graylace1GRAY and Silver

Gray is the great neutralizer, Any two complementary colors such as orange and blue or red and green when carefully blended will form a neutral gray. We may associate gray with gloom or boredom but it can also represent the protective and warming cloak, gentle mists and falling rain. Gray softens the hard edges of life and shelters us with its mysteries.  Gray uncertain,  unknown unclear  ethics, clouded issues and or the middle ground.

Gray smells, some snakes , wet bunnies, wet forests on foggy mornings. Gray tastes, well most may not be so favored.  Those musty slightly off flavors can be gray . Yet who could forgo Oysters or Squid in ink, exotic truffles and fine caviar, Corn smut, its wonderful rich flavor that appears as a deforming fungus, Oatmeal, black beans, earthy , nourishing stuff for cold days.
 A lot of church music reads as gray to me  with dense layers and  passages of solemn dignity. To see gray clouds and storms and the ocean on an overcast day,  solid rocks and canyon walls  some tree trunks.  To touch, a chinchilla or a gray Persian or a stout stone wall.

GRAY Security, reliability, intelligence, staid, modesty, dignity, maturity,solid, conservative, practical, old age, sadness, boring, uncertainty,adaptability, mystery.

Gray in the aura, like brown, can indicate a problem when found in the aura. Over the head of a man or woman, it usually indicates that the person has been depressed for some reason.

It can also indicate malfunction of the physical, especially when seen over a particular organ or part of the body which is under stress.


Silver is associated with the moon and femininity. Silver energy could be thought of in matters of life cycles, rebirth,
healing hormonal imbalances, greater emotional stability, neutralizing negative energies, intuitive and psychic work.

I had not written about gray stones and had not classified them as such but many of the Agates and the plain round rocks the basalt and feldspar and marble and granite come in gray stabilizing dependable grounding and protective .
The fine gray Feather stone that teaches us not to judge by appearances with its solid look and soft crushable quality a stone which floats on water.

Peggy J

Here is a partial list of GREY Stones:

Agate - GREY agate for courage and strength for one's body and mind.  grounding,  energetic,powerful.  balance yin-yang energies. It is afor stability in one's life.  strength  stone.

Calcite - In its milky-GREY form,   to facilitate awareness and understanding of nature. alleviate fear; clear and balance; and aid one in remembering astral travel experiences.

Galena - The iron content in this stone is said to help with iron deficient blood and the circulatory system.   to help one ground and center both the physical and non-physical bodies. Galena is thought to open the mind to higher thinking.

Granite -  getting along with complex groups and issues, stable  sprit, solidty and strength, combinint stablility with joy, aids one in dealing with relationships and the varied personalities one might encounter (such as in a work experience).

GREY Moonstone - This stone is believed to aid other stone's in cleansing blocks that exist within the bearer. In this fashion, it is said to be hard to wear. It is thought to bring Universal love and happy times.

Hematite - This stone, whose name comes from the Greek word "haima," meaning blood, is a reddish ore before it is tumbled. When this shiny silver-GREY (that also looks black at the same time) stone is cut, it produces red dust. This is why Hematite is associated with the strengthening of the blood and improving circulation. It is also believed to enhance mental capabilities and is said to be a wonderful stone to use for reducing stress. Hematite is believed to strengthen both the physical and etheric bodies, dispel negativity, and encourage optimism. It is also thought to help calm and aid one in thinking things through.

Labradorite -   to encourage patience and perseverance,   help one have a deeper understanding of inner knowing. It is also thought to help people in coming out of their "shells."  to protect and balance one's aura.

Larvikite -  to dispel female anger and soften those with "warrior" mindsets.

Meteorite - This stone is said to expand awareness and assist one in remembering past lives. It is also believed to balance and aid communication with extraterrestrial energies.

Pumice and Featherstone- General protection, lightening emotional burdens , maintaining a boyant spirit when dealing with derious issues, adaptability, rest 

Silver - This metal is thought to represent the Feminine. It is believed that Silver enhances the powers of the Moon. It is said to help to regulate the emotional and intuitive energies and provide one with patience and perseverance in chosen tasks. It is thought that Silver, when combined with gemstones, has the ability to attract and retain within itself the energies of the gemstones. Silver is said to draw negative energies from the body while transferring the positive energies of other minerals. It is also said that Silver eliminates toxins at the cellular level and cleanses the body via the pores. It is thought to be helpful in the treatment of hepatitis and to increase the assimilation of vitamins A and E.

Silver Leaf Jasper - This stone is believed to provide protection and good luck. It is said to enhance one's intuition and to bring forth one's innate nurturer qualities.

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