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Color Healing  Overview

Here is a brief  description  of a variety of   color healing methods  in general,  not necessarily just  those that use crystals.  I recommend frequent exposure to the whole spectrum of pure colors  for  health, happiness and inner balance. Meditation on the rainbow and rainbow colors is of itself a potentially  valuable experience. I also like the  practice of simply keeping an eye out for rainbows .

rainbowWhen working with colored stones  you may hold them,  gaze upon them, lay them on a chakra or other place of need, meditate with them, make gem elixirs and use any method of working with the crystals that feels appropriate to you.  You do have at least one rainbow included quartz crystal don't you?  Rainbow crystals are high on the essentials list in my opinion.

Pay attention to the colors that attract you and  take notice of any  colors that  you strongly dislike as well. If it is a muddy color you dislike then its probably just that you dislike an inharmonious shade . Sometimes the colors you dislike can indicate areas where you are rejecting aspects of your personality or where there are blockages .

For specific needs one can select a particular hue or a family of colors  to work with using some of the information from the sections on individual hues or on chakras .

  Some possible ways of combining colors  for healing work are 1. Rainbow sets 2. complements, colors opposite each other on the color wheel (red and green , blue and orange , violet and yellow. Usually when using these one shade dominates and the other is used as an accent  Equal weight and intensity of complementary colors can really shake up blocks (and hurt the eyes too) 3. analogous,  colors next to each other  on the color wheel and 4. combinations like Red, blue, yellow , or  orange, green ,violet  that are equidistant from each other  are common combinations.  People also often choose to work with sets of colors associated with the elements . or with color sets significant in a culture or tradition.

 There are  many systems of color healing color  is of  itself a vital  for healing the aura, the physical body and for deepening  meditation and to promote specific effects in the energy field. Color and  Spiritual light is used for healing the aura  and the physical body,  for deepening  meditation and to promote specific effects in the energy field here are a few of the methods used for this work.

Color can be gazed at, You can get a swatch of a color to look at it or use objects of that color. Just walking in nature and looking at flowers is one way to bring in color .
Colored glass can be lit from behind or the side in a way that intensifies the color .
Use a tool like a prism or an old compact disk  to see the color and focus on it .
You can place a tile of a color as wall paper on your computer   or use a mandala of all the colors or where the one you want to work with predominates . There are links to some color fields for use in meditation at the bottom of this page

You can wrap yourself in a color using cloth yardage,  cotton and silk seem to be the preferred fabrics. You can wrap a specific area or your entire body. Choose clothing in the colors that will alleviate  a condition or effect your mood  and mind in accord with your needs . Cloth draped over a sunny window can also provide a color treatment as the light shines on you.

You can visualize or imagine the color you need  . Imagine  yourself bathed in the colors you choose. Imagine  a radiant colored  light that surrounds and permeates  your body.
Imagine yourself breathing in colors with each breath  imagine the color being breathed into your body by every pore  and going to where needed .

 As you stand or lie down comfortably imagine drawing up the color you need from the Earth up through your feet and tailbone and spreading throughout your body  and then out  through your crown  and then flowing like a fountain down outside your body and then returning up your feet and spine  You can run this color fountain until you feel completely in harmony with that color . You can start with red and then continue through the spectrum of colors as a chakra healing and toning practice then  end with the brilliant clear white light .

Meditating on a color either in your mind or by keeping your attention focused on something of the color you want to work with can be valuable . A more intellectual form of color meditation is to assemble your thoughts about a given color either just letting the associations flow or even writing them down.

You can beam the color as a shakti  ( frequency of spiritual energy) and run it as energy to where it is needed. This is often done by intending  /allowing the color energy to flow through your body from your crown and out to where it is needed through the chakras in the palms of your hands. You can invoke color into your crown  or call on angels of color to work on specific issues .

Colored gels or filters  in front of a lamp or  colored light  bulbs can be used to beam your chosen hue onto your body and into the surrounding area Some systems of chroma therapy  teach that you should not shine violet light on the face.

Colored light can be  beamed through crystals using a light box or  light can be visualized and sent by intention amplified by crystals .

Food coloring can be used  in bath water  to give your self a luxurious color bath. You can color salt or sugar to make  a parable easily dispersed color bath salt  perhaps you'd enjoy a color bath combined with some favorite water proof stones and perhaps some herbs or scented oils  I  loved rose colored and aqua colored baths when I had a bathtub (its on the list of home improvements.) Purple and dark blue should only be used for a short time ten  to twenty minutes at most, as they can be depressing  if overused . Orange is very invigorating  and  deep clear greens are very restful.

Art  can be used in color healing   , painting or drawing with the colors you feel are needed is a valuable and expressive way to integrate color healing into your life.
Study the artwork of the artist you enjoy and explore the effects that the artists color choices have on your emotions and sense of well being.

There are many different systems of mandala work.  Some use specific colors and symbolic form  such as the tattwa and yantra  of India  and the Tibetan  Mandala  or Navaho sand painting   or have traditional sets of color and symbols  from a particular  cultural tradition . Other mandala creation uses more intuitive color and selection of forms . You might enjoy creating your own mandala  for  color meditations.

Light candles in colors that match the purpose you want to work on.  Choose the colors  according to any of the color healing systems you like or use one of the candle magic lists for a reference.

Color elixirs are made by placing pure water in colored glass or in glass wrapped  in a transparent or translucent gel or wrapper and placing them in direct sunlight for several hours in order to have the color energy transferred to the water .You can also run a shakti such as Reiki over the colored cover to transfer the color energy to the water  after the water is charged you can keep the water in a dark  place until it is used .


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