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The Companion Angels Empowerment Workshop Manual

An Attunement Workshop From Peggy Jentoft
 this manual  differs slightly from the current version



The purpose of this workshop is to introduce you to your own Companion Angel and provide information for working with your angel. Attunements are included which facilitate your ability to work with your angel.

This workshop contains information, meditations, practices and attunements for helping you become aware of and work with your own Companion Angel.

Your angel is the most important spiritual guide you can work with.

This set includes healing shakti which you can use for your self and others. Shakti is the term we use for spiritual energy frequencies that can be called in and "run" or used /received for some spiritual purpose. Some elements of this set are autonomous they activate by themselves as needed. Other functions are activated by intention.


1. The Nature and Purpose of Angels

2. About Your Personal Companion Angel

3. Attunement to Facilitate Communication Both Ways

4. Attunement for Increasing Sensitivity to Angelic Energies

5. Techniques and Information about Communicating with Your Angel

6. Initiation for Increasing your Ability to Accept Unconditional Love

7. Attunement and Introduction from Your Personal Companion Angel

8. Experiencing Angelic Love

9. How to Ask for Guidance from Your Angel--Working Out a System of Signals

10. Attunement to Assist you in Holding and Channeling Angelic Energies

11. Practice Sending Energies to Yourself and Others

12. Dream Attunement to Facilitate Receiving Information While Sleeping

13. Chakra and Energy Body Harmonization

14. Causal Body Harmonization

15. Harmonizing Spirit Mind And Body

16. About Angelic Protection

17. Angelic Protection Attunement

18. Forgiveness Attunement and Meditation

19. Attunement to Facilitate Meditation

20. Angel Meditations--Angelic Sphere, Diamond Heart, A Walk With Your Angel

21. Spiritual Love and Physical Love Harmonization

22. Attunement for Basic Tune Up Procedure

23. Angelic Healing

24. Working with the Angels of Love and Light for Healing Oneself, Others and the Earth

25. Angel Light Shakti

26. Angels Touch Shakti (Love Godness)

27. Personalized Transmission from Your Solar Angel

Closing Notes

On Angel Names

Angel Crystals

Hierarchy of angels


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1. The Nature and Purpose of Angels:

Angels are messengers, guides and teachers and have many other tasks and missions throughout the Universal Reality as well. Angels form another order of being. Just as people, dogs, fish, plants, birds, rocks and trees are all physical things, the angels, deva, fairies, elementals etc. are all non-physical beings or spirits.

Angels have no physical bodies as we know them. They are beings of light and energy. When people do see angels at all, the form they see is taken from our human minds.

The appearance closest to the actual form of angels is probably that of glowing pillars or globes

of light. All beings have angels who are partners in their spiritual evolution. Even the Sun and the Earth and land formations have overseeing angels.

Angels are a separate order of being from humankind. They are energy beings who live in the non-physical realms that surround us. They are messengers of Source and Spirit. They are real and they are universal. They appear to, work with, and love all beings and extend their energy,
information and assistance to all. They are not affiliated with or to any single religion, life form, planet, Solar System, or Reality.

Angels must usually be asked or invited to help and to work with us in order for them to do so to the full extent of their abilities as appropriate for our highest good. Angels work to guide us to know our union with the Divine, and we help to guide the angels to an awareness
of individuation of self.

2. About Your Personal Companion Angel:

We all have a personal angel who oversees our spiritual evolution. This is an angel that has been called a Guardian Angel. The term Solar Angel more accurately describes the angel's energy and scope of functions and de-emphasizes protection in favor of the angel’s primary purpose,

which is to oversee and assist your personal and spiritual development.

Your Solar Angel is the most important angel for you to connect with. They are more important

for you than any other guide you might work with. We are now evolved enough to ready to become active, aware partners with the angels, the deva and all the life of this planet and
the universes beyond.

Your Companion or Solar Angel has been with you to oversee and assist your spiritual development, not just since your birth, not just since your conception, but from that instant when angels and humanity emerged on the same out breath of the ALL to fill different realms of reality.

You were matched with a specific angel in the first instant of your first incarnation as a separate entity. Your angel knows you absolutely, knows every thought and action and feeling you have ever had and your angel loves you completely, totally and always. You are always
loved, understood and cherished. Your angel stands ready to guide, comfort and protect you in your journey to achieve your soul purpose.

