 'meet' it. That way the connection will
remain continuous. not everyone finds this to be essential. Do keep your hands in the
aura as you move them if possible. Keep your touch light and without pressure. The hands are held with fingers and thumbs together and slightly cupped. Lift your hands rather than sliding them along the body.
10. Once you have completed the front of the body, ask the client to turn
over so you can treat the back. If it is comfortable for the client to do so.
Pregnant women and persons with joint problems or injuries etc. can be treated entirely
from the front or side if that is more comfortable for them.
11. After completing the treatment, if you wish, cleanse the aura gently
from the crown to the feet with a sweeping motion, discard any debris, and then
bring the aura back to the crown. Thank any Reiki guides and helpers for
assisting if you had called on them.
12. Some people use gentle pressure on the recipient's shoulder until they come back to full waking consciousness. I prefer to suggest that they take all The time they need to return to alertness before they sit up. You might offer them some fresh water or herb tea.
13. Take some time to discuss the treatment, any feelings, and give advice about further treatments.
14. Settle any arrangements for payment or exchanges if applicable.
15. Ensure that your client has your details and knows how to contact you for advice or assistance.
16. Try to Keep a record of your clients and their details, name, address, as
well as treatment dates, feedback and any fee charged. People who do lots of large group healing circles or drop in clinics may not find it practical to keep detailed records.
The exchange issue
Anyone who becomes involved in Reiki is likely to eventually encounter an issue and Cultural /Ethical conflict. There is a clash between a view that a true "Healer" would never charge or expect compensation for the work, and A philosophy stated to be A teaching of Dr. Usui, that one must give some exchange to receive full benefit and must balance any exchange of energy and that free treatment creates an unacceptable spiritual debt for the healee. The attitude that people only value what they pay for vs the attitude that spiritual energies are a gift from God and must in honor be free. These being only a few of the components in this issue . The idea that Usui Sensei required a major cash outlay has been disproved . The Reiki Organizations in Japan may charge a monthly membership fee and do not accept many members. The achievement of Reiki one through them may take a year or more.
The beggar story (That Usui Sensei healed in a slum for many years until discovering that many beggars preferred to remain beggars) that is often told to illustrate a supposed exchange requirement was probably meant to illustrate that not everyone wants to be healed . You cannot define what constitutes healing to another. You cannot force healing . (This same story is taught in some Buddhist sects with different people and to illustrate different points too and is in my opinion, a traditional teaching Parable that has been adapted ).
I do not have the skill to resolve the complex issue of exchange for anyone but regret that such conflicts may restrict the availability of this and other wonderful tools for wholeness. It is common for people to devalue themselves to the point where they will not pay for something that could help their own well being.
A good portion of the first Reiki class I took was taken up with various stories, arguments and indoctrination on the theme of a need to charge for giving Reiki , and the presentation of Reiki as a career . I mention the issue because whatever the Reiki training or system you work with you will encounter this issue and need to work out your personal values about this. I do suggest that we all strive to put aside our preconceptions on this issue and be truly fair .
It is important that no one feel abused or used . I also do not think it is fair to castigate someone as being greedy if they want a fair payment for the time and energy and work they do even if you wish that the service was free. I also wonder that so many people feel that their own health , happiness and spiritual evolution is not worth even a modest cost for a class or treatment . Part of the issue for both students and teachers / practitioners is how much we love and respect ourselves .
Any fee or exchange should be fair ,equitable and acceptable to all parties involved . It often does seem that people use and appreciate Reiki more if they have made some kind of contribution of their energy and resources and have helped to cover the cost to the practitioner of providing the time ,site training , materials and personal effort for the class or treatment. Many Reiki Masters who began by offering free attunement find that they cannot continue to do so because the actual cost to them of manuals other materials , childcare and so on is too great a burden on their families . Oddly It is also true that some of the very people who are most insistent that Attunement should be free also feel that "you get what you pay for " .
The tradition of exchange is a valid one , we all Return to the Universe what we receive and receive what we send out. Exchange can be any use of the energies received for the universal good .
I do accept the concept of exchange for value and I do believe in balance. Exchange is indeed the universal Law but to me exchange and Karma are not simple one to one events that occur in linear reality but are universal in scope. we can complete an exchange through service to the universe but on the other hand criticizing people who need support in order to eat is not good Karma either. money does work though.
