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A Journey to find a companion

I had gone  among the tall trees and ferns and was  deep inside  the  forest  when I suddenly came upon a huge and twisted tree. Hidden among its  distorted roots was  a split opening  in the trunk which gave entrance  into the hollow heart of the tree. Stepping inside, I found the roots of the tree twisted downward within the trunk of  the tree as though it was a stairway, there were drifts  of old tree needles, dust  and  other flotsam caught among the furrowed wood. Mushrooms   grew in clusters scattered  at random  some of them glowed with a greenish light.  Squirrels ran along side they seemed to be  urging me on.  Small hidden animals could be heard  moving somewhere within the tree I followed the  tree stairway down until it  turned into a   tunnel. The moisture  increased and the glowing mushrooms became thicker. I could  hear water somewhere ahead of me. The light grew greener, the root tunnel became moister.  Eventually I  came to the end of the  tunnel . The end was open into water held across  the opening like a window but with no barrier to the river. The river calls me.

Walking  into the water   I can  breathe easily.   I am met and greeted at the entrance  by a great salmon.  I know that he is not my companion but a guide who will take  me to  where the companion can be found. We swim together through the water, moving  among the roots of water drowned  trees, reeds and   snags, passing   other fish, silver flashes in the water.  The salmon guides me, speaking as we swim,  of facts and poetry, of history and songs.  A very learned, wise and seemingly ancient  salmon. The water becomes shallower. We move close  to the sandy and rocky shore.
I rise out of the water and find  a meadow at the rivers edge between a  forest and  the stream. The salmon comes with another  to the very edge of the  shallow water, eggs are laid and  covered with   milt and then,  assuring me that all is well. the eloquent salmon begins to die.

Then a great, golden bear from the woods stalks  toward and past me. The bear reaches the dying fish and devours it.  The fishes gift of its flesh bestows speech upon the great golden blue eyed bear.  He thanks the spirit of the fish and scatters a claw full of sand upon and around the fresh laid eggs ( which already show  life within them) He turns to me and embraces me with huge arms and massive claws. He takes my head in his mouth gently. I am frozen but breathe deeply as the bear  rumbles  a deep chuckling laughter.   " Well now , I have been waiting " he says.   "You've passed one test" .  We gather stones    into a circle and  build a fire.  There we talk, The great bear tells me the ways of the animal companions. 

He is joined by the raven I know from before. He speaks of magic and trust,  strength, tenderness  and adaptability. The lessons of Bears. Now, as the sun descends the time comes to depart.  Bear leads me to the waters edge and tells me that I will have only to call him  when need arises for him to come and join me on future journeys he gives me a small piece of the golden fur he has shed.

  I am at first concerned because I have no guide for the  return   then I see many young salmon  who greet me, for such is the cycle.  They are now grown and ready for the journey to the sea holding their ancestors memories. They will take me to my tree cavern  on their  way to the sea . We swim and I am  Returned to the tree and enter  through  the tree tunnel to the place from where I had departed .

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