Your Solar Angel and your own High Self and/or Soul are the most important of your guides. We are all strongly advised to work on raising our vibration to invite and allow contact with them before working on other contacts. Your High Self and Solar Angel will facilitate your
connection with other guides. Many people are more able to feel the loving energy of their Solar Angel rather than hear or see the angel.

You will have many different spirit guides who will work with you during your life time. Some of these will be angels, others may be energetic beings or spirit entities of other orders which may include entities such as ascended masters, elemental spirits or people who, having passed
out of body, are choosing to work on the near energy planes for a while. Guides include experts in an area you are working in (such as artists, healers, musicians), or even plant spirits, animal spirits, crystal beings, and living thought forms. Even some living people, during sleep and out-of-body travel, may act as spirit guides, going to comfort a sick child or guide a newly dead being, for example. Some spirit guides will stay with you for a long time and others will be with
you only briefly. Other guides will work with you in specific areas. If you become involved with art you will have artistic creative guides, etc.

Only your Solar or Companion Angel will always be with you. You can ask your Solar Angel and High Self to bring in guides acting in your highest good. Your Companion Angel will help you work with other angels when and if it is in accord with your highest good.

3. Attunement to Facilitate Communication Both Ways:

These attunements occur in part on the buddhic and atmic plane and assist both you and the Angel in harmonizing energies in ways that promote communication. Autonomous.

4. Attunements for Increasing Sensitivity to Angelic Energies:

This is autonomous and permanently increases sensitivity to angelic energies but does not interfere with free will or cause unwanted communication. Autonomous.

5. Information about Communicating with Angels:

Most communication with angels is through omens and signs, coincidences and synchronistic events. As spiritual beings of energy and light angels do not have the need for spoken language in the way people do. The language of angels is of light, vibration, images, sounds and symbols.

The angels are constantly sending us messages. We only have to expand our awareness and attention in order to receive them. Your knowledge and broad exposure to information and ideas can help the angel communicate with you more clearly. Sometimes angel messages that are in words do not stand out as being obviously angel messages but seem like your own
thoughts, but with a clearer insight and understanding or with more accurate information than you usually have consciously.

Concrete physical appearances are very rare. Many people see mental images as part of angel messages. Shakti, or intelligent frequencies of specialized energy are often received from your angel. You may also begin to receive messages. On occasion these may be quite subtle.

Angels will not scold, insult, or abuse you; they never threaten. They never suggest anything that could cause harm to your self or others.

Your angel does know everything about you and will be honest and firm in helping you recognize areas where you will benefit from personal work. Put downs, etc. are not messages from angels.

Communicating with the angels, particularly with your own Companion Angel is a profound and beautiful experience which can greatly advance your personal spiritual progress. You can have direct experience of your angel’s love and wisdom.

Begin by mentally inviting your Angel to work with you. It is perfectly normal in the beginning to feel uncertain of the contact. You may wonder if it is your imagination. Imagination and creative intuition acts as gateways through which many of us first become aware of the spiritual
realms and beings.

The angels are indeed real and not fantasy. Your continuing experience and communication will in time help you to be certain of the reality and quality of the Angel and to trust the validity of the information and energy you receive from your Angel.

Make time to listen and look for communication from your angel and talk to your angel.

Thank your angel for his or her presence and assistance.

Love and Appreciation are primary frequencies of healing which accelerate your evolution and ability to communicate. receive and understand the messages of the Spiritual Essence and the angels.

Your angel will help you begin to develop an understanding of what it is you are to do with the information, understanding and energy you have become aware of. The Solar Angel can guide you in the direction most in accord with your personal happiness and spiritual development.

The angels cannot and will not compel you, nor will they override your free will. Wait a bit and your path will unfold before you. Most people find that becoming aware of and working with the angels begins a period of rapid release of issues and blocks to spiritual and emotional happiness.

This can be a somewhat turbulent time in your life. Your angel will help you learn to deal with these issues and obstacles as they arise. There are a lot of ways to connect with your Solar Angel. You will find those that work for you. Generally learning to meditate will accelerate your
spiritual progress in all areas, including angel contact.