It is said that a butterfly in New York can effect the weather in Beijing, insisting always on immediate exchange in the name of balance may in my experience create a greater imbalance because an earlier imbalance may have been being rectified one must use ones own intuition and understanding regarding this. Not only may what is right for me not be right for you but what is right for me now may not be right for me tomorrow. Reality is flexible I appreciate that this issue gives the opportunity to clarify our understanding of our own values and needs ,and encourage us all to become clear on how we each feel about it rather than accepting as an absolute anyone else's unexamined opinions. It is not having the energy that makes one a Reiki "master" it is what you do with them after you get them. Generally I with regard to compensating light workers I hold to the old saw that all Absolutes are wrong including this one.) the only thing I am opposed to is being rigid and uncompromising.
This technique is said to be from a Taoist qigong movement and is now taught in the Japanese Reiki society founded by Mikao Usui. This can be used as a daily meditation along with the recitation of the Reiki principles in the morning and evening if you wish. This Technique has become known to Western Reiki practitioners through seminars
conducted by Hiroshi Doi who has studied with the Japanese Reiki Society as well as western Reiki.
Hatsurei-ho is done prior to receiving Rei-ju the channel strengthening form of attunement used by the Reiki Gakkai. Many teachers are offering reiju at Reiki shares.
This is very similar to practices I have found in many energy work meditation and healing systems throughout the world. is a modified version from the school of Mr. Doi who has both Western and Japanese Reiki Training.
Hatsurei-ho is a practice to enhance your Reiki channel and spiritual growth. It is very similar to the grounding, clearing and channel building exercises used in many different metaphysical spiritual healing traditions. Many Reiki teachers do teach
some of these exercises as an addition to their Reiki training.
Posture : Sit on the floor or chair. Relax and close your eyes. Place your focus onto your Hara-line (3-5 centimeters below navel. Put your hands on your lap with palms down. Focusing : Mentally intend to begin Hatsurei-ho
Dry bathing or Brushing off:
1. Place the fingers of your right hand near the top of the left shoulder, with the fingertips over the indentation just in from the edge of the shoulder (where the collar bone meets the shoulder). The hand is lying flat.
2. Draw the flat hand down across the chest in a straight line, over the "V" of the sternum (where the rib cage meets) down to the right hip.
3. Repeat this procedure on the right side, using the left hand. Draw it flattened from the shoulder, in a straight line, across the sternum, to the left hip.
4. Repeat the procedure again on the left side.
5. Place the right hand on the edge of the left shoulder, fingertips on the edge pointing outwards.
6. Draw the right hand, flattened, down the outside of the arm, all the way to the finger tips, all the while keeping the left arm straight and at your side. You may do this with your left arm straight and out in front of you horizontally
7. Repeat this process on the right side, with the left hand on the shoulder and drawing it down the right arm to the fingertips.
8. Repeat the process on the left side again.
Connect to Reiki
Raise your hands high up in the air, visualize and feel the vibration/light of Reiki flowing into your hands and run through your whole body.
Cleansing Breathing
1. Put your hands on your lap with your palms up and breath naturally through your nose. Focus on your hara line and relax.
2. When you breath in, visualize the white light of Reiki coming in through your crown chakra, on to your hara line and expand to whole of your body, melting all your tensions.
3. When you breathe out, visualize that the light that filled up your whole body, expands to outside of your body through your skin, onto infinity in all directions. Continue for a couple of minutes or as long as you like Put your hands together holding them in front of your chest (like praying hands) a little higher than your heart. (Gassho)
Imagine that you are breathing through your hands.
1. When you breath in, visualize that the light of Reiki flows in through your hands on to your hara line, your hara being filled with light.
2. When you breath out, visualize that the light stored in your hara line radiate out through your hands. Continue for a couple of minutes or as long as you like.
Put your hands back on to your lap with your palms down.
Mentally confirm that you have completed Hatsurei-ho Open your eyes and shake your hands up/down/left/right for a few seconds.
Reiju is given by Reiki Masters during the meditation part of Hatsu-rei-Ho
so if you are receiving Reiju you will continue meditation until you are touched on the shoulder or told that Reiju is complete.
