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Empowerments and Workshops
from  Peggy Jentoft  

Some of the Attunements and transmissions I do are gifts, Some do Have a fee associated with them. The fee has always been way less than the value, so I have not been doing as many as I used to, I may raise prices or discontinue doing some attunements in the future. I am now putting some price info on this page so you won't need to hunt for it. An Attunement in this use, is a process of energy work that helps you connect to and bring in specific frequencies and functions of spiritual
energy. Just as you set a radio to a certain station and put your favorite stations on the automatic favorite channel finder for instant
access the attunement gives you access to the particular energy "station" which you can then select and turn on at will. During the
attunement, which can only be done with your inner permission and acceptance and if it is in accord with your personal highest good, Any
blocks or impediments to your connection with the particular frequencies and functions of the particular system are treated or removed and your
energy field is given a connection to the energy source and functions of that particular system. If your palm chakra are not already open
they are gently opened other chakra and meridian channel or nadi work may also be done depending on the particular system and functions of the
system to allow you to be a channel and beneficiary of the energies and information of the particular mode.
What I do is connect with the source of the energy and connect with the intended recipient and act as a grounding channel for
the attunement which flows into you and does what you need to be able to work with the energies in the empowerment set.

Usui Reiki remote attunement information    Reiki
Reiki one is $55 Reiki two is $55, Reiki Master is $100
Remote Attunement Workshops for systems I have  received and organized.

  Companion Angels Empowerments Attunements to help facilitate your connection with your own  Companion Angel and receive attunements to energies and information for working with your Angel  includes  Healing  Shakti,  Angelic shield,  Meditation procedures and energy from your own angel 
Companion Angel Empowerment is $30 teaching attunement is $150
 Crystal Deva Empowerments  Working with crystal energies as shakti  for self and others and increase your ability to work with crystals  Includes utilities  which enhance all energy work.
CDE $40 Teaching attunement $150

 Huna Empowerments   Energies and practices from teachings found in Hawaii that work on developing qualities of heart and character. Important goals are enthusiasm, saying yes to life, courage and the ability to give and receive unconditional love. The huna practitioner becomes more and more aware of the nurturing and loving aspects of the Earth, and feels loved and supported by nature and connected to all of life. He or she is also able to direct energy to assist the Earth in return for that support and for healing self and others.
Huna $ 75 teaching $250
You can receive a free 10 minute  sample transmission of energies from any of these systems by intending to receive it
  List of Certified-instructors  

Teachers  training & attunements are available for these workshops

Available Transmissions and attunements from Peggy Jentoft   include

"Plum Blossom" Fear dispelling energy bath
free or 10
 Medicine Buddha  Empowerment  
A powerful blessing for healing,  dispelling sickness and for awakening the innate  wisdom  that lies within every individual.
 Includes an all purpose healing shakti and promotes the development of compassion.
Chakra Unification

Teaching attunements for these can also be arranged

Boneglow  shakti for those with arthritis and other bone, joint and muscle issues for self and others

We also have a "Fine Spine" energy set  specifically for issues with the back.

Clearing Your Way 
The effect of this transmission of energy  is to permanently reduce  the influence of your  negative habits and patterns.
This will help reduce the effort required from personal will to overcome the force of negative patterns.
After having received this transmission  the strength of negative patterns is reduced by a third whenever those patterns are active.
right now this is still $25 but this will be going up.

 Chakra and Aura Tune Up

Chakra and aura clearing and balancing. You can ask to bring in this  set of energies by  requesting it and intending to receive it  if it is in accord with your highest good . It is easier to receive this tune up if you are in a quiet meditative state it usually runs from five to ten minutes.It is also possible to arrange for a personalized tuneup and attunement to a tuneup shakti

Living Water Shakti
restores water to energetic wholeness can be used on any water

Dolphin spirit energy work
Besides having spiritual healing  and meditation enhancement  effects, Dolphin Spirit Energy also supports  inter­species communication and universal /planetary memory can be activated by intention  during meditation. It will run until it has done the work it can at a given time then stop.  It can be run hands on or off for healing work  and will  continue running if activated  before  meditation.  It may also enhance dream work if activated before sleeping.

Some other  energy sets that  you can receive pjentofts-energy-sets

Reiki Our extensive pages and online  Manuals are at this link reikanjiREIKI
Usui Reiki remote attunement   Reiki class information  

Personalized attunements and transmissions
There are thousands of different energy functions and shakti.  Those listed here are only a few of the  attunements and transmissions available. We can select  from the  energies, transmissions and systems we have available and call in energies for your needs. ( in accord with highest good and your soul purpose ). Here is a link to a page with a few examples of some  personalized empowerments

What people say about these workshops

I began studying Peggy Jentoft's Energy Workshops in August, 2001.  The first workshop I took was the Crystal Deva Empowerments.  That workshop enhanced all my work with crystals and even my hands-on healing work.  In December, 2001, I took the Companion Angel Workshop, and enjoyed the many functions available for use especially the angelic shaktis (healing energies).  In November, 2004, I took the Huna Empowerments Workshop and found that with this practice, the energy work I'd already been doing became more intense.  I have studied to teacher level in each of the three systems and have been teaching in-person classes.  My students have enjoyed all the classes.  They remark how each of the energies that comes through is unique, and they are always amazed at how much is taught in each of the workshops.  I highly recommend any course that is labeled  "An Attunement Workshop by Peggy Jentoft"!
Jane Berrigan, NCTMB, Reiki Master Teacher

I know Peggy's attunements and systems have changed me, very much for the better.-R

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