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   HUNA, Ancient wisdom
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Huna is a powerful and transforming system of  practices,  teachings, philosophy  , energy work  and more . The word Huna means, among other things "secret" and  has only been used as the name of this spiritual framework in Modern times. The Word Kahuna can mean keeper of the Secret but is more often defined as expert and could refer to an expert in any  field.  Huna  is not a religion  at all  it is a remarkably freeing  experience that  expresses it self in every moment and action of life with great joy.  The psychological insights  alone are certainly among the most complete , effective and profound existing on this planet today .Practicing  Huna  can lead to a great joy and emotional strength and an awareness of the nurturing nature of the Earth. over time Huna practice can lead to an amazing experience of  wholeness and connection that becomes over time , your most natural state of mind and awareness.
Max Freedom Long  discovered, named  and developed the modern and Public knowlege of what we Call Huna through an extensive study and exploration of The Ancient Hawaiian  language and root meanings of  the words. as well as seeking answers form People in Hawaii  uncovering core beliefs and practices  and an effective system for spiritual development on all levels.  Today these practices include  his information   the results of decades of testing  theories  and the information from some of those who preserved  teachings over the many years that  the indiginouse religion and spirituality  of Hawaii was under attack and forbidden.
Huna Introduction

 Huna Secrets

The Three Selves
& Qualities of Heart


Clearing Your Path

Huna Prayer Methods

HA RITE The breath

The Ao energy centers and 
the cross of fire 

Heart of the Sun


Aka cords

Life in a Mirror


 Seven  Huna Principles  

 The Principles Explained 


Aloha Spirit (blessing)

by Serge King

We Especially recommend  Huna by William Glover