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Personalized attunements are  brought in and fine tuned for each individual
These are some examples of the energies and sets that I have brought in and attuned others to during personalized energy work attunement sessions .

 a Sweet life energy stream with balancing  componants  for appreciation of life and  accepting happiness  also a physical healing componan which came in for someone  who  had  a recent organ transplants  .  

An energy from Maat  (A Feather of Maat preparation)  for folks to sample by intention if they want to.  this sample runs for about ten minutes  and helps promote  recognition,  releasing,  removing  of internal  value conflicts of integrity. This is gentle  but some folks feel a little discomfort in releasing deeply held  untruths.  Its a sample transmission rather than an attunement because  the attunement can initiate some fairly rigorous changes.  This is a vastly different energy than the Huna Ho o pono pono  shakti which is also concerned with justice and "making things right."  or any of the many Japanese "honor" energies  Justice is a concern that is strongly prevalent in many different  traditional energy work forms  Even the Reiki HSZSN has aspect of  concern with Justice .

Fertility can be a complicated issue of course and there are a lot of variables
This  attunement Has  both autonoumous and activatable  features for promoting fertilility  and or clarifying fertility issues After the attunement  you  can activate it by intending to run the fertility program or shakti  probably once or twice a day   if possible .  This  is long term so I'd like you to give the a three month or longer try out if possible or until there are demostratable results  in some form

Organize and mental  functions enhancement  (activate by intention   mental command is "mental functions"  runs around four hours at a time . and  an additional attunement for a set   that will work on permanently helping you with your ability to organize and remember  in accord with your highest good  activate  if possible  once daily

Yam shakti-perimenstual I  don't think the universe considers Hot flashes a problem though,  its supposedly  a symptom of an ongoing  spiritual transformationand part of  a kundalini rise  (not much worked for me during the six or seven years I went through the change either but I do have more experience /aptitude for energy work now )  a balancing attunement that can be activated to run when needed and a Yam Shakti Cinnomon spirit Shakti  

Manawa and wholeness grounded/centered state so that I can focus on and function in the here and now, better relate to others, and get more enjoyment from the world and  from daily life. This attunement consists of two elements  part  one is an autonomous and activatable  attunement from the Huna tradition called manawa or "now " which promotes living in the present in a grounded and alive and engaged way . The other part is a Universal choice  selection Whatever is in your highest good in accord with your stated goal I don't have a specific name for this  but it can be activated as "Daves (my) wholeness  set "  or give it a name you choose  bothe autonomous elements and activatable as needed  probably limits out  on maximum effectiveness at around  four times in 24 hours

Destress A personalized attunement  that will run either as a shakti or as a set that will work for about ten -20 minutes without further attention for  removing muscle armor , stress reduction , and pain relief  Though it sounds like you may need a new job as much as you need energy work. I don't have a particular name for this   just   give it a name you prefer call in be intention and let me how it works for you chronic stress buildup/tension at the base of my neck, upper back

Heart enhancement  and Etheric heart enhancement   activate at will by focusing on your heart and or the area midway between the heart and the throat and saying or thinking heart or etheric heat enhancement  this will activate a function to help with giving and receiving love for self and others and to be aware of higher frequencies of spiritual love   by maintaining the focus on your heart or etheric heart you will activate and energetic elixir that will permeate your energy body and help you with your issues  you can also use  intention to send this energy out into the room or area that you are in to by filling the room with this energy  you can produce an atmosphere that is conducive to increasing peace and loving kindness though of course one cannot guarantee that others will accept or respond to this  Very synchronic with the Heart light and Angel Light  shaktis  and Rose quartz and Quan Yin energies

Neutrality"neutralize finger pointing"  an activatable attunement that will run a set of energies and processes   for the issue  of placing blame what I have not come up with yet  is a simple  clear and positive name for the attunement set so until you come up with a name for the set it can be activated with a mental command  such as " "neutralize finger pointing"  recieve the attunement  by intention  in the usual way, This should  be activatable  and run to completion and may also activate when needed  because of a situation   I was going to say run once or twice a day but instead have a feeling that this is a  best run from one to three times a week on average
Let me know if you receive the attunement and are able to run the functions and keep me posted on any noticible effects

healing and  energize  attunement you can call in by intention  for a personal healing and energizing  set  it has both activatable  and autonomous components  the activatable component can be run  in either healing or energizing mode by intention  you can use either function as often as you wish but it probably won't have much increased effect after     4 to 6 times in one day  . With these conditions it does seem to be important that you do try to activate a set or run an energy consiously at least 3 or four times a week
let me know if you are able to call it it and use the functions. use the mental command s healing and  energize  ( you can adjust the activation name  to ones of your choice)
Circle of Light
color healing  different color healing systems energies  
Basic set.
Which I'll call the Whitney Sisters set because I learned it from the
Whitney Sisters in Portland Oregon around 1967
starts with below- red then up through the spectrum through
high-violet and clear-white.
Color Angels
The second is from the work of La Una Huffines
and will include a full spectrum set and a golden and irridecent energy
stream starting from rose this runs as shakti as energy showere and as angelinc blessing s

Lumana the third is from personal set color and sound
Lumana and will start and end with a carrier shakti, Lumana 1 and then
continue through a full range of colors and color harmonics

Sing your heart
Brams Light
 Plum Blossom" Fear dispelling energy bath

 Medicine Buddha  Empowerment  
A powerful blessing for healing,  dispelling sickness and for awakening the innate  wisdom  that lies within every individual.
 Includes an all purpoase healing shakti and promotes the developement of compassion.

Boneglow  shakti for those with arthritis and other bone, joint and muscle issues for self and others

Clearing Your Way 
The purpose of this transmission of energy  is to permanently reduce  the influence of your  negative habits and patterns. 
Chakra Unification

Teaching attunements for these can also be arranged

Living Water Shakti

Personalized attunements and transmissions
There are thousands of different energy functions and shakti.  Those listed here are only a few of the  attunements and transmissions available.


  Companion Angels Empowerments Attunements to help facilitate your connection with your own  Companion Angel and receive attunements to energies and information for working with your Angel  includes  Healing  Shakti,  Angelic shield,  Meditation procedures andenergy from your own angel 

 Crystal Deva Empowerments  Working with crystal energies as shakti  for self and others and increase your ability to work with crystals  Includes utilities  which enhance all energy work.

 Huna Empowerments   Energies and practices from teachings found in Hawaii that work on developing qualities of heart and character. Important goals are enthusiasm, saying yes to life, courage and the ability to give and receive unconditional love. The huna practitioner becomes more and more aware of the nurturing and loving aspects of the Earth, and feels loved and supported by nature and connected to all of life. He or she is also able to direct energy to assist the Earth in return for that support and for healing self and others.

You can receive a free 10 minute  sample transmisson of energies from any of these systems by intending to receive it

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