Your Companion Angel will also have specialties and interests that are particularly suited to guiding you in your path and purpose. One important way angels work with us is through sending us spiritual and healing energies. When you feel pulsing or vibrations through your body,
that can often be energy from the angels. Observe your surroundings for signs and omens and information directed to you from the angels.

Not everyone will get words as such, but the invitation to the angels and the attention you pay to listening and feeling for the reply, whatever form it takes, will pay off for you.

A. Be persistent you will achieve communication.

B. The standard process of recognizing and accepting angel communication happens in stages.

1. Doubt that it is real.

2. Realize quality of information.

3. Sense the angel.

4. Awareness becomes concrete.

5. Process of union.

6. Trust and the feeling of never being alone.

Your angel is not a fairy godmother or cosmic genie. Angels do not dispense material largess or act as some kind of psychic butler. Angels do help us in many ways that most of us overlook. They are the messengers of the Divine, the All, the Absolute Source and Universal Law.

They are not part of a single church but are of the entire reality. The benefits of communication are wonderful beyond words. The main purpose that angels work for with us, is to help in our personal spiritual evolution.

Angels are able to effect events in the external world as wells affect them but it is easier
and preferable for us all that they assist us in changing ourselves. They can help you work through emotional blocks and inspire you to create new circumstances.

They can help you to see and understand the ways in which you may be hurting yourself or preventing benefits from occurring in your life. They can help you to become aware of your greatest abilities and soul purpose.

Angels will not help you to accomplish anything that will harm yourself or others. Angels help mostly by sending information, both by communicating directly if you are able to receive this way and indirectly with omens (e.g., books may fall off shelves in your path.) They
can also send information in dreams and as compressed energy that unfolds over time.

They also help by sending you very advanced healing energies using what are called Shakti, that is, a frequency or carrier of divine or spiritual intelligence and healing energy. If you are able to feel subtle energies you may feel this as warmth or tingling pulses of energy moving through your body.

You do not attract angels into your life with special rituals or clothing etc. Sometimes music, chanting mantra, focusing on mandalas and using other techniques can help you get into a receptive state more easily.

Your angel is always with you. Sometimes you will call on your angel and will not feel an instant response. This is not cause for alarm. The angel is present but knows when you do not need messages as well as when you do.

Everyone can benefit from working with angels. Some people are more able to connect with the information and energies than others. When it is appropriate for angels to work with you, all you have to do is ask. You must be sincere and you must be mature enough to be willing to work with the angels. Your angel will be learning to communicate with you as you learn to be aware of them.

6. Initiation for Increasing your Ability to Accept Unconditional Love:

We often resist Love or find it uncomfortable to accept ourselves as worthy of love. This attunement will help you to accept yourself as worthy of unconditional Love.

Many people do have difficulty accepting love. Your angel’s love is completely unconditional. People sometimes resist or reject love just because of feelings of unworthiness.

This may seem an odd way of phrasing it, but this attunement helps recipients accept being loved unconditionally and to withstand and endure the energies of angelic love. This attunement will assist recipients in both giving love and in accepting it. Autonomous.

7. Attunement and Introduction from your Personal Companion Angel:

The first part of this attunement makes adjustments in your energy field to help you improve your ability to connect with your high self. The second part is an energy transmission done by your angel which acts as an introduction and embrace by your angel.

Suggestions for Practice

It is recommended that at least once or twice daily you practice quieting your mind and asking to feel your angel's presence and love. That loving connection with your angel is one of the most profoundly moving experiences possible.

Your angel is waiting for you to ask now. Please invite your angel to work with you. The simplest meditation for meeting angels is to set aside some time daily to go into a silent listening state where you simply invite and allow and be available for information and
energy from your angel. One method for angelic meditation is to visualize a sphere of light in the center of your head or at your brow level and focus your attention on the sphere of light.

There are many different techniques for meeting your personal angel If one method does not work for you, persevere in your intent and opened minded invitation to your angel. Just allow and observe; your angel is there for you. The response from your angel will often
come in some form after your meditation.

8. Experiencing Angelic Love:

Your angel will send you energies of unconditional Angelic Love.

9. How to Ask for Guidance from Your Angel --Working Out a System
of Signals:

Signs of Angels

Signs of angelic presence can include feelings of being embraced or touched, smelling flowers (or other pleasant fragrance) where there are none, high pitched tones in the ear or music, seeing lights in the mind or in peripheral vision, among other things. Actual physical visits and apparitions are extremely rare. Mental imagery is rather common. Feelings of healing energy running into your body or being wrapped in warm light are also possible signs of an angel visit.

