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Crystals for Woman

There is a famous set of suggestions 10 stones  for women by Karen Ryan.   We have not quoted it here,  we respect copy write and we also want our discussions to be based on the experience and intuition of our members  rather  than just echoing and repeating   standard  lore.  There are of course many more than ten stones that work with and for women and Womens issues and most of these are equally effective in work with and for Men , pets, children  etc .  Karens set of suggested  stones are  Amber, Amethyst, Apache Tears,  Red Coral , Garnet, Jade, Jasper, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Sodalite All of which are lovely stones with a multitude of missions and messages for us all . Her article can be found here  

Women  are generally  encouraged to nurture others, to control our emotions, to be healers, to be strong yet sensitive. We also seek stones to help us develop our own spiritual wisdom. The descriptions about these  stones on Karens'  list seem to be primarily concerned with qualities of spirit. My initial gut reaction was that the choices and descriptions in this particular set  were written with traditional  womens' lifestyles and relationships in mind rather than the more varied lifestyles and occupations many women have today. Most other lists of healing crystals for women that I've encountered are more focused either on physical healing or on Esoteric issues and Goddess work.

  "Womens" stones may also be called upon for help with  uniquely female issues such as menstruation, pregnancy and "mothering" in addition to physical healing and relationship issues and issues which effect everyone..My favorite " womans stone" Moonstone, did not make it into this group of ten but then I see that it is on her list of stones for men. It is good to see some of the less common stones from a huge assortment of stones that are of special interest for woman and womens issues. These selections include stones for work focused on spirituality, on emotional strength, on healing and compassion etc..Being a woman I  consider all stones to be womens' stones but  some others that  have been  particularly  responsive in stepping forward in aid of "womans"  issues Include the Calcites,  Ammonite , Pearl, Volcanic Cinder . I'd like to have a sharing here  from members here about what they consider to be "womens" stones.   and Womens' issues   I'd also like to hear about what if any stones you personally  feel  are most supportive   for Women, What you may feel are the most significant issues and needs for Woman today.   Please also let us know about  any that step forward to you as "mens" stones  and issues.

We do not mean that any stone is only for women or only for men, some however are either traditionally associated with womens' issues  or step forward  when we seek assistance for issues  such as child birth  etc..

Mangano Calcite  and  Girasol "opal" (actually a milky luminous quartz) are two that have offered help for menstrual and premenstrual issues  and calming "hot flashes ".

Peggy Jentoft

Hi Peggy,
  I'd like to add Iolite which has a high concentration of magnesium.  Magnesium is at the low ebb (low concentration) of a womans body during menstruation.  Also recommended for sleep deprivation because of magnesium and also it is the color recommended.  So wear a silver ring with iolite or put a piece under your pillow during low ebb moon cycles.
  Dawn Silver ~  Jewels of the Lotus Oracle

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