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Reiki Linage 
reiki kangiI did not pay much attention to linage when I first Got Reiki.   I went by experience, intuition and inner guidance and was lead to the teachers I trained with. My teachers did have liniages available for those who asked.   I already practiced several forms of energy work  and had received a few attunements  in other context  before learning of Reiki .
Some Reiki Traditions place a strong emphasis  on the line of teachers from whom you  have received  attunement and training .
Some people feel that  the fewer teachers between Mikao Usui  and the end practicioner the better.   Others feel that the liniage reflects and ensures the purity and quality of the  energy and practices delivered. I have not  found this to be true. Reiki energy come from spiritual source and is not diluted  by time and distance from the corporal founder. 
 I have had attunements from over thirty different teaching Reiki  masters.  
Below are those Reiki liniages   which have most influenced the way  I practice and teach Reiki .

C. Alexis Summerfield
My first Linage  1994 -1995 
Usui, Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, Iris Ishikuro, Aurthur Robertson, Glenda Rye, Karen Miller, C. Alexis Summerfield, Peggy Jentoft  (Me)
my notes from the class indicate that Ms Summerfield had also studied with Bethel Phaigh and  in the Barbra Ray Webber linage   but she does not list those at this time )

Marcie Rose,
My second linage  1995  Usui,Hayashi,Takata Phylis Furomoto (Mrs Takata's Granddaughter, Reiki's Grand Master), Dr. Arthur L Robertson (Founder, American Reiki MasterAssociation), Irving Feurst, Marcie Rose,  Myself  ( Fuerst  has multiple liniages and is probably the foremost channeler of energy systems alive today)  PLUS through Irving Fuerst: William Lee Rand (Founder, Usui-Tibetan Reiki-Center for Reiki Training), Kathleen Milner (Founder, Tera Mai™ Reiki), Ralph White (Founder, Tibetan Reiki).

   Sandra Mariana   from Lauri Grant  the lineage is  Mikao Usui,Chujiro Hayashi,Hawayo Takata,Virginia Samdahl, A.Robertson, J.Davis, Laurie Grant, Sandara Mariana , Me

 Attunement  received  from non corporal being identifying self as  Seiji Takamoru  ( indicated that he was a Buddhist monk who received Reiki  from or at the same time as  Mikao Usui)  definitely was a "master"  attunement and included information  that I was able to confirm later. ( kind of freaked me out). this came after my first attunements to Reiki 3A from Alexis Summerfield  and before the  Master attunement from Marcie Rose, Other people have also reported  being attuned by this spirit.
 Miss Jennifer who was attuned by   William Rand  Jennifer was concerned because though my practice in her opinion was correct and I was a  real "Reiki  Master"she thought my attunement background was too unconventional so she performed a  conventional RM attunement for me.  ( she  is in the healing hands photo)

Susan Bosco and Karen Smith  of Reiki_On, Mikao Usui. Chujiro Hayashi ,Hawayo Takata ,Phyllis Lei Furumoto,Carol Farmer,Leah Smith ,William Lee Rand ,Simon Treselyan,John Watson, Rod Parker ,Karen Smith ,  Susan Bosco, me (remote attunement)

  In addition to Reiki I have been attuned to  Drisana , Huna and  several other energy sets  from the S.U.N. network based in Oakland Ca.  have received an number of energy sets from spiritual source  and have also taken a number of different energy work  classes and attunements. My actual practice and teaching is a standard Usui Reiki with the option  of  the best  most useful and practical functions from   the  different trainings.
I identify any  non traditional elements in my teaching and  teach in a way that the student may work  with the forms  that resonate most for them personally.

You can see why I don't put lineage in my sig line -- it would be too long.  This is not complete    I've also taken the GRAMMA attunements and attunements in Karuna Ki, MenChos,  Seichim,  Teramai,  Lightarian, Gemstone,  Magnussa,   several  other varients, not to mention those I've channeled.  I've also taken Remote attunement  from  Grass roots Reiki Attunements , The Running Bear Attunements   and a lot of exchange attunements  and have shared information and attunements  with  many  other Reiki teachers and have received training and attunements in the Japanese Reiki techniques   
 The first few years I practiced Reiki in the San Francisco Bay Area i also  had the opportunity to exchange  information and share Reiki with many practitcioners and teachers  from  many different  linages
Peggy Jentoft

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