Usui-sensei's Shuyo ho
The Hatsurei ho taught by Mr. Doi is a modified version
of Usui-sensei's original. How it is done originally is also described in his book. Hatsurei-ho is called "Shuyo ho" when it is done together in a group. It was done like this:
I. Clear one's mind by singing Gyosei (the Waka poems of the emperor)
II. Seiza - sit on the floor in zen style
III. Kenyoku - brushing off
IV. Joshin Kokyu - Soul cleansing breathing: meditation focusing on "tanden"
V. Gassho
VI. Seishin Toitsu - continue to meditate (this is when "Reiju" is give by
VII. Gokai sansho - say Reiki principles aloud three times
The Aura, meridians and Energy body
Many of the hand positions are taught by referring to the Chakra system. Usui Sensei was probably much more familiar with the meridian channels of the energy body which are used in traditional Japanese and Chinese Medicine .The Reiki hand positions cover the major meridian channels at junctions I'm told are significant to those familiar with them.meridian chart
The hand positions also cover the Chakra which Many Western Reiki teachers find simpler to use in teaching. The positions do treat the whole being including the non physical or energy body or aura as it is more often called in the West. Whatever map of the energy body you use the Hand positions will treat the entire person.
chakra and aura imageI will go into some detail about the aura and the chakra which are part of the aura because that is the map I learned to work with.
Your actual physical body is only a small part of your true self .
What you see is not all you get. The human body is not just the blood and bones we perceive on the physical plane. We are made of energy that permeates every layer of our being, it is us. What we know as the physical body is just energy that is vibrating more slowly than the energy that is beyond our standard perception. The aura or energy field is usually invisible to the physical vision but most people can learn to perceive it in one way or another with practice. The aura is densest close to the body and becomes finer moving away from it . Most human Auras extend from 1 to five feet out around the body. though in more spiritually developed individuals it is said that they can extend outward up to 50 feet from the body. and even further in some cases. The Aura and energy body has layers and energetic structures and channels and organs within it. Trauma and emotional disturbance can create blocks and other damage in your energy body, if this damage is not repaired and continues to occur over a time then the outward manifestation of this is disease.
The aura is the field of energy that permeates the body and extends out from it from two to five feet in most people some common names for the aura layers from the inner most dense to the outer finer or higher vibration layer are 1. etheric 2. emotional 3. mental 4. causal 5. etheric template 6. intuitive 7. cosmic. these names are by no means complete or definitive and several of the individual layers and the whole system is /are often called the astral body.
There are many more layers of the energy body or aura than the seven most often listed I have been told there are actually 32 and also that there are 89 but I am not in a position to count them. These aura layers are not segregated in the way the use of the word layer might seem to imply. Each layer of the aura interpenetrates the others and begins at our center.
The vibration of each level becomes finer and higher as we go from the inside out. The aura levels do not correspond directly to the esoteric planes which are another incredibly complex and obscure area of study. While it is true that we are only part of a vast interconnected energy universe we will focus on the individual human aura now.
There has been considerable confusion and variation about the names given each of the seven most well known aura levels. These descriptions are of common ways the aura is perceived but are by no means the only or definitive description. When trying to see the aura, please remember that this is subtle energy and is not a light show. While aura viewing is not a strong ability of mine I discovered that I had been seeing them fairly often but had been dismissing them as optical effects or heat waves and such, though I am better able to feel the energy layers than to see them. The aura changes constantly it may have a predominant color in the emotional and causal layers. The way the aura is perceived can vary greatly from person to person so remarks about the layers are based on a general consensus but are by no means absolute. Size also varies greatly largely depending on the energy level of the person and the way they use that particular part of themselves. Stress, trauma and emotional pain can show as distortions and blocks in the aura long before they manifest as illness in the physical plane. Each layer is related to the chakra of the same number.
From the inside outward from the body or nearest the physical skin though all layers also penetrate the body.
1. Etheric: lower astral, root chakra, a bluish or grayish layer that extends an inch or two out from the body most associated with the physical body is the easiest to see . some people are able to see the etheric outlines of the internal organs . Some people see a light blue on dark blue grid. Survival issues, the physical body function and physical sensation of pain, pleasure, automatic functions etc.
2. Emotional: Sacral Chakra, the emotional aspects of our lives and being. soft multi colored clouds of light visible from one to six inches out this is the layer most often described by aura readers it will show dark spots or cloudy area and stagnant areas where emotional blocks and pain exist .
3. Mental: golden grid ,Solar Plexus Chakra, the mental body reflects the thought processes, linear thinking. Personal power
These three bodies are the lower astral and together are said to make up the personality and are said to begin to be created at conception and dissolve at death.