Be aware of subtle signs and omens such as books falling at your feet and opening to a picture of a angel or a pertinent message, etc..

You will find that as you raise your vibration through meditation and the practice of loving yourself and others, it will become more easy and natural to communicate with the angels and other beings of spirit. They choose to work with you; naturally you cannot compel them to be known to you.

Visual forms of Angels are taken from the thoughts of people. An angel may appear to be a human or as glowing light or in any number of other forms.

Asking For Guidance

The main way to ask for guidance from your angel is to ask just as you might from a person you were talking with. When in meditation, arrange for a simple signal from your angel, which you will look for as a sign of guidance in your daily life.

Some possible signals include seeing red, green and yellow lights, or left ear tickle for yes, right ear for no and nose for unclear. (This one can be a bit much at times but it works.) Rays of light, physical sensations or hearing music are other possibilities.

There are many possible signals.

Questions with yes and no answers can be misunderstood fairly easily. You may have unconscious assumptions; it is better to ask questions with somewhat more complex structure.

You will also need to practice neutrality to get the clearest answers from your angel.

Your angel sees all possibilities. While Angels are rarely wrong, they can be affected by your desire for a particular outcome. The future is not an absolute, as it is influenced by free will.

Your desires can affect your reception and interpretation of guidance. When you are not neutral you may hear the angel tell you of the probability you most want to hear rather than the most likely outcome.

Writing down your question or concern to clarify what you want to know is a good way to begin. Next you focus your intention to request guidance and then release that intention. That is, do not dwell on or obsess about it. Answers may not come immediately, watch for messages in events around you.

There are several different decks of Angel message cards. These can help provide valuable guidance from your angel. Many people pull a card each morning and they are often amazed at how appropriate and timely the messages are. Choose a deck you feel drawn to. Many other
decks of cards can also be used as a medium for communications from your angel.

10. Attunement to Assist you in Holding and Channeling Angelic Energies:

This attunement prepares your energy body to be able to accept and
channel angelic energies for yourself and others. Autonomous.

11. Practice Sending Energies to Yourself and Others:

Receiving and sending the energies your angel chooses for you is done by intending to do so. The energies can be sent both hands on and remotely. Distance is not relevant to angels. These energies include, but are not limited to, those shakti included in the Companion Angels Empowerments. Practice activating energies from your angel by intention.

You may find that placing a hand over your heart or elsewhere on your body helps you become more aware of the energies.

12. Dream Attunements:

Attunement to facilitate receiving information from your angel while you are sleeping and remembering it upon awakening. These include both autonomous and activatable components.
As you are going to sleep, you can ask your angel to send you a dream
concerning an issue or whatever message the angel has for you. Set the intention/ask that you remember the dream when you wake.

It is important that one have the intention to remember the dream. Even if one does not recall the dream, the angel will work with you in some way as you sleep if you have consciously asked for him or her to do so.

Dreams are one of the major ways that angels use to communicate with people.

13. Chakra and Energy Body Harmonization

14. Causal Body Harmonization
15. Harmonizing Spirit Mind And Body:

These three attunements are given together and strengthen and unify your energy body and meridians. This allows your energy body to carry more Angelic light. These attunements also help with the ongoing process of improving your awareness of the higher planes.

The initial attunements are primarily autonomous. Some people have noticed that the intention to activate these does activate work on your energy body to improve the harmony of the specified area.

16. About Angelic Protection:

You do receive protection from your Solar Angel. Protection is not actually the main work of the Companion Angel. The main work of your angel is over-sight of your process of spiritual development.

Ultimately your energy vibration and life condition will rise to a point where you will not attract any psychic dangers. You will eventually be able to alleviate and transcend karmic issues that
could lead you into risky situations in mundane life.

You will receive extra additional protection when you ask, provided that this is in accord with your life purpose and lessons. There are real negative energies and beings. These are not as common as many people think they are.

One of the main ways to repel negative psychic entities is to recognize the power of love. Enter a meditative state of unification with the divine. This instantly prevents all access to you by such entities. You can also send entities unconditional love. This must be genuine.

