Clearing Your Way

This is a single transmission of an energy stream which runs for around two hours. The effect of this transmission of energy
 is to permanently reduce  the influence of your negative habits and patterns.
This will help reduce the effort required from personal will to overcome the force of negative patterns.
After having received this transmission  the strength of negative patterns is reduced by a third whenever those patterns are active.

 This transmission does not substitute for personal will. It reduces the strength and effect of the impulses on the
 Etheric body particularly effecting the brain and nervous system.  This is a permanent effect.
It may feel stronger for the first few days. There is no manual since this is a single transmission of energy.

You may find  that people around you may be puzzled by what they may see as an alteration in your habitual behavior. Of all the attunements, Transmissions and Empowerments I have experienced,
This is the one that most effects people in ways which are  likely to be immediately noticed by the other people recipients usually interact with

Your actual negative habits and patterns may or may not be those of which you are most aware.
The Clearing Your Way Transmission  Has the most effect on Those patterns which Your Highest awareness
finds interfere with your spiritual evolution and inhibit your progress to happiness and enlightenment directly or indirectly.

 Sometimes something a person finds undesirable may serve the higher good and sometimes a pattern or habit that the individual
sees as beneficial may  in fact have a negative value.

During the attunement transmission you may be able to actually feel the desirable shifts and afterward may be more
instinctively aware of having more insight into what is good or bad for you.

This attunement is autonomous it is not one which you consciously activate.  It will continue to activate when needed.
You can often feel some increased benefit from this transmission when you think about it during some situation
 which activates negative patterns.

The transmission produces profound positive change in the etheric body of the brain and  etheric nervous system,
 and reduces the effect of negative patterns when  they become active.

While you are adjusting to this change, it is possible that you might feel a little light headed, dizzy or nauseated.
This is normal and is no cause for concern.  It does not happen for most people and when it does it is usually gone within two hours .
The first few times the transmission activates, your brain or nervous system may feel a little over stimulated.
 However, you will find that your body will adjusts quickly these symptoms only occur during the first day or two after receiving the transmission.
You can help the attunement by working at creating new habits.

This is a very strong treatment though it does not have a detoxification effect beyond those mentioned above. In fact this transmission
often permanently reduces such effects for future attunements. The expectation of Detox is often a negative pattern itself .

I am unable to predict effect this transmission will promote in you .
When I received this attunement it virtually eliminated my susceptibility to panic attacks and excessive worry.
Another person reported a dramatic increase in her ability to stand her own ground and assert herself.
 Yet others have reported being able to stop smoking, binge eating and drinking easily.
One Man said he suddenly became more able to keep track of expenditures and write down checks etc.
( This transmission is not a substitute for medical treatment or other needed support for addictions and medical conditions etc.
no effect can be guaranteed in any specific area. If you need treatment or support for dealing with your negative patterns
please seek it out.)

Experiences with Clearing Your Way

"The Day after I got this attunement My daughter was very late getting home from school because she had forgotten 
that we were supposed to take the train to an event. In the Past I would have become so upset that I would have been unable to function.
Instead I remained calm and when she did get home we caught a later train.I realized how much the transmission had effected me
when my daughter was so surprised that we would still be able to go because I was not having a nervous collapse." M.M

Wow! this is amazing,  at work today the boss ordered me to do  work that is dangerous and not part of my normal work. (specifics deleted)   I refused and stood my ground. The boss blurted out " What Happened to you G---, You've  Always let us push you around before." G.

Thank You so much, I did it, I quit smoking!  The transmission seems to have really made it easy to resist  the urge. Bob

Thanks Peggy for The Clearing the Way Attunement. I did'nt actually feel anything at the time but that was not unusual for me. The next day we had to make a trip across town that entailed crossing a very high bridge. Because of panic attacks I can no longer drive over it (I find a way around) my husband was driving and I usually start gripping the car seat, my hands get sweaty my heart races. I only realised after we had done the return trip that I didnt even notice that I had gone over the bridge (twice). No feelings of panic, no shortness of breath, no sweating palms. Thank-you. (I still don't think I'll try driving over it just yet). C.

To arrange to receive this transmission e-mail Peggy Jentoft at with your name and time zone we will arrange a 
time for the transmission.
I have decided to ask for a donation of $25 for my time for this transmission.
 The transmission takes two hours. You do not have to pay attention to the transmission to receive it and can move around etc..

To arrange to receive this transmission e-mail Peggy Jentoft at
Include your name and time zone We will arrange a time for the transmission.

Clearing the Way Transmission $25.00
General method for receiving remote attunements  to receive the clearing your way energy transmission
At the time arranged or during the window set up for receiving the attunement

Relax or meditate entering a relaxed and receptive mental, emotional state and then ask,
 intend, request, that if it is in accord with their highest good
They receive whatever is being made available . Many people first call on their Higher self,
spiritual source or guide or angel etc. if they work with one of these to mediate the attunement
 and confirm that it is suitable for them to get it at the time. Some people with very strong general
shields may need to consciously lower their shields to receive them .

This is a simple mental intention you allow the attunement or energy work to come in or happen .
Some people do feel energy and attunements as they come in but not everyone does .
Many people can feel energies attunement as they occur sensing things like
 heat or waves of energy flowing into their body or they may see light or even images or hear music.
Many people do not have any such experience at all, other than perhaps feeling both more relaxed and energized than usual.
Most people but not all who regularly feel subtle energies are able to feel some of the energy coming in.
The key to getting the attunements is to intend to get them ( if it is in accord with your highest good)
 and allow them to come in allow the energies to come in ( usually they enter at the crown and to go throughout your body) .

It is o.k. to fall asleep this does not interfere with getting energies or attunements at all
 and may allow deeper work than when you are awake . Some attunements seem to put people to sleep frequently.

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