4. Causal: Higher Astral, buddic ,Heart chakra multi colored clouds ,associated with the heart and love . this connects the lower three level with the higher three virtually all healing energy comes through this layer it is the layer of love both specific and universal, and the first of the spiritual layers.
5. Atmic: (Etheric template) bliss, throat chakra, the higher aspects of the will more connection with the divine will, speech and communication, listening, taking responsibility for ones own actions seen by some as a blue grid light ball around the body extending about two and a half feet out from the body. it has been very rare for people to be really aware of
this layer but when balanced and active it can promote a bliss and a feeling of being moved by the divine. It is becoming more open in people at this time. power of word, manifesting 6. Intuitive: (monadic) ketheric template, Brow chakra, multicolored threads of light, spiritual communication Divine Love nurturing awareness of oneself as an aspect of what is
called, By some, God, Love of all life and union with the all.
7. Cosmic: universal, ketheric ball of golden or white light threads, Crown chakra, Higher mind, connection with the divine and spiritual information and the integration of the spiritual and physical aspects of being.
Chakra chakras

The chakra (the Sanskrit word for wheel) are the energy centers or vortex in your aura that govern and regulate the energy entering and flowing throughout the physical and
energy bodies. They are energy structures not physical organs . The Reiki hand positions cover the main chakra centers and the main meridian channels that the life force flows through. Adding the shoulder and hip positions to your treatment also covers the Hawaiian AO energy centers as well. Running energy into the feet will facilitate energy flow through all the major channels. The chakra are aligned along the central channel which runs along the the spinal cord. Energies move up and down and also in a spiral in and out along this channel and side channels called Ida and Pingala. The Caduceus, an ancient symbol of the
Healing arts is said to represent this flow. There are many chakra major and minor we will focus on seven major chakra . From the top down the Chakra numbers are traditional and
are numbered from the bottom up. 7. crown ,6. the brow ,5. the throat ,4. the heart ,3. the solar plexus ,2. the sacral (Mid stomach)and at 1. root the base of the spine.
The functions and deeper purposes of the chakra system is a vast area of study. Chakras are composed of high frequency energy strands that the spiritual eye perceives as light The life force is channeled to the physical body and its organs via the nadis and meridians and enters the body through the chakras. the degree of chakra activity depends on a combination of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development of the individual. Chakras can be damaged or blocked through an emotional upset such as conflict, loss or, accident . Fear, anxiety and stress are common causes of chakra malfunction, it is the disruption of the chakra and aura that create disease and disturb the energy balance of the chakras. Psychological problems may cause 'blockages', obstructing the flow of energy into or out of the chakras. In general the front aspects of the chakras correlate to our emotional function, the back to our will function, and the top three chakras to our reason function. Balance in our reason, will and emotion centers is necessary to good health and well being. the amount of energy flowing through our chakras determines how well we function.
The Individual Chakras
1.. Root Chakra, Muladhara, Kundalini, survival located at the tail bone base of spine
colors: RED, black, element: earth, mineral kingdom, sense :smell
note: c mantra: lam or e as in red, vortex or petals 4
governs Physical Awareness, vigor, heredity, survival, security ,passion ,feet legs
survival, and trust. your relationship with money, home, and job.
2.. Sacral Chakra, Svadistana, sensation located at sex organs or near belly button
color: ORANGE brown element: water, plant kingdom sense: taste
note d mantra vam or o as in home vortex or petals 6
governs Social Awareness, sexuality, creativity, emotions, anger, fear instinct to
nurture, spleen, perceptions concerning food or sex.
3.. Solar Plexus Chakra Manipura power located between the sternum bone and the belly
color YELLOW element fire animal kingdom sense sight
note d mantra ram or aum vortex or petals 10
governs Intellectual Awareness, power, accomplishments, will, ego projections, vital
energies, control, and your freedom to be yourself.
4.. Heart Chakra Anahatha Heart, love located at heart center of chest
color GREEN, pink element air human kingdom sense touch
note f# mantra yam or a as in ah vortex 12
governs Emotional and Security Awareness , love, compassion, mediates between higher and lower planes of being healing, lungs breath prana, sense of time , relationships in your life.