You can not psychoanalyze or "save" negative entities. Send them to the light; put up your shield of protective light; ask your angel for help.

Your angel will often send you guidance that could enable you avoid or alleviate a problem situation. You must pay attention to and act on these messages in order to benefit from this guidance. You may receive subtle guidance about mundane life issues of safety and
protection from situations that cause emotional pain. Guidance from angels often appears as intuition.

Some occasions of psychic attack and such are due to life lessons which you need to learn. There are situations where you may have life lessons involving protection.

You may need to recognize that you have the ability to repel any negative entities. You may have a need to learn to deal with a particular issue or situation yourself.

Here are some of the common reasons protection issues occur:

Boundary issues.

These relate to your ability to retain your own energy, identity and knowledge that you own your space.

Your angel will help you learn to shield your self from empathic penetration, psychic vampires and excess negative emotional sensitivity.

Grounding and centering are techniques that can dramatically help resolve these issues.

Your own power.

You may need to recognize that you have the ability to protect your self. You can repel or dissolve any negative energies and entities. You have the power.

Your angel can help you to find your inner strength and self esteem and to access your inner knowing.

Past life and karmic issues.

These often relate to people's negative actions particularly in regard to negative occult and or unethical magic.

You are not alone. Know you are not alone. You can ask for help. Spiritual help is at hand. You are entitled to help and will get it.

17. Angelic Protection Attunement:

The angelic protection attunement will enable you to instantly activate a sphere of energy which acts as a protective filter or shield which will last for around four hours and can be reactivated every four hours. Activate by intention (think "angelic shield").

18. Forgiveness Attunement and Meditation:

An attunement to help remove blocks to forgiving yourself and others.

Forgiveness is not a matter of discarding, forgetting or ignoring harm caused by or perceived as done to you. Forgiveness is to release the hold of the emotions that cause you pain, and/or deter spiritual growth. Where you are unready to release or forgive, this attunement will help you evolve to where you can forgive freely.

The attunement is both autonomous and activatable.

Forgiveness Meditation

To Forgive someone else:

Close your eyes and go into your inner space. Relax.
Take several deep breaths. Visualize a small, glowing ball of light at your heart chakra. This light is the presence of your own inner divinity or, if you prefer, that of your essential spiritual entity.

Feel warmth, compassion and love coming from that presence. Let the light spread, filling your whole body.

Pause for a moment and really feel this light, as it saturates your entire being and energy body. Let the light slowly diminish, returning to a ball at the heart chakra. This light is always there, always glowing.

Think of the person you wish to forgive.

Method A.
Let yourself experience the full emotional pain associated with this person. Take the time to do this completely rather than succumbing to the temptation to avoid feeling the full strength of your negative emotions.

Method B.
Acknowledge your emotions and intend to allow them to be released.

Visualize a small glowing ball in that person's heart chakra. Be aware that it is their sacred light. Take time to experience this.

See the glowing ball at your heart chakra emitting rays of clear, bright white light which meet similar rays coming from the glowing ball at the other persons heart chakra.

Hold this contact until you feel a current flowing between you and the other person, hold this for a couple of minutes. When you are ready, bring the procedure to a close.

To Forgive Oneself:

Visualize the glowing ball of divine white light at the heart chakra.

Experience fully the negative emotions associated with the issue on which you are working. (Acknowledge your emotions and intend to allow them to be released.)

Let the light expand to fill your whole body. Bathe in the light.
Let the light slowly diminish and draw back into the ball at the heart chakra.

Be aware that this light is always present there.

19. Attunement to Facilitate Meditation:

This attunement helps improve your ability to enter higher states of meditation.

20. Angel Meditations--Angelic Sphere, Diamond Heart, A Walk With Your

Angelic Sphere

Focus Your Awareness inside a sphere of light in the middle of your head at brow level. When your awareness drifts, just bring it back.

Do this for five minutes and up to 15 minutes at a time. Much more than that can over activate your energy level. It is recommended that you do this meditation at least once or twice daily but not more than three times daily. Do not strive for contact, just invite and allow.

You may or may not feel the energy of your angel or hear words clearly, but
spending this time consistently will increase the opportunity for communication and deepen your relationship with your Angel.

Diamond Heart

To increase self compassion and awareness of your inner divine nature visualize / imagine a three dimensional diamond of radiant light inside your heart. Make the image as real as you can. Maintain the focus for approximately five to fifteen minutes.

