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The first thing to know about meditation is that there is no wrong way  to do it. There is no possible wrong result  and there is no particular outcome that is the Right one.  The only important thing about meditation is that you do continue to do it  daily, if only for a few moments if possible.

    While many people associate meditation with Buddhism or Yoga the practice is universal. It is  not religion or culture dependent. Meditation can be done by anyone. Whatever beliefs you hold,  there are meditations that will work for you and harmonize with them. Some meditations lead to great mental clarity. Many of the great writings of the world came about out of, or in meditation . Meditation is an experience. The value of  it is not about results. It is in the doing. Meditation  is, to me an essential part of experiencing daily life to the fullest and being a participant in it. It is an essential part of separating yourself from the stresses and trials of daily life and being detached from them.

   Part of all meditation ,spiritual and energy work practice is about raising our own life condition to the point where we are not  buffeted by transient phenomena  . While some people may have visions or get blissed out,  that is not the point of meditation. Most meditation forms teach you just move past this kind of thing if it happens.  Return attention to your focus just like you do for any other distraction.

  Meditation is not something you really  become an expert at. There is always more to experience . There are many forms of meditation  . I think meditation is of vital importance to personal spiritual evolution.

  Some people meditate to calm down and some people meditate to get high, and it does not matter why they do it or  what happens when they do it or how they do it . If you fall asleep while meditating you probably needed the sleep more than you needed the meditation.

 It is important to practice a variety of forms to achieve a balance in your life. The practice of stilling your mind can  be balanced with a mindfulness meditation of attending to each thought  as it occurs. The practice of focusing inward  with eyes closed , can be balanced with the open eyed practice of observing in the outer world, Meditating on fire is balanced by meditating on water. practicing detachment, with practicing loving kindness and compassion, Seated, still meditations with walking and moving and dancing meditations, Silence, with chanting.

  You may have met lovely spiritual people with decades of meditation practice who are so blissed out in the oneness  that they seem about to float away and may be quite unable to balance a checkbook, Or people who are so detached  that they don't even notice or respond to events around them in a human way these could be examples of people who   have focused on one practice to the exclusion of all others and are unbalanced as a result.

This kind of effect takes  years to occur and is not something that will effect you if you practice a variety of meditations and participate in living  life fully. The ability to participate in living life fully is great skill and benefit that can acquired through  meditation.
   It is often said that the only wrong way to meditate is to not  meditate. so whether you have only 5 minutes to  watch your eyelids (imagine a Movie screen  or some such) or you have hours to practice meditating, give it a try.
   Do not expect any particular result, don't worry if nothing happens .
 (In some forms the idea is for "nothing " to happen.) don't worry
if something does happen either.  Everyone has different experiences with meditation. The cliché is that prayer is Talking to God and meditation is listening .
    One simple basic meditation practice is to relax and

center your attention on a sphere in the center of your head and keep your focus there.   When you notice that your mind has wandered, gently bring it back to  center and the sphere ,just practice bringing your attention into the center of your head. people often find it difficult  to focus at first or feel sleepy, do not criticize your self.
You can place a word like love or peace in your sphere to meditate on .
  People also may focus on the tan tien or Hara a spot about two inches below the navel this is an energy center in the aura , obviously this is the focus that is referred to as contemplating your belly button.

         In conventional meditation when you notice that  your mind has wandered just gently bring it back to your focus  say a sphere inside your head or your breath or an object you are looking at or a word or sound you are  focusing on  or your heart and the diamond of light within it   don't fight  your wandering mind.  Gently return your thoughts to your chosen focus or you may even do a meditation where you just strive to observe those very  same scattered thoughts  as you might watch birds flying by. 

The classic blank zen mind most think of when meditation is mentioned is not  the only way to meditate  there are almost as many ways to meditate as there are people and with experiment and exploration you are certain to find methods that "work" for you.

If you  find  still-  mind an incomprehensible concept   I suggest you    try one of the focused  Huna Nalu  meditations  pick a sense any sense sight touch taste hearing. Pick an object or quality related to that sense  a food ,a sound the way something feels, a leaf, and  focus your attention on it  observe it with your entire being do this  for, your initial goal is 10 seconds.  Do this anytime   it occurs to you to do it classically you breathe deeply while your are doing your focus.

Vipassana is one of the oldest and most well known. It is also called Insight meditation.  one becomes Aware without being judgmental, of motivations, emotions, thoughts by just gently allowing ones thoughts to flow paying attention to them without criticism .

For many meditations you can use an open eyed focus such as when you meditate  by gazing on a sacred writing or stone or other object such as a mandala or natural view. For others you close your eyes as in breath and mindfulness meditations. Those methods  where you focus on a word  you may  keep your eyes half open or focused on your Tan tien .

Non focused meditations are usually done eyes closed or half open,   mantra or sound  meditations vary, obviously walking and dance meditations must usually  be done with eyes open.

Peggy Jentoft
  Meditation FAQ   Meditation questions  Balancing fire and water Diamond Heart Meditation     

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