5.. Throat Chakra Visshuda creative located at base of throat
color SKY BLUE element ether angelic realms sense hearing
note g # mantra ham or u as in blue vortex 16
governs Conceptual Awareness and Ideas , speech, hearing ,communication, self expression
6.. Brow Chakra Anja, intuitive located in center of forehead above eyes
color INDIGO element spiritual vision archangels sense telepathy
note high a mantra aum om or mmm vortex 96
governs Intuitive Awareness, intuition, thought, inner and outer sight, visions ,dreams
7.. Crown Chakra Sehasara, spirit located at top of head
color VIOLET, white element cosmic kingdom
mantra aum , ee as in bee vortex 972
governs Imaginative Awareness, connection to cosmic consciousness ,spiritual, wisdom aspirations knowledge of truth
Palm and finger Chakras
The chakras in the palms of the hands are often relegated to minor status.
They are of great value in daily life and must be open and active for sharing Reiki treatments and other healing energies .
These chakras transmit healing energy and receive energetic information from the universe. The palm chakras are used to channel healing energies to yourself and others and to receive impressions of the energy of a room, person, situation, etc. These chakras make a major difference in the quality of life when they can be opened by intention. practice in becoming aware of the energy of the palm chakras is essential if you are at all interested in energy work and spiritual healing. healing chakras also activate in the fingertips.
Transpersonal chakras
The most important of the transpersonal chakras are the thymus or etheric heart in the upper chest which governs compassion and inner peace and the connection to world soul. The Soul Star about a foot above the head which brings in spiritual energy from the spiritual core and helps us connect with spiritual energy and information.
The Earth Star about a foot below our feet that brings in and connects us to the Earth energies and information . It is important to develop the Soul Star and Earth Star simultaneously.
The Tan Tein or Hara located about two finger widths below the navel on most people is a vital center for connection and storage of vital energies and concrete awareness of the spiritual.
The most important evolution happening at this time in the energy body is the unification of the chakra functions all the chakras are beginning to work together more than in the past. The Reiki treatments and Attunements from the author include attunement to help with harmonizing the chakras.
Energy Balls and other non Reiki energy exercises
Energy balls are not a standard Reiki practice but can be a useful way to develop your awareness of energy.
This exercise helps us become more aware of the energy field around us, and the influence we have over it. The energy ball is a very common and basic core technique for becoming aware of and directing energy. Personal energy can be felt and universal chi or energy can be used as a way of delivering other frequencies of healing energy too. Begin by holding your hands a foot or so apart, bringing them slowly toward each other, until you feel a slight resistance between them. It will feel as though a mass of energy has built up between your hands.
Feel all around this energy with your hands, feeling the shape of the packet of energy you have gathered. Fashion it into a ball shape. For some this ball will begin by being cup sized, for others it will be a big beach ball. This may take some practice to feel. some people do not sense energy this way at all. Sometimes people don't feel their own energy ball, but they would feel other people's because the frequency is slightly different. If you do not feel the energy ball might want to try this slight variant.
Begin by rubbing your hands together briskly until they are warm then starting at about a foot apart move your hands back and forth fairly fast shortening the distance and slowing a bit as you continue to build and form the energy ball you may also try scooping motions from a bit above your head .
Treatment with energy ball
Move your hands back and forth as though clapping in slow motion until you have a sense of your aura. Then feel or envision or imagine the energy forming a ball of healing light. Pumping or scooping motions to help draw in more Chi are often quite effective.
When you feel or imagine a nice big ball of energy between your hands take the energy ball to your recipient and lower, push, put it into their body you can either put it in and smooth it down and make another ball and keep doing it until you feel done or you can take the ball and envision it as a collector to gather and sweep the illness or imbalance
away disperse it to the Earth or the Light to be transformed when you are done envision the one being treated bathed in healing light. White is the most common but I like rainbow and golden light myself.
Envision healing energy flowing from your hands and going to where it is needed. You can imagine and visualize your energy fingers growing longer so that you can reach into a body to remove energetic gunk stuck within the energy body.
Another exercise to try is to place your hands together gently intend to activate your personal chi or ask for spiritual energy and allow it to expand and build up moving your hands apart you can do this with Reiki. I learned these with chi.
You can use a pumping motion to become aware of and build up your own energy . You can scoop in universal chi from your surroundings. you can run a shakti such as Reiki into the space or ball you create between your hands and use it as a carrier of healing in many different subtle touch systems many general spiritual healers use energy balls .