When you notice that your mind has wandered, just bring your attention back to your heart and the diamond of light within it.

When you wish to end the meditation simply return your attention outward.

A variation: After establishing the image of the radiant diamond within your heart allow the diamond light to expand until it surrounds you and your energy body. Simply sit within it for five to ten minutes. End the meditation by calling the diamond of light back into your heart. Then return your attention to the outside.

A Guided Meditation, Walk With Your angel

You may want to tape this so that you can close your eyes while doing
the visualization.

Allow your self to relax, relax as completely as you can.

You are walking in a beautiful meadow on the edge of a forest. The garden is full of wild flowers. All colors of flowers. The fragrance fills the air. Butterflies float from flower to flower. Birds fly above you singing sweetly. The Sun shines brightly.

You walk on among the beautiful flowers. Continue walking across the beautiful meadow toward the trees.

Now as you approach the forest of lush green trees, you become aware of your Angel approaching you.

Walk toward your angel as your angel moves forward to meet you.

Open your heart as your angel meets and embraces you.

Feel the love and understanding of your own angel who has known you always and loves you unconditionally.

Walk with your angel under the trees and in the beautiful garden. Listen and hear, see, feel the message of your angels LOVE and continued presence in your life.

Walk with your angel and receive the gift of understanding from your angel.

Ask for and receive guidance; your angel may have a gift or symbol for you to have to help you in connecting with the angel.

Now as you pause, your angel and you embrace.

Slowly return toward the meadow, as you enter the sunlight gently return to your self in the now. Know that your angel is with you always.

You can always return to the garden and walk with your angel.

21. Spiritual Love and Physical Love Harmonization (for adults only):

This attunement is fully active only for adults. The dormant part will automatically activate in the future when appropriate for those for whom it is initially inactive.

This is a heart, genital harmonization which spiritualizes and harmonizes energies of love and sexual passion. This can be run as a set of energies by yourself for working on intimate issues. You can also activate this in intimate situations with another. You must activate the attunement by intention to benefit from it in those situations.

An autonomous component of this works on healing related issues.

Angels are beings of Joy. Limitations and blocks to our ability to feel and express pleasure and joy impede our ability to communicate with angels.

Do not run this while in public areas because it has been known to affect the attitude of people in the area where it is run.

Some people may respond to the running attunement by being very sexually attracted to the person running it, completely unrelated to any appearance or behavior of the person and without regard to the appropriateness of the situation.

This attunement will not activate if your intention is to deliberately elicit an inappropriate sexual response.

22. Attunement for Basic Tune Up:

Energy body clearing ,balancing and clearing the chakra and meridians stabilizing positive change in your energy field, grounding and centering.

Mentally intend "tune up" or “angelic tune up” run once or twice daily, usually it takes about five minutes to run to completion.

If you have other tune up energy sets you may wish to activate this one with
the intention "angelic tune up" to distinguish it from other energy sets. It is suggested that you run this at least once a day. Activate by intention.

23. Angelic Healing Attunements:

These help facilitate healing and help remove blocks to acceptance of healing from the angels at the deeper levels of your being.

This is a treatment included with your initial attunement and additional autonomous attunements from your angel.

If you give your angel permission / invitation, your angel will to do additional healing work as needed. You can always ask your angel for healing.

24. Working with the Angels of Love and Light for Healing Oneself,
Others and the Earth:

When you connect with your Solar Angel you can become a channel for healing energies brought in either directly from your angel or as shakti.

While not everybody can feel subtle energies, one thing that convinces people of the reality of angels is the ability to facilitate contact. You can channel an energy from your angel that allows others to feel angelic love. The next two attunements are for shakti for use in healing for your self and others. These are both activated by intention.

25. Angel Light Shakti:

An all purpose healing energy. This can be used hands on or remotely for your self and others. Use for physical, emotional or mental healing. Healing means Wholeness and does not mean the same as cure. No medical claims are made for this or any other shakti. You can also use these shakti in Earth Healing and for situations. Activate by intention.

26. Angels Touch Shakti (also called Love Godness):

This shakti works on issues of self esteem. The ability to give and receive unconditional love and divine love and brings in energies and awareness of spiritual love and union. Activate by intention.

