Sample Remote Reiki Transmission

   Many Reiki Practitioners will "charge" their web Pages with Reiki in the intention that readers be able to receive a Reiki treatment or sample directly from the page. I do intend that all these pages be supportive of healing on all levels. In that sense all of my pages are charged.  I have not found charging the web page with Reiki to be as effective as asking my/your High self and the Solar or Guardian Angels to help you have an experience of Reiki energy healing .

     If you take a moment or two to quiet your mind and ask  that you receive Reiki as you are reading  or  while quietly meditating for a moment. You will receive a remote Reiki treatment if it is appropriate for you to do so at this time.

You may or may not feel the Reiki but you will receive some benefit in any case.    There are many different methods for setting up transmissions of Reiki energies. I work primarily with direct intention to set up an inflow of Reiki when it is requested.   I have also worked with mandala and have included one of my Reiki inspired Mandala below.
Reiki mandala