Place your energy ball down in front of you. Pass your hand across the area, including both the space where the ball is, and where it isn't. Do you feel a difference? Can you feel where the ball is? It may feel warmer, cooler, tingling, denser, etc. You could toss it at a person who agrees , or pet an animal with it and see if they can feel it. Some animals will definitely react
to your ball of energy. The people can tell you if they felt anything. Have them close their eyes and see if they feel when it touches them. Close your eyes and try to feel it. Try making the ball snowball sized or smaller. Manipulate the size and/or
shape of your energy ball. Experiment. Take an energy ball that you have made, and press the ball into your heart chakra. Press it into your 3rd eye. Press it against your skin, and see what you feel.
There are other ways to work with energy balls. You can use it to begin distance sending or to smooth the aura at the end of treatments. you can comb the aura with one or use energy balls as the way to deliver the healing energy I had always thought of the energy ball and the sending, seeing, clearing balls as being different things. I build the healing energy ball between my hands and can send it out to others with intention or place it by proxy in the remote healing procedure.
Other balls are visualized outside the body then filled with energy. They can be observed to "see" events or information or to used to send an affirmation or to fill with a manifestation visualization . They can be sent out to retrieve lost energy of your own they can be filled with your anger fears or with pain etc. Then charged with light /energy to dissolve and transform "negative" energy.
Using your hands to build an energy ball will work just fine for these other purposes too.
To be effective at energy work it is of great value to know how to ground and center yourself connecting with the spiritual heart of the earth and Source and calling yourself together aligning your thoughts and personal entirety in a solid focused state. this is a frequent basic practice in virtually all forms of spiritual work , healing, meditation, manifestation , protection releasing and is of itself often profoundly healing not only should every one learn to ground in the way they feel most comfortable with. Seeing that the person you are treating knows how to ground may be the most valuable part of your healing and energy work sessions.
Sensing Energy
Not every one does feel or see energy Reiki still works for them just as well as it works for those who do feel energy .
Many people find that if they rub their hands together vigorously first they can feel energy more easily . After rubbing your hands together vigorously to sensitize them if this helps you be more aware of energy, Run your hands over your own body or that of the being wanting a treatment holding your hands about an inch away from the physical body. Feel for hot and cold spots in the energy field. Pull out and throw away anything you feel intuitively that you should pull out and envision healing light filling any place where you remove blocks or that feels empty or that you feel needs it.
Combing and fluffing the aura with your fingers as though combing hair can also help clear and lighten the aura. You can also feel for the energy of the Chakra and encourage them to be open and clear and be well seated in the central energy channel. If you feel sticky or dark energy as you do this you can give it to Spirit, the Light, Earth to be transformed.
In addition to pulling out blocks and overcharges in the energy field. Visualize and allow spiritual healing energy to flow freely and fill and charge the person or other, being treated do not try to do anything just allow it to happen you are not using your own personal chi because while many healers do use it you could drain yourself if you did and
create illness in your self. Using the universal spiritual chi is more effective in any case. be a neutral channel for the energy and you may be amazed by the long term results this is the first formal method I used. I have seen at least one genuine "miracle" from this technique alone (well, with some pretty intense prayer thrown in.) This is something that anyone can do. Attunements and other training will usually strengthen and increase the reliability of these methods and it must be of true benefit and desire for the person to heal. We can not and should not define what really is the best possible outcome in most situations but allow spirit to work. Sometimes in order for a positive outcome to occur the first apparent result will be a setback.
When you do the Reiki or other energy work you do not work at it at all you just put your hands on or send mentally either from your hands it is allowing the natural life force to flow. or ask and invite angels and healing spirits of the highest order to help you. sometimes you might feel an angelic healer reach through your arms to work on the
A technique for rapid healing from injuries that often is effective is to go back in your mind to the moment of the accident and visualize as clearly and nearly as possible the exact event except change a detail /details so that the accident, injury, trauma , does not happen you are not in any way hurt, repeat the visualization over and over make it as real
as possible ,if it is practical to act out the event as closely as possible in the physical world - as almost slamming the door on your hand that can make this even more effective. If you are in pain and the pain is reduced then its ok to drop the visualization but keep reinforcing this vision . You can run Reiki while you do this to enhance the effectiveness.
I have used this on cut fingers and on chronic knee pain with good results for speeding healing. Theoretically this is more effective if done soon after an injury but I have used it on injuries and traumatic experiences from years back with good results.
Running colors, visualizing bathing in colored light is another common way to clear and revitalize the energy field in addition to gold light any and all of the spectrum colors can be used or fine filaments of rainbow crystalline light . as well as running Reiki into your bath water. I have Reikied my shoes and my bed and massage tables and feel that this does increase comfort .
final note
Reiki will work without a lot of adornment and additions but for personal spiritual development, self knowledge and happiness
a regular practice of some form of meditation is extremely helpful.