27. Transmission of Energies and Personalized Attunements from your Solar Angel:

These are energies and attunements chosen by your angel in accord with your highest good at this time.

Your angel may choose to send you energy transmissions during the time you set aside daily to commune with your angel.

You may ask your angel to connect you with energies that are in accord with your specific needs and highest good.


On the matter of angel names, remember that any name is for your convenience and is as close to the vibration energy of the angel’s being and relationship to you that it can get.

Angels don't use names as such among themselves because they don't sense themselves as separate from each other in the way we do. They also know who they are and what their mission is.

Getting a name is not really of great importance. If or when you do get a name don't be surprised if it’s not the kind of name you expected an angel to have.

Some people receive Angel names like Anterielle and Valenceala but others Angels use names like Bob, Lonnie or Melvin.

When discussing Angels by name remember that you are discussing qualities of energy and spirit rather than separate individuals.

Some people find that it helps to think of the famous angels in terms of clans or tribes or duties rather than as a single solo entity,
e.g., Archangel Michael and his “band of mercy” being of the “Michael” function.

If you really feel that it is essential for you to have a name to use to address your angel, you can ask during the simple meditation you have already learned. Just put your attention on a sphere of light at the center of your head or at your brow level. Quietly ask to know your angel's name. Bring your mind gently back to center if it wanders. Do not be discouraged it you do not get immediate results. Persistence will eventually bring answers in some form. Remain relaxed at all times.



Crystals used for angel meditations include Quartz, Celestite, Anhydrite, Apophyllite, Azurite, Angelite, Laramar, Labradorite, Sunstone, Rose quartz, Amethyst, Emerald, Diamond, Celestite, Danburite, Kunzite, Moldavite, Morganite, Petalite, Phenacite, Selenite, Seraphinite, Spondumine and many more.

Usually the crystal is simply held or carried or placed nearby during angel meditation

Hierarchy of Angels

Traditionally this has been held to relate to an order of ranks, an
immutable structure of authority, but this is a very Earth bound and
mundane view.

Angels do not see themselves as separate individuals in the way
humans do and this Hierarchy is held to be more of a way of defining
the functioning of the Angelic realms for human understanding.

This has been almost impossible to explain because discussion gets
too esoteric. All is one and one are all. I've found that some
physicists seem to understand what is meant quite well.

Some lists have a different order

A traditional hierarchy of angels is ranked from lowest to highest
into the following nine orders, or choirs: Angels, Archangels,
Principalities, Powers, Virtues, Dominions, Thrones, Cherubim, and

The Nine Choirs of Angels

Govern all Creation
1. Seraphim
2. Cherubim
3. Thrones

Govern all the Cosmos
4. Dominions
5. Powers
6. Virtues

Govern all the World
7. Principalities
8. Archangels
9. Angels


In Closing

Your experience will be unique to you. Angels have a sense of humor. " Lighten up" is a big part of the message they want to share with us.

Do not be surprised if the messages and signs from your angel are not all serious and intense.

Solar angels have appeared as Gigantic Elvis! ( This had to do with sovereignty, and the power of the angelic realms-- "the King").

One woman told me that during the very serious angel seminar she went to, her angel was turning somersaults all over the room.

While the scent of flowers is a well known angel signal, they have been known to fill a room with the scent of pizza. Pleasant odors with no physical source of origin are often signs of angelic presence.

Most of the time people who have conscious contact with angels continue in the religion they already practiced.

They will probably find themselves rising above any restrictive dogma of that church and having a clear understanding of the
spiritual interconnectedness of life.

I do not think that you can have continuing genuine contact with the angels and remain intolerant or prejudice in your mundane life.

Awareness of your blessings and cultivating your appreciation and gratitude for all the wonders and joys of your life and
surroundings is a primary way to raise your vibration and expand your ability to experience the energies and communicate with the
realm of the angels.


You are Loved,

You are Beloved,

You are vital to the unfolding of the Universal Plan,

At the moment of your birth,

The angels sang.


Some Books

"Healing Yourself with light" by LaUna Huffines
Some great exercises for contacting your Solar Angel and visualizations
For Healing

“Ask your Angels “ by Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie, Andrew Ramer

"Opening to Channel" by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

Messages from Your Angels” and “Angel Medicine” both by Doreen Virtue

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