The best way to learn to use Reiki is to use Reiki.

Reiki one Manual
Bibliography (this is not complete ) and listing here is not intended to indicate whole hearted recommendation in every case.
personal Reiki One Manuals By
Alexis Summerfeld
Sandra Mariana
Christopher Cabot
Ven. Pema
Reiki the Healing Touch by William Rand
Essential Reiki, Diane Stein
Reiki Plus first degree manual, David Jarrell
Reiki Energy Medicine, Libby Barnett & Maggie Chambers
The Reiki Handbook ,Larry Arnold and Sandy Nevius
Healing Yourself with light, LaUna Huffines
Ask Your Angels, Daniel, Wyllie & Ramer
Hands of Light, Barbara Brennan
Light Emerging, Barbara Brennan
The Healing Energy Of Your Hands, Michael Bradford-
A Gift For Healing, Debora Cowens
Anatomy of the Spirit, Caroline Myss Ph.D.
Plant Spirit Medicine, Eliot Cowen
Color and Crystals, Joy Gardner
The Healing voice ,Joy Gardner-
Love is in the Earth, Melody
Seeing With The Minds Eye, Samuels & Samuels
The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot
Energy Medicine, Donna Eden, David Feinstein
Urban Shaman, Serge King

Reiki one Manual Reiki unleashed
© Peggy Jentoft ,2000, 2001 all rights reserved
Peggy Jentoft
Sogyal Rinpoche, in his book, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, suggests that to belong to a particular lineage is to embrace a particular set of ideas and prescribed way of practicing. In a lineage, the last or latest in the line, does things and teaches pretty much the same as the first of the line, even if that line goes back thousands of years. If that is so perhaps I should not claim any lineage because while I honor tradition, many of the ideas and practices I embrace come from a personal and intuitive experience. I strive to teach and attune in a way that helps people realize their own inner knowledge.
Peggy Jentoft is a Reiki Master Teacher of multiple lineages. Her personal Master Teachers have included Alexis Somerfield (.K Guererro) ,Marcie Rose , Sandra Mariana , Jennifer Alexandra, and she has exchanged attunements and information with over two dozen Reiki teachers from Lineage of at least eight of the twenty two Takata Reiki Masters plus teachers from two non Takata linages. She also has received information and attunement from direct Spiritual transmission in many different energy modalitys. She has been attuned to Tera Mai , Karuna Ki, Seichem, Menchos ,Gemstone, Unlimited, Full spectrum , Magnussa Phoenix , Fusion and so many other variants that she has lost count. She finds  that most of the useful functions attributed to these and other variants can already be accessed within the regular Reiki  system.
She is also a Drisana Seventh level practitioner, A Malaka Huna Fifth level practitioner,  founder of  the Crystal Healing Empowerments, Crystal Deva Empowerments and Huna Empowerments.  She Teaches Reiki, Crystal Healing, and Personalized Energy Work in La Mirada Ca. As a Healing minister Ordained by Chrysalis Ministries. Peggy Jentoft  has  over forty years experience and study in metaphysics, healing modalities and multiple systems of energy work.

© Copyright Peggy Jentoft 2001-2005 all rights reserved
I welcome your comments and suggestions The author may be reached by email   or by writing
Peggy Jentoft 13218 Woodridge Ave. La Mirada Ca. 90638 or phone 562-926-3975
Reikip page begin at
You are allowed to save or print a copy of this manual to be shared freely, without cost. You may print copies of this work for personal use or to be shared with students, provided that it is given in its entirety, and the copyright message remains intact. This material is not to be republished on other web servers, websites or compact disks, translated, altered or in any other way used without the express written permission of the author. All rights reserved.

© Peggy Jentoft ,2000-2006

You are allowed to save or print a copy of this manual   to be shared freely, without cost.  You may print copies of this work for  personal use or to be shared with students, provided that it is given in its entirety, and  the Author and  copyright message remains intact.  This material is not to be  sold, republished on other webservers, websites or compact disks, translated, altered,or in any other way used without the express written permission of the author.   All rights reserved.
© Peggy Jentoft ,2000-2004    People often ask if  I accept donations. Yes, if someone wishes to make a donation  to support this work  they can do that through paypal to   Donations help me keep this site and the  information here available. 

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